Best Corner Clamps: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

Looking for a high-quality corner clamp? It can be used to install furniture, during welding, and for creating picture frames. A corner clamp is also crucial in making cabinets, installing aquarium, or drilling and dowelling. It can increase your productivity by providing second-to-none fastening support. 

However, corner clamps are in grades and you need to avoid low-quality products. That’s why we’ve selected ten brands that offer the best in versatility, reliability, and durability.

We also have a buying guide here to assist you during the search for a suitable one

So, read on and go home with the perfect match!

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Our TOP 10 Best Corner Clamps

1. Can-Do Clamp 

Starting our list with the Can-Do Clamp, which handle picture frames easily. So when you're engaging in a DIY project that as to do with picture frames, go for the Can-do clamp. It can ensure seamless completion of high-quality frames that'll stand any level of handling.

The clamp itself is durable. It works perfectly in joining corners with the same wood thickness. It aligns them perfectly and gives your product the best recognition. This tool is straightforward to use since you can mount it on your workbench anytime.

Moreover, the aluminum construction of the body ensures sturdiness and a lightweight experience. We all know how important it is to work with a strong and light tool as a woodworker. So, this brand is a gift for every woodworker, whether professionals or newbies.

Another part of the Can-do clamp we appreciate is the T-handle. This design ensures that users can adjust the handle anytime and as easily too.  Also, the T-handle enables users to turn the clamp more strongly as a result of the firm grip it ensures.

We can't fail to point out that this Can-do clamp can serve well during framing, dowelling, drilling, etc. Moreover, it doesn't waste time to secure the two parts together.

We want to point out that the subpar paint used on the body can mark your wood with red color, and that may not be okay. But if you're careful, you can void such situations.

Highlighted Features

  • Clamps both sides of the frame

  • Offers precise adjustment

  • Features oblong holes that facilitate easy mounting

  • Comes with 2 swivel points 

  • T-handle that slides for optimum clamping pressure

  • Features moveable jaws for easy use

  • Simple setup and fast grip.

2. Wolfcraft 3415405 Quick-Jaw Right Angle 90 Degree Corner Clamp

Here is one strong corner clamp you need when making box frames and cabinets. Yes! This brand is sturdy and can deliver impressive results on these projects all the time. When it comes to setting it up, you don’t have anything to worry about. 

Once you position the boards accurately, then tighten the clamp's screws, everything is set to work. You can use this clamp to align and clamp parts for welding, screwing, and nailing.

For instance, when you want to make cabinets, picture frames or even box-frames, your best bet is the Wolfcraft 3415405. No matter how simple or complicated you have it, this clamp is suitable. 

Another thing to appreciate about this product is that it works three different purposes. It can be the clamping device you need to make 90 degrees corner joint.

It also doubles as a guide to your saw for 45 degrees miter cuts. Also, it can become your workbench vise when you need such a requirement for your project.  

We love many things about this Wolfcraft corner clamp. It has very massive jaws of 2.5 inches capacity. With this size, you can seamlessly carry out your work no matter the nature or scope of your project.

For instance, there are picture frames that are wider than the standard sizes. That’s the type you can achieve with this corner clamp. 

This corner clamp comes with an effective quick-release mechanism that helps to fasten your work. But you must handle it with care to prevent breakdown. The reason is that the mechanism also facilitates the tightening process of the clamp. So, if it fails, you can't tighten the corner clamp ever.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable aluminum frame

  • 2.5 inches jaw capacity

  • Ergonomic handles promoting comfort

  • 3 inches face plus V-groove channels

  • Quick-release mechanism that saves time. 

3. MLCS 9012 Woodworking Exclusive Merle Multi-Corner Clamp

This is one of those brands you shouldn't miss as a woodworker. We know that many old hands in this industry have used this corner clamp and can attest to its efficiency.

MLCS is a household name in this sphere, and their corner clamp is a dream come true. You see, this product doesn't select but enables you to create diverse shapes with ease.

No matter the angle you have to create, its jaw inserts make it easy and don't ever mar the wood. Also, this corner clamp features the quick-release parts that facilitate the quick adjustment.

Since the body is constructed with high-capacity ABS plastic, you can be sure of its durability and hard-to-breakdown capacity. You can buy this clamp and use if for as long you want without replacement.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this clamp can create shapes such as circles, hexagon, triangles, octagons, ovals, etc. It is also so versatile that it helps users when they want to screw corners, glue, or nail depending on what you must do in your project.

Since it has the quick-release corners, you can adjust it easily. Also, the clamp has a dual pivot system that enables one to hold any size for faster results.

During use, this clamp cuts down your work by half. It doesn’t require much pressure from the user since it can be adjusted to suit any capacity necessary. With the aluminum and durable steel construction, this tool will outlive every other like it in your tool kit.  

Highlighted Features

  • Quick-release clips fasten work

  • Durable ABS plastic material ensures longevity 

  • Dual pivot handles every shape

  • Features a 23-foot steel banding

  • Adjustable design reduces pressure requirement 

  • Steel and Cast Aluminum construction elongate useful life. 

4. HORUSDY Quick-Jaw Right Angle 90 Degree Corner Clamp

 If you are gunning for an easy to use corner clamp, this chap is just right for you. Looking at the design, you’ll understand that it’s a must-have for every woodworker.

The aluminum alloy steel featured in constructing it makes it durable and sturdy for all those pressure we exert for clamping. It also has an adjustable jaw that offers a quick-release capacity as well.

Another feature we love is the double handle. Apart from ensuring that you don’t overwork one hand, the rubber material that prevents skidding enhances user comfort. It also helps you to set the clamp up seamlessly and secure the corners as quickly

This particular corner clamp can serve multi-purposes. You can use it to clamp corners of about 90 degrees joint or use it when you want to do a miter cut of 45 degrees. Also, it comes in handy when you need a workbench vise.

We love the versatility of this corner clamp too. It serves correctly for installing furniture, welding, and framing. You can also use it when you want to make cabinets, install aquarium and frames, or drilling and dowelling.

Any of these projects will be easier if you use this Horusdy corner clamp. But no matter how strong it is, don’t overload it with hard materials to avoid a breakdown.  

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum steel alloy construction

  • Quick-release jaws adjust for different sizes

  • Double handle for user comfort

  • Anti-skid and rubber handle ensures quick fastening 

  • Doubles as a corner clamp saw guide and workbench vise

  • Diverse capacity for installing, drilling, welding and dowelling, etc. 

5. Kreg KHCCC 90 degrees Corner Clamp

This is one of those maximum capacity corner clamps that makes professional woodworkers shine. We love this tool because it can serve users for a long time, and it's also a good companion in your projects.

Anytime you're ready for T-joints and 90-degree corner joints, pick this tool and clamp away.

The versatility of this Kreg corner clamp is impressive. It can be useful in many projects, and its 1-inch capacity makes it more versatile. The frame is made of steel, and it also features aluminum pads forged for strength and excellent durability.

The best part is that the pads help to make this clamp very light and a joy to use. It also has a cutout in the strong pads where you can house your pocket screws without halting the process.

Although the adjustment is cumbersome, this corner clamp is still commendable. The only thing is that it may take extra time to adjust for different wood sizes.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for T joints and90 degree corner joints

  • Features a cutout that fastens the screwing process

  • Durable Clamp pads facilitate reduces clamping and screwing time

  • Comes in a steel frame construction

  • Durable design ensures a longer useful life.

6. Housolution Right Angle Corner Clamp with Single Handle

If you’re looking for a fast and uniform corner clamping tool, get this Housolution product. It has a center that handles the tightening of both corners in a single action. So, when you’re making picture frames, don’t use another except this piece. 

Also, we love the fact that it serves correctly on a workbench too. So, if you want a corner clamp to mount and unmounts with ease, pick this brand.

The body of the Housolution corner clamp is pure aluminum making it a long-lasting piece of a woodworker tool. The weight is light and yet offers optimum performance.

This clamp helps users to join wood at a ninety degrees angle without stress. The handle can slide, and its rotary jaw is easily adjustable and aligns correctly for precise grip.

Also, this clamp is versatile since you can use different materials such as thick glass, wood, steel rod, metal tube, etc. It also serves you when there is a need for screwing, welding, aligning, woodworking, making cabinets, nailing, clamping picture frames and boxes

We don't like the absence of a T-handle, but without it, it makes it easy to use your clamp on the workbench. So, there's no loss at all except that you must make the extra investment to take this tool home.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of die-cast aluminum for strength and durability

  • T-shaped handle facilitates speed and efficiency

  • Maximum clamping capacity is 2.68in/68mm

  • Jaw depth and width are 1.4in/35mm and 3.7in/95mm

  • Clamps diverse materials such as thick glass, steel rod, wood, etc.

  • Works perfectly for 90 degrees joints 

  • Serves in welding, aligning, nailing and making frames


7. HORUSDY 90 degrees Single Handle Corner Clamp

If you prefer the single handle type of corner clamp, here you have it from HORUSDY. This particular model has all the impressive features and functionalities which know the brand to offer.

The body is also solid with an aluminum alloy construction. With this, you're sure of strength and durability. The amazing part is that the corner clamp weighs little, and you can use it all day long.

The hand is single, yes, but the jaw is adjustable. The rubber handle is solid and doesn't skid no matter what.

With this feature, setting up this clamp is very simple, and when you use it, you'll appreciate how easily and quickly it secures two pieces of materials for screwing or others.

We all love the maximum range, which is up to 68 and the capacity to clamp metal tube, thick glass, steel rod, woods, etc. it has this floating head that facilitates precision. There is also the electroplating spindle screw that rotates for easy adjustment.

You can use this corner clamp as a tool for many projects such as drilling, welding, doweling, framing, furniture installation, aquarium, and frame installation, and cabinet making.

Highlighted Features

  • Floating head facilitates precision

  • Up to 68 maximum range for clamping

  • Holds materials such as thick glass, steel rod, wood, metal tube, etc.

  • Strong  rubber handle ensures easy grip

  • Adjustable jaw secures pieces of materials quickly 

  • Suitable for diverse operations such as drilling, welding, making cabinets, installing frames, etc. 

8. SAND MINE Double Handle Corner Clamp 

This corner clamp from Sand mine is yet another double handle tool that every woodworker can appreciate. It comes with a long-lasting body made with aluminum alloy steel. It also features the adjustable jaws that users can release as quickly as possible to clamp pieces of material together. 

The double handle is made of anti-skid and robust rubber to help a user to grip tightly for a quick grip. If you want, the device can serve as your clamping tool for 90 degrees corner joint. It can also double as a workbench vise or saw guide for making 45 degrees miter cuts.

We appreciate the fact that you can use this device for framing, doweling, furniture installation, aquarium and frame installations, drilling, cabinet making, etc.

So, if you're a cabinet maker who is always angry at low-performing clamping tools, this brand is for you. Also, if you plan to undertake a DIY project anytime soon, grab this corner clamp. Moreover, this device is also a must-have for handymen who carry out lots of projects.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable Jaws ensures quick release

  • Aluminum alloy steel construction promotes durability

  • Double handle with strong rubber secures quickly

  • Perfect for 90 degrees corner clamp

  • Doubles as saw guide and workbench vise

  • Serves perfectly for drilling, dowelling, furniture making, etc. 

9. 90 degrees Right Angle Corner Clamp with Aluminum Body

Are you a carpenter, handyman, or DIYer who appreciates the need for high-quality tools, this is the best right angle clamp?

This is one of those tools that you need no one to assure you of its high-quality construction and optimal performance capacity. The construction is solid and durable, with premium aluminum alloy materials for extra strength and sturdiness.

The maximum clamping capacity is 2.7 inches/7.0cm, which enables users to join 2 woodblocks having a different thickness at 90 degrees.

The jaw is adjustable, and the strong rubber handle helps to hold the materials together. Given the nature of the handle, you can set it up easily and secure materials quickly.

The design is beautiful and unique, with the frosted surface that ensures a stronger texture. Also, this clamp is versatile since you can use it to complete many tasks such as drilling, welding, furniture installations, dowelling, cabinet making, etc.

Moreover, you can set up the tool very quickly, given the spindle screw, which you can adjust easily and the floating head that facilitates a quick hold.

Highlighted Features

  • Floating head and spindle screw facilitates precise hold
  • Frosted surface ensures the durable and stronger texture
  • Versatile design accommodates welding, framing, dowelling, cabinet making, etc.
  • Aluminum alloy material ensures durability and strength
  • 2.7 in/7.0cm maximum range ensures 90 degrees joints
  • Single handle with rubber materials and adjustable jaw facilitate easy setup

10. PONY Right Angle Corner Clamp

This is one of those unique corner clamps that serves multiple purposes. It can hold butt joints, miters, and t-joints easily. You can also use it for gluing, nailing, and corrections because it exposes the joints to enable you to carry it out.

The jaws are not like the standard sizes you see on other clamps. It is very large and offers generous clearance. You'll also appreciate the back jaw because it swivels to facilitate clamping and also helps when you want to square materials that have different thicknesses.

We usually go for the double handle, but this particular corner clamp surprised us with the large single but padded handle that promotes comfort and firmer grip. It also comes with a quick-release mechanism that helps you to adjust it faster, and the die-cast frame ensures sturdiness.

Other parts you'll appreciate are the sliding jaw and frame made with die-cast aluminum, the plated screw, 1-1/8 T-joint capacity, and the two-inch material capacity. With this corner clamp, you can seamlessly join thick glasses, wood, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 table corner clamps promote ease of use

  • The plastic-coated jaw can be adjusted for butt joints, miters, and T-joints

  • The lighter single handle ensures better grip

  • Ergonomic handle design improves user comfort

  • Clamping range of 2-1/2 inches and material capacity of 1-1/8

  • Acme threads on the handle ensure strength

  • Sliding jaw and frame of die-cast aluminum

  • Plated screw, cold-drawn steel & glass-filled nylon clamp handle

  • Large handle with sufficient paddings promotes comfort. 

Things to consider before buying a Corner Clamps 

There are many brands of corner clamps in the market. Every clamp will serve you the way you want. Some may disappoint you by breaking down after a few uses.

That's why we present the most critical factors that will lead you to the best corner clamp in the market. Don’t forget to check before getting one. 

Clamping power

One of the most important factors to consider before buying a corner clamp is clamping power. You should go for a brand of Corner clamp that can firmly and securely hold objects in place.

If it doesn't, then you may find working with it very difficult, and the value of your corner clamp would be lost. Brands that are constructed with good materials such as cast iron and steel have more strength to hold objects in place and are very durable.

So analyze your projects very well and opt for a corner clamp that can hold down large and heavy materials in place while you work on them.


Large corner clamps are suitable for big and heavy woods but ensure you go for a brand that is not too large. Very large corner clamp cannot be easily maneuvered and would not be suited for smaller wood projects.

Medium-sized corner clamps can be easily positioned for smaller wood projects. You should also analyze the throat depth of the corner clamp and ensure it is sufficient for your project before purchasing.


Opt for a corner clamp that offers adequate material protection because corner clamps can stretch or damage the surfaces of the materials they hold. Therefore you should opt for a clamp that has a protective pad coating. This would ensure that your material surface does not get damaged or roughed up. 

Clamp Jaw capacity

Clamp jaw capacity/opening are among the first things you should watch out for before purchasing a corner clamp. If the jaw capacity is not wide enough, then your clamp may not be open up to hold down thick materials.

The jaw capacity is usually measured in millimeters or inches, and the wider it is, the better for your project. Even if your current project material is flat, it is necessary to purchase a corner clamp that has a wide jaw capacity for future projects. 2.7 inches jaw capacity or more is ideal so that you don’t get limited using it only on small metal pieces or woodblocks.

Handle type

There are basically two types of the handle in corner clamps. The sliding T handle type in clamps has a T design. The T design handle allows a user to apply high torque, which would let the jaws to have a high clamping pressure and a tight grip.

But the T handle design lacks soft padding and can be uncomfortable to use. The other type of handle is the soft rubber handle that is very comfortable and easy to use but lacks the T handle design.

So exerting high clamping pressure on the material would be impossible with the rubber handle design type. However, you can still tighten the rubber handle design to apply torque and push the jaws of the clamp firmly into the object. Therefore you should opt for the rubber handle clamp design.


The weight of the corner clamp is important for transportation and general mobility. If you are a workman and you need to carry your tools and equipment from one place to another, then you should consider corner clamps that are not too heavy.

But ensure you do not purchase a lightweight corner clamp because most of the lightweight design has no strength or durability.

Clamp Construction

The construction of the corner clamp is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a clamp. Corner clamps come in two types of design, which are swing jaw design and a double jaw design. The swing jaw design is very compact and can easily fit in tight spaces.

However, it has a lot of swivel points that bring about a lot of moving parts. This can affect the integrity and strength of the corner clamp. The double jaw corner clamp design is a little bit bigger in size than the swing design. But it has a grid structure that makes the clamp very durable and strong.

Both design types can clamp objects with different thicknesses, but the Double jaw design has a little more advantage, so you should opt for it. Ensure that the corner clamp is made with good material because poor quality material would lead to the failure of the corner clamp.


A good corner clamp should have a variety of uses. They should be suited for woodworking, metal works, framing, doweling, drilling, assembly of cabinets, and lots more.

It should also be accurate and give the workman perfect angles when in use. You should opt for a corner clamp that has a quick setup and accurate adjustments features for ease of use as well.

How to Use Corner Clamps? 

Corner clamps may seem challenging to use when you come in contact with it for the first time. However, they are very easy to use, and they can make your wood or metal work project easier, faster, and smoother.

What you should know

There are basically two sizes of corner clamps, which are the smaller three-inch size and the larger sizes. The 3-inch size corner clamps are used for materials that are not so thick such as frames, while the larger once are suitable for very thick materials. You should decide on the most appropriate corner clamp for your project before purchase. 

Before you begin clamping, ensure that the corner clamp is clean and dry. Wipe the corner clamp using a damp cloth in other to clean it. Inspect it to know if the clamp is in good condition and replace clamps that show signs of excessive wear.

When Corner clamps are used correctly, it would save you labor time and drastically reduce your workload. They enable you to get a 90-degree angle but can also let you get 45-degree angles.

Making of Joints

Corner clamps can aid in making “T” joints and corner joints. They are used to join materials from the end of one material to another. It is best to use them in pairs when making T joints because one would be used to bind both ends of the board while the other would be used to set the angles.

What Clamps don’t do

Corner clamps would not press a piece of wood to another; instead, they would simply hold pieces of wood next to each other. Pieces of wood would be joined using glue and screws, so you should apply glue to surfaces of wood that would touch.

How To

  • Position the pieces of your construction material in the clamp very closely

  • Open the clamp: This is done by twisting the handle counterclockwise and twist until the clamp is wider than the wood or materials pieces you are joining together. 

  • Get the right angle of the materials

  • Next is to tighten the clamps - Turn the handle clockwise until it becomes tight and firmly hold the materials together.

  • Drill Pilot holes: Pilot holes are tiny holes that are drilled into a piece of wood or metal for construction. It is meant to guide larger drills to the right locations. Pilot holes ease the job of drilling larger holes for a workman. They allow other hole making tools to be perfectly inserted; they help against errors and would ensure your materials are not damaged. Follow the steps in other to make a perfect pilot hole

  • Mark the spot you want to drill with a pencil, tape or other marking materials  

  • Create an indent for your drill bit to grip

  • Select the right size drill bit

  • Steady your wood board by clamping them with a corner clamp

  • Ensure your drill bit is perpendicular and then slowly drill the pilot hole

  • Stop when necessary

  • Screw the material pieces together 

  • Untighten the clamp and Remove it

  • Tighten screws in your material

Corner clamps are a very simple and effective way to save time and also enable neat woodwork.


For wood clamping, you have to position the wood in square and ensure the woods are meeting at a right angle. Use a thin layer of wood glue to secure the wood material. You can wipe off the glue with a damp material if you apply excess.

When the woods are firmly secure, then place the clamp on either side of the right angle. Twist the corner clamp handle in other to tighten it and make sure the woods are secured. Do not remove the corner clamp for about two hours until the glue is dry.


Every woodworker will tell you that a low-quality tool can frustrate anybody, even the old hands in the industry.

If you are still a newbie, you don't have to start with a device that'll spoil your handwork and discourage your enthusiasm. That's why you must always look out for the best of everything.

A corner clamp is one versatile device you must have in your toolbox. Many brands are out there, but not all are as good as the hype. Don't waltz into the store and carelessly invest in the worst of the worst. Follow our best corner clamp review in 2019 to choose the best available brand.

We've offered you the opportunity to get a sturdy, durable, and efficient clamp to complete your projects with ease. Start your search from here and end it with a smile.

We have some of the best brands in the industry here, and we selected them after a careful assessment. Go ahead and make the best pick.  

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