Best Bandsaw Resaw Fence: Buying Guide 2022 (Updated!)

Thinking about chopping down a piece of wood, but the planner keeps on wasting most of it? If that is the case for you and you’re looking for an alternative, then resawing using a bandsaw is an excellent place to start. The bandsaw not only cuts the piece of wood into slimmer pieces but is also a faster and more precise process.

But how do you make a precise cut on a bandsaw? This issue with precision can only be addressed using a fence, and trust us; you don’t want less than the best bandsaw resaw fence available.

These fences give you leverage on the type of cut made and the precision of each; they also make resawing a much easier process.

Top 6 Best Bandsaw Resaw Fence Reviews

To make things easier for you, we’ve already made a list of the top six best resawing fences currently available on the market.

The fences have been chosen by taking into account some very crucial factors and keeping in mind the various needs most woodworkers might have.

1. Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

One of the fences in this list that covers all the criteria of a top-quality bandsaw fence is the Kreg KMS7200. Built using a solid aluminum construction makes this fence extraordinarily rugged, giving you a long-lasting product. Apart from the muscular build, the product is also highly functional and precise.

This high functionality of the fence comes from a set of T slot openings on the fence. These slots allow you to add additional tools to your bandsaw, such as stops and resaw guides. Such accessories can make the resawing process much more comfortable, accurate, while also adding a great deal of versatility to the product.

For your precision needs, the fence comes with a precision lens cursor attached; these make sure that each cutting measurement made is exact.

The cursors magnified setting allows you to have a zoomed-in look of the cut being made, making sure the measurement is accurate, even for the tiniest cuts.

However, what makes this fence unique is its brilliant design; the designers have made sure that the fence fits in square to your table and blade.

This unique quality helps make matching the blade drift a much simpler process, thus preventing the wood from swaying off and making a more precise cut.

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum build
  • Comes with precision lens cursor
  • Two-dimensional parallel adjustment setting
  • Modifiable
  • Great design


  • Can adjust to all drift angles
  • Included T-slot allows additional attachments
  • Super easy to install and remove
  • Solid build to withstand workshop bumps
  • Mountable on any 14” bandsaw
  • Cons

  • Stops and guides do not come included
  • Fits only 14-inch bandsaws
  • 2. CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence:

    If you’re looking for a fence that specializes in more than just resawing, then the Carter Magfence II is the one for the job. This magnetic fence is designed to attach onto any woodworking tool as long as it has a ferrous metal surface.

    A product with such exceptional versatility provides the perfect addition for a woodworker’s tool chest.

    Its magnetic clip-on system makes installing and taking off the fence straightforward and quick in action. Meaning, downtime during work can be reduced dramatically, making your woodworking shop much more efficient.

    Don’t worry about the fence moving from its position; the robust magnets keep it held on even with high vibrations.

    The fence further comes with T-slots built into it; this will give you the ability to add-on additional accessories onto the fence. Accessories such as the resaw guide and stops should help make resawing a smoother and more efficient process.

    Plus, being compatible with MAGFENCE II accessories, scavenging the market for the right fit becomes a thing of the past.

    What you’re getting in the pack is a 16-inch aluminum rail that can fit onto almost all bandsaws. Additionally, the rugged yet lightweight aluminum build is strong enough to last you quite a few years. Thus, making this product a steal for the low price that is charged.

    Highlighted Features

    • Aluminum build
    • Strong magnetic clips
    • Built-in T-slots
    • Large 16” L-shaped design
    • Universal fitting


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Adjusting measurements is easier
  • T-slots comply with all other MEGNAFENCE II accessories
  • Good value for money
  • High longevity
  • Cons

  • Will only stick to ferrous metal tools
  • Not the most accurate
  • 3. Woodhaven 7280 Band Saw Fence

    If you’re on the lookout for the best fence on the market, the Woodhaven 7280 has to be on your top priority list. The 7280 is a true precision machine, giving you the ability to get in some of the thinnest cuts on your woodwork. At the same time, it’s also the perfect tool that you can purchase for almost any bandsaw.

    The dual lock system on each end of the fence should allow you to attach the fence onto the bandsaw securely; the fun part here is you can do this at varying angles.

    These varying angles on the saw allow you to get different and unique cuts that are appropriate to the size and shape of your woodwork.

    Apart from the dual locking system, you can also drill in holes onto the bandsaw to fix the side rails in position. Both these systems help attach the fence much more securely and keep it away from even the slightest of wobbles.

    Without drilling the holes on the fence’s rails, putting up the fence and taking it off can be done very quickly.

    For the build, Woodhaven has used a tough aluminum sheeting, providing the fence with a solid structure. Such a solid structure allows the fence to take on a beating without having its performance hampered.

    Other than the aluminum used, the fence also comes with T-slots included for easy application of accessories.

    Highlighted Features

    • Aluminum build
    • Double-sided locking system
    • Precision length adjustment rails
    • T-rails included
    • Angled cutting


  • Able to withstand harsh work environment
  • A versatile fence can fit onto any bandsaw
  • Rigid wobble-proof locking mechanism
  • Precision cutting abilities
  • Can cut 3” to 189” diameter arches
  • Cons

  • Relatively expensive
  • Cannot be extended over 16” tables
  • 4. RIKON 13-900 Band Saw Fence

    For those looking for a simpler tool to work with, one which will get the work done just right, the Rikon 13-900 is a great choice.

    Rikon provides a straightforward tool with a minimalistic design and some real fancy measurement techniques. All these features can be bought at a relatively cheap pack, giving you great value for money.

    The resaw fences easy-to-read scale makes making adjustments highly quick and straightforward. With its easy-to-read-ability, the adjustments are precise and down to the inch, making sure every cut comes out strictly as required.

    You’re also getting a magnified cursor paired with the fence; thus, further improving your precision cuts.

    One of the most critical factors for a bandsaw fence would be the locking mechanism that holds the fence in place.

    For the Rikon, the manufacturers have gone with the cam-lock system, making the fence stick in place. A solid hold from the fence keeps the woodwork from drifting while running through the bandsaw, for a cleaner cut.

    Other than the solid hold on the fence, you’re also getting a glide rail included in with the pack. This guide rail should give you the ability to apply multiple adjustments to the drift and type of cut, also squaring 90-degrees to the table.

    Each feature on the fence has been built to maximize the consumer’s utility – producing a more fulfilling experience.

    Highlighted Features

    • Lightweight
    • High precision drive
    • Cam-locking system
    • 14” bandsaw coverage
    • Includes a ripsaw bar


  • Extremely easy to use and install
  • Easy-to-read measuring pad
  • Smooth gliding system for quicker cuts
  • Strong-hold locking mechanism
  • Great value for money
  • Cons

  • Built only for RIKON 10-320 14-inch bandsaw
  • Omits T-slots for additional accessories
  • 5. Grizzly Industrial H7587 - Resaw Fence

    Most standard resawing fences do the simple task of allowing you to cut one piece of wood into two. However, with Grizzly H7587, things are quite different, due to the fence’s more sophisticated and technical build.

    The fence comes with all the measurement tools and other unique additions that make it the go-to precision tool on the market.

    What’s unique about the fence is their ability to shift from a taller setting to a shorter setting in a matter of seconds. A feature, as such, allows for a more versatile cutting experience – giving you the ability to resaw very thin pieces of wood with much more precision.

    To further improve your precision levels, the easy-to-read measuring pad installed with the fence gives a very accurate reading. These readings should make life easier as you don’t have to use a measuring tape to perform some awkward readings.

    Accuracy is further maintained due to the rigid locking mechanism installed onto the fence. A rigid locking mechanism is only possible due to the dual-sided rails that come with the fence.

    The dual rail system gives a much more solid grip, a grip that comes in handy to handle the rapid vibrations of the bandsaw.

    Furthermore, you’re also getting T-slots already built into the system for adding in additional accessories.

    Highlighted Features

    • Heavyweight
    • Provides both a tall and short fence in one
    • Dual-sided rail clamping mechanism
    • Fits 14” machines
    • Includes measurement devices


  • The measuring device is very easy to read
  • Can handle both wide and thin pieces of wood
  • Drift free accurate cuts guaranteed
  • Additional accessories can be added
  • Fence fits most 14” bandsaws
  • Cons

  • Fairly expensive product
  • Quite a heavy fence
  • 6. Shop Fox D3575 Resaw Fence

    The Shop Fox D3575 provides a reasonably similar experience compared to the previous product we reviewed here.

    Originating from Taiwan, the product has been built to some extremely high standards, giving you some of the most accurate cutting abilities. The highly precise build of the fence allows some very amazing woodwork to be done at a quick pace.

    To ensure the accuracy of the fence, an easy to read scale has been attached along its railing. These smooth adjustment rails can easily and quickly move from one position to another, helping you out on days where the work’s stacked up.

    Even though the work might have to be done quickly, each measurement takes only a few secs to get done right.

    Apart from allowing quick work, this fence also gives a versatile setting to do some very gruesome tasks. The fence’s wall can be adjusted from a tall setting to a short setting in just some secs.

    This shorter setting on the fence makes a drastic difference for people wanting to get precise cuts from thinner pieces of wood.

    Furthermore, for safety purposes and better-finished cuts, the fence supports a dual-rail attachment system.

    This system may be a bit more tedious to put in; however, it does get the job done right. Dual rails allow a tighter fit onto the bandsaw; these can deal with the hyper vibrations, keeping the fence in place and giving you no drift.

    Highlighted Features

    • Supports 17” bandsaws
    • Tall to short adjustment setting
    • Precise and accurate
    • Tight locking mechanism
    • Easy to operate


  • Affordable and provides value for money
  • Easy-to-read measuring scale
  • Drift-free cutting
  • Dual rail system
  • T-slots included
  • Cons

  • Difficult to install
  • Work only for 17” bandsaws
  • What to Look for While Buying a Bandsaw Resaw Fence? 

    When it comes to getting the right bandsaw resaw fence, there’s a variety of things you need to put into consideration. These factors make sure you’re purchasing the right fence for your machine while also giving you the most optimal usage.


    When buying a bandsaw resaw fence, the first and most important factor that must be dealt with immediately is if the fence will fit onto your bandsaw. Most bandsaws require a 14” fence model to attach to the worktable; however, some may require more or less.

    It’s always a better option to give yourself enough variety by choosing a fence whose length is adjustable to some extent. Apart from an adjustable fence, you could also purchase a magnetic fence; these apply onto almost any ferrous metal surface.

    Thus, you’ll be able to get much use out of this device, giving you a better value for money.

    Locking Mechanism

    Another factor that matters when running out to purchase a resawing fence is the installation abilities of that fence. Most fences use a simple one-way locking mechanism to attach the fence to the bandsaw; however, this is not enough.

    The immense vibrations produced by a bandsaw can cause the fence to vibrate while running; this may cause the wood to drift and provide a shabby cut.

    To avoid drifting, we recommend you purchase a fence with dual rails. These dual rails will give the fence a sturdier hold to the bandsaw and give you much more accurate and smoother cuts.

    If you’re looking for something easy and quick to install on other equipment as well, then the dual rail system wouldn’t be the best choice.

    In this case, we would recommend you to go for the single clamp on clamp off system. And if you’re looking for something even quicker, then a magnetic system will suit you better.


    It’s challenging to make products last long with the amount of torment they go through when being run on a workstation. To make sure you only have to purchase this product once, make sure it is strongly built, yet lightweight.

    For this reason, we would recommend purchasing a fence built with aluminum. This metal makes the fence strong enough to handle the rugged environment of a woodworking garage.

    Also, the aluminum frame makes for a light product that is easy to install and great for absorbing the bandsaws vibrations.

    What Does Resawing Mean on a Bandsaw?

    Resawing is slicing a piece of timber along the grain direction, or better understood as cutting through the width of the wood. This process is done to reduce the wooden block into smaller/thinner sections to make the thick piece workable.

    There are multiple reasons to consider resawing over a bandsaw. Some are:

    Saving Money

    One of the most optimal ways to cut down on your expensive lumber costs is by not wasting it. Putting your woodwork through a planner than a bandsaw would do no one any good as it turns the wood leftover to nothing but dust.

    On the other hand, resawing using a bandsaw will turn the wood into slimmer usable pieces; this will help save money and will also save precious wood.

    Other than just saving money, the bandsaw is also one of the quickest ways to cut up your woodwork into two pieces. Resawing is also much more precise than using a planner, as it provides the exact plank measurement you require.

    Grain Pattern

    An amazing fact about resawing is that it produces some of the most beautiful pieces of woodwork.

    Cutting through a piece of lumber into two will give you the identical grain pattern on two slabs of wood. These identical patterns can then be used for building some fantastic and delicate furniture work.

    How Do You Resaw a Bandsaw Fence? 

    Running a plank through a bandsaw fence isn’t something that you can perfect on the first go; it will require some practice.

    To get a good idea on how to run a wooden board through a bandsaw, we’ve prepared this step by step process. Follow this process to make things easier for yourself and get the hang of resawing quicker.

    Step 1: Measuring Things Out

    Before you get ready to start using the wood, you must first get an idea of the amount of cut you want to make.

    If you’re using a 1-inch wooden plank and looking to get two sets of planks with 0.5” inches each, set the ruler to 0.5” on the scale of the fence.

    Step 2: Placement

    Once you’re done measuring it out, adjust the fence to the required measurement and place it in the wooden plank accordingly. Make sure that the wooden plank is set straight with the fence to ensure an easy cut.

    Step 3: Secure It In

    When the wood is in place, use clamps to ensure the fence is secured in as well to make sure no wobble/ drift is allowed.

    Step 4: Running in the Wood

    Start-up the bandsaw and run it for some time to make sure it is running at full speed. Once the saw is up to speed, push in the wood slowly and steadily using one hand.

    Use the other hand to build pressure on the wooden plank and to make sure it does not drift away while running through the saw.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the job of a resaw guide?

    A resaw guide is a piece of accessory that you can purchase, which should allow you to adjust the angle of drift on a piece of wood.

    The ability to change drift angles allows varied cutting options that can be used on various woodworking projects.

    2. What are the other methods of resawing?

    There are several ways that you can use to resaw woodwork; using the bandsaw is the most effective and accurate method.

    However, other methods include; resawing by hand using a saw or a hacksaw; you can even use a jigsaw to get the job done.

    3. Do I need to sand my wood after I have it resawed?

    Yes, it is essential you sand down resawed wooden pieces. Resawing causes blades to create very sharp and uneven cuts on the wood. These cuts might damage the final outlook and feel of the product, making sanding necessary.

    4. What is the thinnest wood piece you can cut?

    The thickness of the wood will depend on a few factors, such as the blade you have on, the type of wood, and the resaw fence. The thinnest pieces of wood that usually come out through a resaw is 1/8th of an inch.

    5. Can plywood be put through a bandsaw for resawing?

    Yes, plywood and any other form of wood, be it the more expensive hardwoods or cheaper softwoods, can be resawed using a bandsaw.

    Final Words

    A resawing fence may not be the most significant investment you’re making for your woodworking station; however, it is a significant one.

    For such an important task, only the best bandsaw resaw fence can deliver the right precision output, so don’t take your decisions lightly!

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