Top 8 Best Desoldering Tool: Reviews in 2022

When the soldering metals give you a hard time, you turn to the desoldering tool on the hand to pour down all the blame onto. But there’s a fair chance that you haven’t bought the right machine to tackle the particular problems in the project.

Therefore, let’s not make any hasty buying decisions anymore. Sit tight and go through the fabulous products we are about to review. We studied the market, liked some tools in the process, and then we did some research about them.

And among them is the best desoldering tool available out there. Check them out, go through the buying guide, and buy the pump that will serve the purpose for years to come.

Top 8 Best Desoldering Tool

The market had plenty to offer, but we liked the following products at the end. Why? You are going to understand shortly once you are done with our reviews.

1. American HAKKO Products FR301-03/P Desoldering Tool

It’s a privilege reviewing such a classy tool. You don’t get to remove the solder with one pull of a trigger often, do you? This is because the manufacturers of this product paid attention to lead-free solders. What’s also cool is that it will leave no ripped traces.

I am also impressed with the cleaning up time of this thing. It’s an absolute delight to have a machine with 5 minutes of clean-up time. Moreover, you will appreciate the case they’ve included in the package. It protects the tool from harm’s way.

What’s also lovely is the size of the tip. At 1 mm, it might seem a bit too expensive for the appearance. However, it will be worth it once you see it desoldering. Additionally, one will be amazed at the PCB leftover this machine leaves behind. It’s as clean as you want it.

Now, people want a better warranty for the product. And after spending a considerable amount of bucks, no one can blame them. Also, the heavy maintenance was too much for one user. Another customer suffered clogging of the device.

Nevertheless, when the device will heat up in a minute and suck that solder within 10 seconds or so, you might feel that this is the best tool for desoldering.

Highlighted Features

  • Allows removing the solder with one pull of a trigger
  • Leaves no ripped traces
  • 5 minutes of clean-up time is too impressive
  • A case protects the tool from harm’s way
  • Lovely size of the tip at 1 mm

2. Anbes Soldering Iron Kit Electronics

The next product on the list is all about the sturdy build. When metal combines with aluminum body frame, things ought to get remarkable. We are also counting on the vacuum tube. It comes with high pressure that will provide the users with convenience.

So, this is the option you choose when you have a PCB solder to remove. And you can do it using only one hand.

What’s also cool about it is that it comes with a strong and secure base. While the market has so many medium-quality soldering stands that are thin, you won’t find too many strong ones.

I appreciate the secure application of this device. With a bit of precaution, there will be no more accidents. Now, what are the projects you want this tool for?

Well, appliance repair, jewelry welding, DIY jobs, etc. – it won’t fail you. And I want you to check out the carry bag if you are concerned with portability.

Now, the machine stopped working after a while for one user. However, when the seller offered him a replacement, he was happy.

Also, one customer didn’t like the temperature control dial. He said that the feature was cheap. For another user, the soldering iron burned out too early.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy build; metal combining with an aluminum body frame
  • The vacuum tube comes with high pressure to provide convenience
  • Comes with a strong and secure base
  • Allows single-handed operation
  • A carry bag for portability

3. Pro Digital Vacuum Desoldering Station

The next product on the list has amazing absorbing power, which has caught our attention. You need such performance while you are craving for easy removal of solders. And what’s excellent is that you can do the job with both types of PCB: one-sided and two-sided.

And the beautiful structure of this thing allows you to maneuver it nicely, tackling challenging tasks.

Additionally, it’s fun when you have a single-handed operation. Now, what’s the type of project it can deal with? It’s the lead-free desoldering. That’s because of the extremely quick heating time of this tool.

Moreover, you need to check out the power the device shows. Give it any type of DIP components; it will desolder them with clarity and speed. Another worth mentioning feature is the microprocessor. It automatically controls the iron gun.

However, it would’ve been great if the glass tube didn’t get too hot when you desolder very fast. Also, the tip might struggle in transferring heat. Moreover, the tip jammed for a user sooner than he had anticipated.

Highlighted Features

  • Amazing absorbing power for easy removal of solders
  • Does the job with both types of PCB: one-sided and two-sided
  • Great for lead-free desoldering because of the quick heating time
  • The microprocessor controls the iron gun in an automatic way
  • Power to desolder with clarity and speed

4. YIHUA 8786D I 2 in 1 Hot Air Rework and Soldering Iron Station

It’s a delight to talk about the unique design of the product we are about to review. Manufacturers have done a good job by going for the anti-static design. This way, you can be assured when there’s any leakage, damage, or a static one. The components will be secure no matter what.

Another impressive feature I want to talk about is the temperature correction. Though we've seen products that have this feature, however, we haven't come across efficient ones that frequently.

So, go forth replacing the heater, or some other parts with assurance, for the digital temperature correction has it covered.

I am also optimistic about the safety of using this device. A program is integrated into it to shut down the power supply whenever the gun stops working.

Therefore, it will be a good option for DIY workers who are new to the game. So, the temperature control and safety program together make it a fantastic tool.

Now, only if one user didn’t find the soldering iron non-efficient. He stated that the iron refused to get hot even after a considerable time.

Also, the iron couldn’t desolder the binding posts. For another user, the machine broke way too fast.

Highlighted Features

  • A program shuts down the power supply whenever the gun stops working
  • Temperature correction allows replacing the heater or some other parts
  • The unique design prevents any leakage damage or a static one
  • Ensures security of the components by being anti-static

5. Soldering Gun, NEWACALOX Automatic 60W Electronics Solder Iron Gun Kit

We are now going to talk about a kit with a good number of tools. There is a soldering iron kit, desoldering pump, soldering gun, a pair of tweezers, and solder wire. So, you have a versatile tool kit over here.

This machine will be efficient in connecting the components. And you have an impressive heating core. What’s more, the device doesn’t take long to heat up. I should also mention that the assembly is simple.

Now, what are the projects suitable for this tool? It’s the electrical repair it will deal with in the best way. Also, you can use it for domestic jobs.

What’s also fun is that it allows you a one-handed operation. To add to the convenience, you have a hands-free supply of the solders.

As for drawbacks, the package didn’t come with any soldering wire for one user. For another one, the solder kept getting stuck in the feeder. And it wasn’t heating up as it should for the heating element couldn’t come in contact with it.

Highlighted Features

  • A good number of tools in a kit
  • Efficient in connecting the components
  • An impressive heating core
  • One-handed operation for electrical repair
  • Doesn’t take long to heat up

6. ECG J-045-DS Electric Corded De-Soldering Iron

The next product is best for beginners. If you are working on amplifiers, this might be the tool you are looking for.

This is because of the convenience it offers by melting the solder and vacuuming the solder out at the same time. And it would do a fantastic job with through-hole solders.

Now, to make the best use of this tool, you need to blow it out before you unplug it. This way, you can remove those melted solders with ease.

Also, cleaning the tip the way you do with regular irons may help get good results. Another way to use it conveniently is by leaving some solder on its tip.

Moreover, the device works excellently when you press against the PCB hard. This way, it doesn’t shift while you are activating the air movement.

Also, screw down the PCB holder tight if you can manage to get a PCB holder. For there’s nothing like hands-free operation with such tools.

As for drawbacks, numerous users think that this isn’t a pro-level tool. They said that it would do the job for you when you are using it every once in a while for small projects. And although we stated that it would be good for through-hole solders, one user disagrees with us on that.

Highlighted Features

  • Convenience by melting and vacuuming the solder out at the same time
  • Works excellently when you press against the PCB hard
  • Doesn’t shift while you are activating the air movement
  • Allows cleaning the tip
  • Leaving some solder on its tip brings outstanding results with it

7. Hot Air Rework Station 500 ° C Soldering Station

It has been a while since we talked about features like LED displays. Wait, we haven't talked about them at all! Now, the reason for bringing this up is that our next product comes with an impressive one. Yes, if you are looking for convenience, this is the tool for you.

And let us also mention that you will appreciate the relatively quiet operation this device has to offer. It’s the brushless fan that plays the key role here. What’s also nice is that the machine heats up fast. We are talking about only 5 seconds or so.

Moreover, it comes with a decent highest temperature. At 500-degree C, you can get through most of the desoldering tasks. The airtightness is also going to be appreciable. What’s more, you will be pleased with the stabilization of temperature.

The machine cools off automatically, something you won't find with many products. And as far as safety is concerned, it's a precious feature.

However, one user wasn't happy with the wand. Another one found the temperature display to be inaccurate.

Highlighted Features

  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Great stabilization of temperature
  • Smart LED display for convenience
  • A decent highest temperature at 500-degree C
  • The airtightness is appreciable

8. Weller 7874B Manual ESD-Safe Desoldering Pump with Aluminum Body

Care to check out a robust metal construction? Well, take a look at our next product. Along with a strong build, it comes with an easy-to-operate button for convenience. And when you see it sucking the solders off the PCBs, you become pleased with the affordability of this good machine.

Another worth-mentioning thing about it is that it doesn't melt the tip while desoldering. That's wonderful for a device that shows awesome suction power. Moreover, it will work for several projects, namely circuit boards, wires, component removal, and so on.

Now, to wick, a tool can be boring. And you will be happy when I tell you that you won't need to do it with this device. All you need to do is hold the tip close and then press the button to get the excess off. And people were pleased with its sucking performance with small through-holes.

As for the cons, it might be difficult to maneuver at times. Also, the tool was a bit slippery for some. And it might not be the best option for keyboard switches. Moreover, the replacement tips could’ve been more affordable.

Highlighted Features

  • With a strong build, it comes with an easy-to-operate button
  • Great at sucking the solders off the PCBs
  • Doesn’t melt the tip while desoldering
  • Works for projects like circuit boards, wires, component removal, etc.
  • No need to wick it to get the excess off

What to Look for while Buying Desoldering Tool

Many factors go into buying a perfect pump for your job. And the choice of the product mainly depends on the priorities you have set for your desoldering projects.

However, if we look into some crucial aspects, it would lead us to a smarter purchase. So, here’s a guide to make things easier.

Temperature Control

During the reviews, we've noticed that this factor plays a great role in making the product a success or failure. Yes, it's not only the range of temperature we are implying; rather, it's the convenience of controlling it. And many a product did fail regarding this supposedly insignificant feature.

So, find a tool that will allow you to do your thing in whatever style you are comfortable with, and that is by allowing you to set the temperature easily.

Also, some machines come with a temperature sensor, an extraordinary feature. Also, the heating time can be crucial when you have multiple jobs to deal with.

Now, what is the best desoldering tool in terms of temperature range? Well, it’s the one with a range between 300 and 900 degrees C. And with such capacity, you can do well in most circumstances.

However, if you are looking for pro-level machines to deal with huge projects, it won’t simply do. Go for a better range then.

Lead-Free or Lead-Based: Which One to Choose?

You can expect that I would encourage you to go lead-free. But let me make this interesting by talking about the advantage of going lead-based first.

First off, if you are stuck with lead-based solder, you don't have much of a choice other than to go for lead-based pumps.

And circuits based on lead-based solders will do well with lead-based tools. You won't find a too obvious difference in terms of the efficiency of these two types. But everything changes when we tell you that the lead-free ones are environment-friendly.

Also, the lead-free tools are way more popular than the other. And the benefit of buying the more common type is that you get to find help and advice easily when you need them. So yes, a lead-free pump is the smarter choice.


The machine cannot mess up in this factor. Nothing can be worse than a tool with inadequate suction power. And how do you know about it before buying the pump? You go through the product specifications, of course.

See, we are dealing here with vacuum mechanisms. Therefore, great suction power is needed to do any job, be it large or small. And even if you have to spend a few extra bucks, do not back down from going for the purchase.

Now, a good machine with decent power with considerable affordability - you haven’t asked for the impossible! There are too many available options out there to choose from, even with such requirements.

Extra Features

When you are working on your project, any problem can pop up. And on such occasions, you need as many tools as you can afford to have at your side. Therefore, it would be awesome if the product comes with a few accessories.

Brushes, tips, or any other items included in the package - and you are game. But if the tool is good without such features, you still should consider buying it. After all, you need the desoldering to be perfect the first and foremost.


When do you know if a product with a good price is reliable or not? You check out the warranty the manufacturers are willing to offer, right?

And when it comes to tools this expensive, you cannot afford to settle down for a poor warranty.

The brand must provide at least six months' warranty; otherwise, the deal is off. Now, do not worry, we’ve seen so many products with satisfactory warranties. So, finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

How Do You Desolder without a Desoldering Tool?

To do the job without a tool is very much possible. And here are some methods you might want to consider.

Use a Low Temp Solder

If you can get your hands on such a solder, you can desolder in a jiffy. Just apply the solder on the part you are looking to desolder. Then once the heat spreads to the pins, you pull the part off.

Melt from Below

You can also hold the board you want to desolder upside down. Then apply heat from below so that the melted solder drips down onto your iron tips.

After that, scrape off the solder off that iron tip using a flat-edged, spare soldering tip.

Apply Pulling Force

Here’s another way you can do it. First, fix your board. Then use a couple of pliers to hold onto the part you want to desolder. Apply pulling force gently. Lastly, use the soldering iron for heating the joints.

Sacrifice the Board, Clean up the Components

Another old school way of desoldering is to chop the board up so that the components may fall out. After that, you can use the soldering iron to clean them up. And do not forget to wear a dust mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best desoldering tools:

1. What is the meaning of desoldering?

Well, it’s the antonym of soldering. When you remove the solder and all other components, you use this terminology to describe the act.

The components are usually mounted on various circuit boards. Usually, you use a vacuum pump to remove the solder.

2. Is it a good idea to use flux when desoldering?

Yes, flux makes the job easier. If you apply flux on the liquid you want the solder to get wet into, you will see great results. Also, applying flux comes in handy while desoldering with a copper braid.

3. What temperature should I choose to desolder?

I suggest that you go for the minimal temperature first to get the hang of things. And once you are comfortable, choose a temperature above 500 degrees F.

But if it’s a lead-free machine, you should choose higher temperatures to get the desired result.

4. Is there any type of metal I cannot desolder?

It would be difficult to desolder aluminum, aluminum bronze, stainless steel, and high alloy steels, if not impossible.

5. What are the soldering metals?

They are tin, lead, zinc, and copper commonly used for soldering.

Final Words

The best desoldering tool should combine all the good factors such as smooth temperature control, great suction power, a few accessories, etc.

And it can also be the one with the most impressive features. So, go through the highlighted features once again and see if you can reach a buying decision.

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