Best Dust Collectors For The Money: Reviews 2020 (Recommended!)

If you are a woodworker, you are a lucky man. I’m not saying it out of the blue sky. Woodworking itself is known to be the most creative and also the most rewarding pursuit.

But no matter you are a hobbyist woodworker or a professional, woodworking can bring on some serious health issues if you are not aware of it. I am not only talking about the potentially dangerous tools in the workshop.

I’m pointing at the large volume of sawdust in it, that can be handled only with one of the best dust collectors. 

And helping you to get the best dust collector for money is the intention of this article. Maybe that's in your mind as well, as you have managed to search us out of millions of web pages.

Now, why will you trust on these dust collector reviews? Well, we are someone who can help you for a number of reasons. We have all these products tested in our own workshop, we take a number of tradesmen’s input, and we analyze tons of real user’s feedbacks online.

So, the array of best cyclone dust collector we’ve picked today, are undoubtedly the best of the market.

To get you the best class performance that you are looking for, let’s get started-

Need a quick choice? Check our top 3 recommendations!

Top 10 Dust Collectors Reviews

1. Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit

Product Overview:

As you have been a tradesman for quite some time, Oneida is a brand that you might hear of. And for #1, we have picked one of their top-rated product- Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit. It’s a compact dust cleaner and separator kit with increased suction power, longer durability, versatile usage and a patented design.

For many more reasons, we take it as the best of the market. Let's dive deep into its features and benefits-

Before the suction cap hits the vacuum cleaner, the separator unit will work on separating 99% of the dust and debris. The benefit of it lies in a long lasting durability. Less sized particles mean no hassle on the filter.

As the amount of dust on the filter is quite less in this cleaner, you need to maintain and clean it quite occasionally. In addition, the strong ergonomics will lead to a dust collector that will serve you for long.

You will not have to deal with only dry dust as long as you run your own workshop. There will be wet debris as well. Do deal with both of them, Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone is one of those few collectors that deals with both of the dust types with precision.

We appreciate the way Oneida had built it with anti-static resin along with tapered ports. That leads to a versatile range of usage with most of the vacuum cleaners. And lastly, the waste disposal is made to easy that you don’t have to even open it up.

From every perspective of service, quality and durability, we found this model as the best cyclone dust collector of the market. Let us know what you think about it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of Anti-static resin.
  • Increased suction power for different sizes of particles.
  • 99% dust, dirt, and debris are separated.
  • Deal with both wet and dry type of dust.
  • A patented design with improved ergonomics.
  • Easy to dispose waste management.
  • Requires a minimum amount of maintenance.
  • Budget-friendly price tag.

2. SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector

Product Overview

If sawdust and metal chips are being the reasons of a headache, we would like to introduce you with an improved, industrial-level dust collector that blew everyone's mind. It's made to be so precise and accurate that it has a bag filtration of 2.5 microns of dust.

Introducing the widely popular SHOP FOX W1727 1 HP Dust Collector! For certain reasons, it holds up our #2 position.

As per our observation, Woodstock Internation had been one of the trusted brands of woodworkers. Keeping up with the pace, this product from their store had grabbed quite a few appreciations. And that’s mostly because of the 800 CFM air suction capacity and a very durable Aluminium Finned TEFC motor.

It maintains a static pressure of 5.67 inches that seems to be okay for semi-professional workshops. With dual voltage acceptance, it can work with both 110V and 220V power inputs.

To make sure that the user doesn't have to face any leakage or accident, there are two features provided in. One is the removable lockout key and another is the safety switch. In fact, these two are combined together to give your job a premium grade strength.

Lastly, the design of this dust collector is so compact that it’s easy to transport from one place to another. It weighs only 59 pounds and that seems to be under control. The only drawback we found is the price. But as it seems to be one of the most durable picks on the market, you may not be investing the bucks after it.

Highlighted Features

  • An aluminum finned TEFC motor.
  • 800CFM air suction capability.
  • 5.67 inches maximum static pressure.
  • 9 inches impeller for accuracy in operation.
  • 2.1 cubic feet bag capacity.
  • Runs on dual voltage systems of 110V and 220V.
  • Meets UL and CSA standards.
  • A safety lockout key with a switch.

3. Oneida Molded DIY Dust Deputy Cyclone

Product Overview

One of the most specular problems that we tradesmen have to deal with is, cleaning the dust collector over and over. To keep the machine on top of its health, it's important either. But what if you get something that's made with a special filter? A filter that takes fewer dust loads on it?

The pre-separator that comes with this model is the reason behind this excellent feature. The call it ‘The Cyclonic’ pre-separator. Which is kind of true in a sense.

That’s what we’ve got with Oneida Molded DIY Dust Deputy Cyclone. It's specially made filter will take fewer dust loads and pass away most of it. As a result, you will have a certain boost in work, as you don't have to spend time cleaning the dust collector. This increases the lifespan of the device as well.

Another great fact about Oneida Molded DIY Dust Deputy Cyclone is, it’s capable of dealing with a lot of dust types except wood dust. You can deal with concrete dust, drywall dust, blasting soda, clay dust, metal shavings, cooled ash, soot, grass and leaves, baking flour and many more.

Among other features of this machine, we found an enhanced suction power and easy waste disposal arrangement. It will separate 99% of the just before they hit the vacuum. So most of the dust won’t stay stuck on the filter.

Another piece of good news is, if you somehow get wet dust on the floor, worry not at all. The Oneida Molded DIY Dust Deputy Cyclone is made to deal with both wet and dry dust.

The inlet and outlet design is something very wisely designed. The inlet and outlet are tapered to a certain angle and the inner diameter is 2 inches. Such a structure is very effective to draw dust and dirt with a maximum amount of pressure.

All you will have a clean, dust-free workshop in minutes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can deal with a wide range of dust types.
  • Comes with an ultra-durable filter.
  • Less dust drawing on the filter.
  • Needs a little and occasional maintenance.
  • Made of anti0-static resin.
  • Can deal with 99% of the dust or debris.
  • A good fit for both dry and wet dust.
  • Tapered intel and outlet design.

4. SHOP FOX W1685 Dust Collector

Product Overview

W168 from Woodstock international is one dust and debris collector that’s specially made for woodworkers. A 1-1/2 HP and single phased motor, a 345- RPM speed and a 12 inches steel impeller- all combined together to provide the best woodworking experience.

The air suction speed is revolutionary and it scores as high as 1280 cubic feet of air per minute. That seems to deal with all kind of debris and dust on the workshop, no matter which size of it you have.

Another problem that typical wood dust collectors are, they wear out a lot. In fact, after six months of continuous use, they seem to be inefficient. But this machine that we are talking about, seems to be out of the box.

The powder coated finish of this cleaner is strong enough to prevent scratches, fading, chipping and any other kind of wearing.

You can use it as three of the mobility modes- stationary, mobile unit, or a central dust collector. To move it around isn’t a hard nut to crack, as the item weight is just 108 pounds. But for a single person, that seems to be hard to do for one person.

On the other hands, if you are looking for several dust collectors at the same time, this one is good to go. Because the Y-fitting(that you can see in the image) is there to connect two lines of machines in it. So, it’s a perfect setup for tradesmen who are looking for a multi-machine setup.

Lastly, another impression of this collector is its steel impeller. Through this, you can handle the debris and dust that pass through the filter bag. 

From every angle of quality perspective, we find it a good match who's looking for a quality pick for more than one machines to use. What's your opinion?

Highlighted Features:

  • Runs on a motor of 1.5HP.
  • 1280 CFM (cubic feet per minute) air volume.
  • Powder coated finish for wear protection.
  • A heavy-duty impeller to deal with the wood debris.
  • 3450 RPM revolutionary motor speed.
  • 2.5-micron standard bag filtration.
  • A 12 inches radial fin.
  • Long lasting performance.

5. Weston Arrow Saw with Dust Collector

Product Overview

The product that we are going to talk about right now isn’t merely a dust collector. But it’s an arrow saw two dust collector adapter embedded with it. Its called the Weston Arrow Saw with Dust Collector and we have chosen for a number of reasons.

The device is mainly designed to cut all sort of arrow shafts. And with a blade speed of 8000 rpm, it’s very much possible to do.

As a combined device, it has many parts to talk about. But the blade is the best part among of them all. It cuts even hardest of the metals just like a knife does it to butter. With such a blade installed, you don’t have worry about preparing saw arrow at your own workshop.

Although it comes with dual dust collector extensions with it, it merely needs a dust collector. The reason is, it produces a minimum amount of dust while in operation. So your workshop will stay clean and dust free in most of the cases.

Moving forward, the combination of arrow saw and dust collector is very easy to setup and work with. We went through almost 100s of user’s reviews and not found a single issue that claims hardship in use or setup.

Lastly, when it comes to straight cuts and collecting the dust right away, few of the current models of the market can actually take a hand against Weston Arrow Saw with Dust Collector.

Highlighted Features

  • Not so loud when in operation.
  • A tool that can go through all kinds of arrow shafts.
  • Dual dust cleaner adapters.
  • A professional level of accuracy in straight cutting.
  • A protector of blade cover comes in with the device.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • A good buy for the bucks.

6. Jet DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector

Product Overview

If you have dealt with dust collectors before, you might be aware of one common problem. And the problem is the inefficient dust and chip separator. In fact, that's one of the reasons why you have to clean the jammed filter over and over. And no need to say that, it impacts on your professional accuracy as well.

Well, the bad days are over. Jet DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector has got the best ever chip separator that we’ve seen recently. It uses a technology named Vortex Cone to build up this super-efficient dust separator and also an increased packing efficiency of the collector bag.

Talking about the collector bag, note it down that, Jet DC-1100VX-5M has a dust collector of 5.3 cubic feet. It’s pretty much rare within such a price range. A bonus feature is, the dust collector is transparent. That’ll prevent you to get rid of premature change-outs.

You might be wondering about the sizes of particles and dust that Jet DC-1100VX-5M Dust Collector would be able to pick. I have a couple of good news here.

Firstly, it had been tested to collect 98% of the particles that size under 5 micron. And 74% of the particles that size under 5 microns. Within this range, most of your wood and metal debris, chips and dust will be taken away.

It won't be complete if we don't talk about the motor, because it's the piece where all the action takes place. Well, this collector contains a continuous motor of 1.5HP strength. I know that's not the best in the market, but still, you can be happy with it as long as you need it for light workloads.

Want to move from corner to corner of your workshop with the dust cleaner? The heavy dusty clusters are there to serve you. Attached at the bottom of this device, they will help you to move around with no hardship.

Highlighted Features:

  • An impeller made out of all-steel.
  • See through dust bags for preventing premature change-outs.
  • 1.5HP motor power with continuity.
  • Collects 98% of the 1-micron wood dust. 
  • Two dust ports of 4 inches size each.
  • Completely enclosed motor.
  • Prevents filter cloggings by a lot.
  • Extremely efficient chip separation.
  • An easy-to-move dust collector.

7. Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy Molded Cyclone

Product Overview

We have listed product from Oneida before in this article, and that was of a little bit over-budget price. But this time we hit right at the bull’s eye. We got you something that checks all the boxes of quality, comes from a great brand of Oneida and stays within low budget range.

The model of the dust collector is Oneida Air Systems Super Dust Deputy Molded Cyclone.

The best thing that we found about this one is the inlet pipe and efficient dust filters. With an integrated air ramp 5 inches neutral vane inlet, you will enjoy a next level efficiency in your job. No matter you are a tradesman or a hobbyist, you can surely put a smile on face.

Moving on, it’s the super delightful water filter that lasts for long. The credit won’t go to the filter itself, but to the design. It works in such a way that both fine dust and dust debris won’t be trapped on the filter. They will directly go the collector bag. So you will have to do very less maintenance. 

Another plus point we noticed among the users is, it’s so much easy to install. Because of the compact design and assembly gasket, you won’t face any difficulties at all. Also, the compact footprint will give you a hand. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Works great with both large debris and fine dust.
  • A long lasting filter with least amount of maintenance.
  • Integrated 5 inches inlet neutral valve.
  • Works with almost any kind of dust collectors.
  • Based on the industrial level of use.
  • A completely abrasion resistant design.
  • Extremely high efficiency than conventional collectors.
  • Fast and simple installation with gasket assembly.

8. Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector

Product Overview

At this point of the review, we have selected a wall mounted dust collectors. When you are dealing with an industrial level of workload, a simple movable dust collector doesn’t seem to be enough. You need to have something that stays stuck with the wall and deals with all of your cleaning tasks. 

Presenting Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector, from the prominent brand Shop Fox.

This collector will be mounted on the wall and provide you a dust collecting solution just at the source. For any duct system, such tool will boost up the efficiency. No matter how much hungry the woodworking machine is, this product will be there to catch all the dust.

This CSA and UL certified model contains a 1HP motor, 7A/3.5A amp draw, 7.2 inches static pressure and a 4 inches intake hole.

You don’t have to worry about wearing out about the Shop Fox W1826 Wall Dust Collector. It has got a protection of powder coating and that surely will protect it from damage.

The impeller of the model is 10 inches if measured. That seems to be a great score if I consider other similar collectors. Also, collecting dust, which is the main function of this device, is a job well done by it.

Because the filter is a 2.5 Micron-sized with a zipper access. It can suck particles down to a maximum size of 2.5 microns. And to watch out whether the bag collector is full or not, you will have a window to look inside the collector.

The last thing we would like to bring your attention into is its size. It’s as compact as just 44 inches in length. If you don’t take the inflated bag into consideration, the dimension becomes 13-1/2 inches x 24 inches.

As tradesmen and woodworker who have to work within a heavy workload, this best dust collector is a right pick.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1 HP pre-wired single phase motor.
  •  537 CFM high air suction capacity.
  • Strong and wearing-proof powder coated finish.
  • 1 four inches intake hole with 10 inches impeller.
  • 2 cubic feet bag capacity.
  • CSA and UL standard certified design.
  • The best pick for an industrial level of use.
  • Can be used for either a workbench or wall.
  • Can be also used from the floor.
  • Filtration till a maximum size of 2.5 microns.
  • Includes a safety paddle switch.

9. POWERTEC DC5370 Wall Dust Collector

Product Overview

Powertec DC5370 is enlisted to our list because it meets all the agendas that make it one best cyclone dust collector in the market. Unlike other dust collectors, it is unique in its own working way as it collects dust from the wall.

This brand is well known for their peculiar working abilities that make is a better choice than any other products in this price range and we will be talking about it shortly.

It is powered by a 1HP motor that runs with the help of 120-140 voltage power source. The collector is power efficient and works finely on any type of surface. POWERTEC is a name of trust and value to the consumers.

The air flow of this dust collector is measured up to 537 cubic feet per minute and it is powerful enough to suck out all the dust from your wall perfectly.

Design of this wall dust collector is compact and easily catches the attention of the user. No matter if you are a professional or hobbyist; this product will let you work relentlessly.

This product comes along with a bag of a 2.5-micron size that has a transparent side to check out the dust level while working. It is a built-in feature and you can easily clean up the bag after collecting dust. There is a zipper with mounting hardware that helps you to access those disposals.

Highlighted Features:

  • Runs on 1 horsepower motor that is handy
  • Transparent disposal bag to check out the dust level
  • Easily mountable bags to carry disposals
  • Zipper system to access the dust when cleaning the bag
  • 537 cubic feet per minute strong air flow capacity
  • Powered by 120-140 volt sources
  • Compact size to work relentlessly
  • Designed for pro users and hobbyist

10. Dust Right® Dust Separator Review

Product Overview

Gradually, we have reached the bottom of our list and the product we will be talking about is the dust collector from the manufacturer Dust Right®. It has a vacuum cleaning system that is clogged in with a filter and it is completely reliable under any circumstances.

It can collect any type of dust like wood chips, sawdust and any kind of debris. There is a filter that collects and separates all the dust that doesn’t affect the suction ability. There is a five-caster base that makes it stable and it is easy to maneuver.

There is a system that prevents unintentional disconnections. It includes 36 inches flexible hoses and it has an in and out port that helps the prevention. There is a standard inlet port of 2-10/4 inches that is attachable to any vacuum.

This dust collector can create a cyclonic flow of air that makes any kind of dust that may be heavier than air. The collecting space of this collector is of 10 gallons and you can easily rely on this if you don’t like to clean your disposals daily. It can be the best choice for those who run shops as it has large disposal capacity.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can hold twice as much dust than any collector on the market
  • A 36 inches long flexible hose that can collect dust from more area without carrying it around
  • The can be used in any wood shop or general shop
  • Transparent disposal bag that is easy to check out if it is full or not
  • Offers a two-stage cleaning system
  • Nothing comes in the way of sucking dust as it can filter any type of dust

Things Consider Before Buying the Best Dust Collectors

As you have gone through the best dust collector for the money list today, now it's time to select your own pick. Here in this section, you will find some expert level buying tips that may help-

  • Noise Level
    Every kind of power tool that you have to deal with in workshop, creates less or more noise. You can't escape from that even if you want. But when you're about to buy a perfect dust collector machine, ensure the noise level is as less as possible. 

    In the feature list, you wnt’ find any number that defines the noise level. Instead, look at the power and voltage demand of the motor and have some idea on that. Usually, motors that run on 1HP or less power, create less noise. 
  • Airflow
    For any kind of collectors, this is the most important factor that defines its quality. In the reviews above, you may have noticed that we mentioned a certain term named CFM for every product. CFM stands for cubic foot per meter and that defines the suction power or the strength of airflow it creates. 

    Based on the demand, chose the right CFM for your job. Portable dust collectors are likely to have a CFM of 650 or nearby. If you go higher, this value will increase proportionally. The most heavyweight dust collectors have a CFM of 1100 or above. 
  • Filter Efficiency
    The quality of the filter varies from model to model. And the purpose of all these filters is same- to collect the dust and debris. But when it comes to efficiency, you need to keep an eye wide open. Because based on the size the filter allows to pass, the less maintenance you have to put on it. 

    It’s like the weave of a cloth that defines its efficiency. And less efficiency means less cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Size and Portability
    Many workers are going for portable dust collectors with castors under its body. That's okay until or unless you're working as a hobbyist or semi-professional. But if you're dealing with a large amount of workload at an intermediate level, you should go for static ones. There are both wall mount, floor mount and many other static types of dust collectors that you can think about. 

How Do Dust Collectors Work?

We think that a real tradesman should now about every parts of the tool that he is working with. Same goes for dust collectors. So, here is our explanation about how do dust collectors work-

To know about the mechanism, it's a must to have ideas on how filters of dust collectors work. In general, there are several types of filters such as-

  • Portable filters.
  • Cartridge filters.
  • Oil and mist filters.
  • Modular filters.
  • Mobile filters.

Where they all have their own kind of usage, based on the type and load of works. Apart from the filter, the other important parts of the mechanisms. Here is the summary of the process-

It's important to part the particles into the more granular level so that they can pass through the filter and don't stay stuck on it. Every modern dust collector has a part of it to deal with the task.

And the task can be completed in three different ways- Settling Chamber, Baffle Chamber, and Centrifugal Collector.

Later on, with the suction power driven by the motor, the granulated motors are taken through the filter. The filter is a part where the particles of bigger size are parted away from the micro leveled particles.

The dust that passes through the filter, stays stored in a collection bag. In most of the cases, the bag is made transparent so that the user can have an idea about how much it’s capable to intake.

Finally, the user needs to get the filter out and clean after a few repetitions of the work.

Types of Dust Collectors

To make the best purchase decision, it's important to have a complete idea of it. Basically, dust collectors are of three types. Each of them is labeled for a different volume of works. And based on the level of usage, you have to select one of them.

For having a better idea, here are short descriptions on each of them-

  • Portable Dust Collector
    If you are a hobbyist tradesman and run your own workshop or garage, this dust collector might be a suitable one for you. These are of motor power ranging from ¾ HP and the CFM value is around 650. 

     In terms of price, portable dust collectors are in the budget-friendly zone. Also, they take a little space to occupy themselves. So you don’t have to worry if you have limited space in the workshop. 

  • Medium Sized Dust Collector

    If you would like to step up for a larger workshop, where you will have to deal with a number of tools, a medium-sized dust collector might be a good choice. The horsepower of such models is near about that of small-sized collectors. But when it comes to CFM, the value shifts up a little bit towards 700. 

    Also, you need to cost few more bucks and deal with a collector of more weight. Usually, they have two kinds of bags with them, one is for the small particles, and another is for large ones.
  • Industrial Level Dust Collector
    Now it comes to the largest kind of dust collectors of the market. Especially when you have to deal with a larger shop and a duct environment, these are the types you should go for. 

    Usually, CFM of these products are around 1100-1200 and the motor power lies within a range of 1-½. Also, the filters that come along with these collectors, are of 1 micron in size. 

    One drawback that comes along with these collectors is, they bring on a very high price tag on them. Also, they need an amount of maintenance cost per month.  

Bottom Line

It's a must to feel comfortable with the tool you are working with. And when it comes to dust collectors, comfort comes in in terms of usability and range of loads.

Keeping that in mind, we have tried hard to reach you out with the best dust collectors of the market. Now it’s your turn. Go through each of their details, features and comparison chart to have a perfect dust collector right in your workshop.

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