Best Electrician Screwdriver: Reviews in 2021 (Recommended!)

In that case, using a screwdriver that does not stop electricity could get you electrocuted. And electrocution is not a joke of an accident.

That’s why we always recommend getting the best electrician screwdriver.

Not only it will help you stay safe when working, but it will also come with all the necessary bits for a so you can fasten any type of screw. And sure enough, it will help you achieve proper grip and comfort in the process.

If you’re an electrician in search for a new screwdriver that keeps you safe and ready for any job - then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going over the best models out there so you can pick whatever works better for your needs as an electrician.

Want to know what we have for you? Then come further and find out!

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10 Best Electrician Screwdrivers Reviews

As you know, there’s nothing more important than quality when you’re an electrician. You want something useful but also reliable.

So we picked 10 of the highest-quality screwdrivers out there that will help you work well but also will last a lifetime. Here’s what we found about them:

1. ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit

Our first stop is the ORIA Precision Kit. While it is not commonly large for the usual electrician work, it is still an excellent option to consider.

What sets it apart from the competition is the 60-in-1 set of bits. With its professional quality and so many different bits to choose from, you can be sure it will help you piece up all kinds of electronics.

Another exciting part is the magnetic material. You get a chrome-vanadium set of bits that not only last a lifetime but also come with a unique magnetic tip. This will make your screwing experience way better.

What makes it ideal for an electrician is the non-slip handle with silica gel. Boasting an aluminum construction, it manages to be pretty long-lasting and comfy at the same time.

On top of that, you get a swivel top that makes handling a piece of cake. And with the flexible shaft, you can work with any type of electronics from a few inches away effortlessly.

Finally, it is super small when compared to other electrician screwdrivers. You can travel around and bring it alone without wasting any effort or space, and even more so when you add the carrying case.

It is easily the most practical set in the whole list. And that alone should make it an instant consideration.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality aluminum body build for resilience
  • Superb chrome-vanadium bits for durability
  • Unique magnetic tips prevent screws from falling
  • Up to 60 different bits to choose from when working
  • Extra small & portable design for convenience

2. IRWIN 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Screwdriver

If there’s a brand that will never disappoint when it comes to tools – then that’s Irwin. And this time, it sets new standards as to what an electrician screwdriver must be.

This is a 9-in-1 model that you can use for almost any type of screwing. You get six different bits for that, as well as three nut drivers. There’s simply no limit to the different things you can achieve with this quality tool.

But it is not only the versatility it offers that stands out, but the internal storage where you can place all the fasteners, screws, setters, and nuts.

And with the super comfy, grip-oriented, and anti-electric ProTouch grip, you can be sure it will never get out of your hands. Of course, it will also prevent any accident from slippage or electrocution.

The design is small enough to fit in any pocket. But you can also store it on tool boxes without problems, so you can have it ready for any situation.

Apart from all that, it is super durable and can handle almost any type of use. Whatever you use it for and for whatever reason – this screwdriver will handle well enough. And it still manages to be cheap – so that’s a huge plus. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Practical 9-in-1 design for extra versatility
  • Portable and easy-to-use design
  • Resilient and long-lasting build
  • Convenient internal storage for fast handling
  • Unique ProTouch handle for safety, comfort, and grip

3. DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit

Many people will say that a cordless machine screwdriver is not really a screwdriver. Well, that’s not true – it is actually better than any standard screwdriver model.

That’s why we couldn’t leave it out – especially when it comes from a brand like DeWalt that never lets users down.

The first thing you’ll notice about this quality cordless model is the ability to provide both variable speeds for screwing and reverse control so you can fasten up anything to your liking.

You can use it on almost any type of material, and it won’t cause any problem. And sure enough, it is pretty safe to use even if you’re using it with high-risk electrical equipment.

The handle is super safe & comfy as well. It allows versatile handling so you can grab it as a pistol or in-line depending on your needs.

It boasts an 8V battery that lasts up to 30 minutes working and still manages to charge in less than an hour.

Finally, it comes with a practical LED light so you can use it in dark areas without problems.

Pair everything this screwdriver offers, and it becomes an excellent option in its entirety. Professional or beginner electricians will totally love this model.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handy electrical & cordless design for ease of use
  • Safe and comfy design for effectiveness
  • Lasts several minutes working without problems
  • Boasts a practical LED light for dark operations
  • Comes with a complete screw-driving bit set

4. Sheffield 58952 Insulated Screwdriver Set

Now that we’re talking about quality brands, the Sheffield 58952 enters into play.

This is a set of two screwdrivers that is enough for professionals and beginners alike. The simplicity allows any user to enjoy quality results without having to make much of an effort or worry about anything.

You will get a slotted tip screwdriver, and a Philips one. Together, they will help you fasten any type of electrical equipment without wasting time.

They boast cushion-grip handles that are super comfy. But the real advantage comes from the torque you can achieve, as they’re firm but also anti-slip so you can use all your strength on every turn.

This is an ideal set to work with applications that include up to 1,000 volts of total electrical power. That means you will be safe with almost all small and medium operations.

And it all comes down to the CR-V blades – the chrome-vanadium steel that stands out so much in terms of electrical equipment. They will never let you get into danger even in the hardest of situations.

For their affordability, quality build, and ultra-safe design – you can be sure these are totally worth having.

Highlighted Features:

  • Well-made with chrome-vanadium steel for electrical safety
  • Support up to 1,000 volts of total electric power
  • Anti-slip cushion-grip handles allow safe & comfy handling
  • A convenient set of two screwdrivers for any operation
  • Super affordable despite its excellent quality

5. Wera Kraftform Plus 160i/6 Insulated Professional Screwdriver Set

Good-looking and super practical, the Wera Kraftform is a high-quality set of screwdrivers with an insulated handle.

You will get six different models in sizes and bits, including four Lasertip Slotted and two Phillips. They come with a rack that increases their practicality, so you can use them freely whenever you want. Each screwdriver comes with its own mark on top of the handle, so you can pick them fast.

The Lasertip design means that they stick firmly to every fastener or screw. That increases overall torque capacity and makes them easier to use.

The part that makes them ideal for electricians is the insulation that withstands up to 10,000 volts. You won’t have to worry about any type of electrical danger when using these screwdrivers.

But sure enough, the handle is not only insulated. It also comes with a few additional advantages such as the ergonomic Kraftform design for comfort & a multi-component build, which increases grip exponentially. And still, you won’t have to worry about your hand getting harmed while using.

In short, this set of screwdrivers stands out for its exceptionally practical design. From comfort when using to convenience when picking and even safe build – it is everything an electrician could ever need. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers 6 different screwdrivers in size & bit type
  • Excellent insulated handle prevents electrical dangers
  • Ergonomic design allows easy handling
  • Unique Lasertip bit design attaches effectively to screws
  • Handy top description for fast use & handling

6. RDEER 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set

For those electricians who want a complete set that leaves nothing behind – the RDEER 1000V Insulated Screwdriver Set will come like a gem.

The first thing you’ll notice, directly from its name, is the 1,000 volts of protection. And it is not a mistake – the screwdriver can keep you safe from any electrical issue possible.

But it is not only about the insulation it offers, but also about the quality of its build. You get tips made entirely of chrome-vanadium steel, one of the most durable & resilient in the market. This will give you at least one decade of use from these screwdrivers – and we’re being conservative.

There’s something else about the tips that increase their worth: they are hardened with manganese and phosphate. This improves how long they can last and how well they resist common weather issues.

When you go to the handle, you won’t be disappointed either. The no-slip grip increases the torque capacity as well as comfort.

Remember, this is a single screwdriver with several tips to adapt. And you’ll get Torx, Phillips, Slotted, and Pozidriv. That’s enough for an electrician to have a magnificent experience every time. And when you add the carrying case, then there’s no competitor to this fantastic set. 

Highlighted Features:

  • High-end chrome-vanadium steel tips for durability
  • Hardened bits will never rust or corrode
  • Comes with twelve different bits of four different types
  • Well-made handle with insulated & comfy design
  • Super practical carrying case

7. Klein Tools 85074 Screwdriver Set

Klein Tools is the favourite brand of many electricians, especially for the fact that they’re super well-made and cheap.

But if there’s something that makes this brand stand out is how practical their tools are. And this set of screwdrivers is not an exception.

This is a complete set for every type of application you can think of. It includes six screwdrivers in total, with three being Phillips and three being slotted heads. You will receive one tip on three different sizes as well, which improves how versatile this whole set is.

But of course, what makes it an ideal option is the Cushion-Grip handle that stands tons of electrical current. You won’t have to worry about any danger when using these drivers. That pairs up well with how comfortable it is, and how much torque you can exert when using. 

As for durability, they’re not bad either. You will get chrome-plated and heat-treated bits and shafts, making them anti-corrosion and twist-resistant. And with the precision-machined build process, they ensure perfect fitting on any type of fastener or screw.

If you want a set of screwdrivers that boasts every type you need as well as a safe and durable build, then this is the one to go for.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-practical set with 2 different tips in 3 sizes
  • Comfortable & torque-oriented Cushion-Grip handle
  • Well-made handle build for safe electrical use
  • Reliable & long-lasting chrome-plated bits & shafts
  • Precision-machined tips for grip on fasteners

8. Ideal 21-in-1 Twist-A-Nut Multi-Bit Screwdriver

Getting 21 different tools in a single screwdriver will make the tool amazingly convenient. And that’s exactly what you get with the Ideal Twist-A-Nut.

It offers the chance to get up to 14 bits for all different types of screws or fasteners. You will also get them in different sizes as well as a useful ratchet mechanism. And that’s precisely where its 21-tool capacity comes from.

But it is not only the considerable versatility it offers that makes it a fantastic option. It is the Wire-Nut connector that ensures you can reach difficult places without problems.

This pairs up well with the ratchet mechanism that allows extra torque. And sure enough, it comes with an ergonomic design, totally slip-resistant, that will ensure you can achieve even more torque when screwing.

The handle comes in Santoprene material. It is ideal for even more grip but also increases comfort & reduces dirtiness over time.

Another advantage is the heavy-duty chrome vanadium shaft. It delivers outstanding durability & strength, so it never corrodes or bends.

You could say this multi-bit screwdriver has it all – and it wouldn’t be a lie. It stands out for its durability, strength, ease of use, and super practicality. If that’s something you want – then it won’t let you down.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent ratchet mechanism for better torque
  • Up to twenty-one different uses in one screwdriver
  • Ultra-handy Wire-Nut connector
  • Grip-oriented and comfortable Santoprene handle
  • Resilient & long-lasting chrome-vanadium shaft

9. Klein Tools 33532-INS Electrical Insulated Screwdriver Set

Another high-quality option from Klein Tools – this time a truly electrical and insulated set that will make your electrical work a piece of cake.

It comes with two screwdrivers – a #2 Phillips tip and a 1/4-inches Flat-head tip. They’re both super useful and common in electrical work, so it will always be handy to have this set close.

But what truly makes it ideal for electricians is the 1,000-volt resistance. It comes with a high-dielectric inner coating that covers the steel, which ensures you never get electrocuted or burned. That matches well with the outer coating, totally flame & impact resistant.

The entire handle is molded-insulated. This two-layer build ensures you can also grab the screwdriver easily and comfortably. And with the Cushion-Grip handle, you can still achieve tons of torque when screwing down but without causing harm on your hands.

A final feature to consider is the characteristic mark on the back of the handle. It will let you know which screwdriver to grab from a rack or storage case. You will be saving some time and effort with it. 

When piecing up every feature this set offers, you’ll surely be getting an exceptional product that’s nothing short of amazing. As an electrician, it will surely come extra-handy to have both screwdrivers around.

Highlighted Features:

  • The ideal set of two screwdrivers for most operations
  • Super resistant two-layer build for extra safety
  • Comfortable & grip-oriented handle for better torque
  • Handy top markings for fast identification
  • High-quality chrome-vanadium build for durability

10. Klein Tools 10-in-1 Multi-Tool Screwdriver and Nut Driver

Working with electricity is not an easy job. And it gets even worse when you have to be constantly screwing things on and off with metallic tools.

Our final screwdriver for electricians is yet another Klein Tools model. And just like all others from this brand, it is not an option to overlook.

It comes with almost all the same features the rest of Klein Tools screwdrivers offer. You will get the Cushion-Grip handle, which allows extra comfort and helps to achieve excellent torque. It also boasts a chrome-vanadium build, which ensures extra durability and resilience.

But the thing that separates this one from the competitors is the wide array of bits you can use. Yes, they are totally interchangeable, making this screwdriver ultra-practical.

You will get two Phillips heads along with two slotted models, two Torx bits, and two more square-recess. Add up the two nut drivers, and you’ll get the most complete individual screwdriver on the whole list.

It is super simple still and manages to last a lifetime. If you don’t care about simplicity and want something that won’t let you down in terms of durability – then this is a terrific addition to your toolbox.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple yet practical design
  • Cushion-Grip handle for torque & comfort
  • A wide array of bit heads for extra convenience
  • Durable & well-made design and build
  • Extremely affordable despite its quality & features

Checklist for Buying an Electrician Screwdriver

Going head-on into picking just any screwdriver will not be the best thing you can do. Instead, you should learn what to go for if you really want to get the right one. Here we explain how you can do that by taking into consideration the proper factors. Read up:

1. Handle

When analyzing whether a screwdriver is worth having, you need first to check the handle. This is the part that will either make it ideal for an electrician or not.

Why? Well, the whole focus of having an electrician screwdriver is to prevent any electrical current from reaching or burning your hand. In case you’re working with something that produces several hundred volts or more, then you can be safe this way.

That’s why it is recommended to get insulated screwdrivers only. If you’re an electrician, this is the only way to ensure that you won’t be electrocuted or burned when using the tool.

Apart from that, consider how comfortable the handle is and how much torque you can achieve when fastening. You’ll need to look for an ergonomic shape that offers ideal comfort as well as something grip-oriented like rubber or plastic that won’t slip off your hand.

If you get the right handle in the first place, then you already have a decent screwdriver.

2. Build & Materials

The second thing that matters with screwdrivers is how durable they are. This is somewhat difficult to find out because most of these tools are often made with chrome-vanadium steel constructions. But you may also find chrome-plated ones. Both are resistant to corrosion and rust.

We also recommend heat-treated and coated builds. Those also stand a lot of use and can last several years without problems.

Another thing to go for is a precision-machined design. This is often on the part of the tip. It allows the user to enjoy an easier time fitting the bit into the head of a screw.

And finally, consider twist-resistant shafts and handles. This way, you can ensure that even if you exert a lot of torque into a screw to get it off, the screwdriver won’t break or bend.

3. Size

Next is the size. Here, you’ll find that they don’t have measures but pre-set sizes that almost every manufacturer follows.

For example, the smallest size is often #0. This is a super small design commonly used for places where a large screwdriver doesn’t fit. It is also the usual size for most electronics.

Then you’ll find #1. This is a slightly larger version. It is also known as the miniature screwdriver. Yet, it works well for most electricians working with small components.

Another size is #2. This is a more standard size. It fits the largest number of screws, so it is often the most used in the market. Most screwdriver sets come with at least one #2 screwdriver.

And for the largest ones, you’ll find #3 and #4. These two are thicker than the rest, so they’re only useful with large components, so only a limited array of electricians uses them. But they’re still pretty useful.

4. Extra Features

The last thing to consider is any extra function the tool may have. While they may look like simple tools, some screwdrivers can actually come with helpful features that add up to their practicality.

Here, you can find features such as storage spaces on the handle. You can often store nut setters, screws, and tips inside these storages.

Another super helpful feature is magnetism. It often comes with magnetic bits. But you can also find magnetic screwdrivers that you can set to normal or magnetic on demand.

And finally, you can consider electrical motors. These are the automatic screwdrivers that you won’t have to use manually. Instead, you just adjust the right screwdriver tip and turn on. It will screw things down without any torque from your part.

There are probably other features to consider – but you can still find them yourself. As long as you pick something helpful beyond only fastening screws, then that’s something to consider.

Types of Screwdrivers

Apart from choosing according to quality factors that make your screwdriver useful and reliable, you can also choose depending on their type. Here are the different kinds of screwdrivers you’ll find according to their bit or tip design:


Everyone knows what a Phillips screwdriver is. It is the most common type out there, and it all comes down from how easy it is to use.

What makes it so popular is the cross design on the tip. This helps the bit enter more easily into the head of the fastener while adding extra grip in the process. This way, the user can screw down the piece without making much of an effort.

This shape also prevents “cam-out,” which means the bit won’t get out of the screw easily. That adds up to its popularity, and it is often the most useful and effortless to use.

Most electric components nowadays use Phillips screws, so having one of these screwdrivers in your toolbox is almost essential as an electrician.

Slotted or Flat-Head

The second most popular type of screwdriver is the flat-head or slotted. This is one of the oldest types you will find, and it has been used for centuries.

It is so common to find because it is simple to make. The bit consists of a flat shape on the end of a circular shaft. This flat head enters into horizontal slots in the screws. It allows a straightforward use, as fitting the slotted head into a screw doesn’t take much of an effort.

The disadvantage of the flat-head is that it has more “cam-out” than Phillips. When trying to screw down fasteners with strength, it is easy to get off the line or head slot, which can make it hard to screw down completely. This also wears the screwdriver faster, which decreases its lifespan.

A slotted screwdriver is still pretty useful and essential for electricians nowadays. Many machines & electronics use them, so having one in your toolbox is necessary.


This is less common than Phillips and slotted screwdrivers. But it is gaining terrain nowadays, especially in the automotive and electronic markets.

What sets a Torx screwdriver apart is the star-shape head with six lobes. It is like a Phillips but six lobes instead of four. That makes it much more grip-oriented, which ensures that the screwdriver never gets off the fastener when screwing down. That prevents the “cam-out” effect from happening.

Apart from that, Torx is often more durable. It doesn’t wear down as fast as flat-head or even Phillips. And to make it even better, it allows superior torque when screwing down – so it is ideal for components that demand lots of strength.

Sadly, Torx is still gaining traction in the world, so it is not very popular. But as an electrician, having one around is always useful. If you’re looking to be prepared for any situation, then a Torx screwdriver is essential to have.


Finally, there’s the Pozidriv screwdriver. This is a combination between a Torx and a Phillips. Yes, it has the cross shape like the Phillips, as well as two additional smaller lobes like the Torx.

As you can guess, it is as secure as a Torx when screwing fasteners, and as practical & durable as the Phillips.

But of course, this is not the most popular type out there. It is mostly used in Europe, yet it is nothing compared to the flat-head or the Phillips in terms of popularity.

What makes them ideal is the resistance and durability it offers. Yet, it is the lack of “cam-out” effect that stands out the most. When compared to flat-head or even Phillips, this one has way less cam-out which ensures a safer & faster utilization.

If you are an electrician, you may still want to have one of these. Many electrical companies like to add this type of screws on their components, so only a Pozidriv screwdriver can screw them on or off. Don’t overlook it unless you’re sure it is entirely unnecessary.

Screwdrivers vs Impact Driver: What are the Differences?

DEWALT 20V Max Impact Driver Kit, 1/4-Inch (DCF885C1)
  • Compact (5.55-inch front to back), lightweight (2.8 lbs) design of DEWALT impact driver fits into tight areas
  • 3 LEDs with 20-second delay after trigger release of the cordless impact driver provide visibility without shadows
  • DEWALT 20V 1/4 impact driver features one-handed loading 1/4-inch hex chuck accepts 1-inch bit tips

When someone talks about a screwdriver, they’re talking about a tool that helps to fasten screws in or out of slots. It is useful for places and objects where delicacy is essential, but when it is also necessary to get something firmly attached or secured.

An impact driver, on the other hand, is a sturdier machine that helps to screw fasteners inside slots with more strength. It is often used for largest objects that need an even stronger attachment. But of course, it loses the delicacy and gentleness of a screwdriver.

As an electrician, you will almost always need a screwdriver at hand reach – either electrical or standard. Most objects and components you will work with will need a screwdriver to fasten in and out of stuff.

But an impact driver will only be useful for a specific type of job. In fact, you will only use one of these when pairing up building or remodeling with electrical work, so they’re mostly unnecessary.

So, you could say the main difference starts with the strength they offer. Even the strongest electrical screwdriver will be half as potent as an impact driver. But no impact driver can match the practicality a screwdriver provides when working with small stuff.


As you see, there are many different options you can go for when it comes to screwdrivers for electricians – so you shouldn't rush out and instead take your time choosing.

We know it can take a lot of time that way – but it will save you disappointment and annoyance in the long term.

But if you don’t want to spend all that time picking, then go for the IRWIN 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Screwdriver. It is the best electrician screwdriver if you’re on a budget and want superb quality still.

You can still go for other models such as the DEWALT 8V MAX Cordless Screwdriver Kit. It will provide the automation you need for most small and medium-sized operations.

As an electrician, though, all the screwdrivers in this article are worth considering. Choose the one that best matches your demand, and you’ll be happy.