Best Mobile Base For Table Saw: Reviews in 2022

We have all gone out and purchased a large table saw for its versatility, accurate cuts, and other outstanding qualities. What we usually don’t think about when making such a purchase is how to move that large saw around.

Dragging a heavy table saw across your workshop can create scratches on your floor or damage your machine. In addition, your back will surely feel the brunt of shoving a 600lbs tool around.

To easily move around your table saw and create more space in your workshop, you need a strong and reliable mobile base for your table saw.

If you’re already reading this, it means you have recognized the need for a mobile base and are considering getting one. Before selecting a befitting mobile base, you need to ensure the material, weight capacity, wheels, and other factors suit your specific workshop needs.

After considering all these factors, we have put together a list of top 10 mobile bases for different table saws. We recommend each of these tools for an excellent experience. When you have the best mobile base for table saw, wheeling your machine around and working at your convenience becomes a dream come true.

If you don't have time to read the whole article, check our top 3 choices below-

Top 10 Best Mobile Base For Table Saw

1. HTC2000 Adjustable Mobile Base

If you're looking for a strong mobile base that can help move your bulky table saw around, you needn't look any further than HTC's adjustable mobile base. This sleek base can carry weights of up to 500lbs without any problems.

It is a safe and easy solution for any woodworker. This mobile base comes with four heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility around the shop. This will increase your productivity, and make equipment management a lot easier.

With the HTC2000, you can say goodbye to the days that moving your table saw and other shop machinery around was a challenge. This adjustable mobile base has side rails with one-inch holes already drilled.

It will be the perfect fit for your table saw, jointer, sander, drill presses, and more. It features a locking foot lever design to let you lock your machine n place when you're satisfied with the position. 

Simply load your table saw, roll it to your desired location, and lock it in place by pressing on the heavy-duty leg lever. The industrial mobile base is made of industrial steel with a powder-coated finish for increased durability and longevity.

The HTC2000 is very easy to assemble and use. It is also very versatile and will expand to different sizes to fit different machinery and household equipment apart from your table saw. This is the ultimate quick and easy solution for moving your table saw and other equipment around.

Highlighted features

  • 500lbs carrying capacity.
  • Low profile will not increase table saw height.
  • Adjustable up to 34” x 34” and 20” x 52”.
  • Heavy-duty 3" rubber wheels.
  • Easy lever lock and unlock.

2. Shop Fox D2057A Small Adjustable Mobile Base

Your search for a stable mobile base will come to an end if you purchase the D2057A adjustable mobile base from Shop Fox. This size is highly adjustable and completely capable of handling even more weight than our first option.

If you have a big table saw of 700lbs, this is the mobile base for the job. The mobile base sits comfortably low so as not to increase machine height. Even with this advantage, you will enjoy exceptional maneuverability while working with this tool.

This mobile base is especially rigid. It is made from a thick-walled industrial steel material with gusseted supports. You are sure the durable rectangular steel tubing will not give way during your project. Every attachment point is securely fitted with two bolts.

This makes for easy setup and adjustability, saving you time and energy as you work. Depending on what you want or what the job requires, you can mount your outriggers in one of the two provided directions.

The D2057A adjustable mobile base is a strong and safe platform. It comes with two retractable foot pads for simple machine leveling. These pads can turn separately from the know for added convenience. The position of the outrigger provides for maximum stability. Basic modifications are available for purchase with this model.

Highlighted features

  • 700lbs carrying capacity.
  • Has eight configurations.
  • Minimum size is 19” x 20” – 1/2”
  • Maximum size is 29” – 1/2” x 29” – 1/2”
  • Constructed from rigid steel.
  • Two-piece retractable footpad.

3. Dewalt DW7350 Planer Stand With Mobile Base

Dewalt is a household name for workshop machinery and they have that reputation for a good reason. The company has been distributing premium quality materials for years and is trusted by millions of shop owners across the globe.

The DW7350 planer stand is an excellent example of such products. With a carrying capacity of 300lbs, this durable and heavy-duty planer with a mobile base will be a great help in your shop.

The sturdy planer with a mobile base is quite easy to assemble. Instructions are not so clear but the pictures will help a great deal, even if you're a novice. Although all parts of this machine come in bags, you can put it together in no time.

Every part of the planer and mobile base is perfectly aligned so you're sure to be off to a smooth start from installation. The DW7350 weighs about 57lbs and is quite heavy so you should consider getting help if you're not so strong. When it is on the floor, it rolls seamlessly on the mobile base wheels.

This is a dedicated machine designed specifically for use with table saws and planners. Because of its special design, it does a great job, arguably better than some universal mobile base products.

This table comes with a shelf that is useful for storage. Some customers complain that it gets in the way but this component is not compulsory for functionality.

If you have a small shop with several tools, you will need this planer table with a mobile base to help move your table saw and other equipment around the shop more easily.

Highlighted features

  • 300lbs carrying capacity.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Has an integrated mobile base.
  • Comes with planer bolts.
  • Sturdy wheels.
  • The unit comes with a shelf

4. Bora PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base

A crowded workshop makes any project harder because your tools and machinery are crowding your space and inhibiting movement. The PM-1100 mobile base will help eliminate this problem for you. All of your stationary machines can stay safely stored away until they are needed and you can have more room in your workshop.

This customizable universal mobile base will be a perfect fit for your moderately heavy table saw and other woodwork machines. The base has a carrying capacity of 400lbs and can be adjusted to your required size.

This mobile base easily converts from mobile to stationary. You can lock the wheels with the foot lever once you are satisfied with the positioning of your table saw. It has a very low profile that will not add more than 1” to the height of your table saw and other machinery.

It is extremely convenient to have this universal mobile saw in your stash. It can be used in workshops, woodshops, garages, and other areas in your household.

The frame of this mobile wheel base is made of steel while the wheels are constructed from hard plastic. You don't need complicated materials to complete the construction of your adjustable mobile base. A 3/4" or 1/2" plywood will for a sturdy platform.

This is suitable enough to carry your table saw and other heavy equipment around your shop. The PM-1100 is easy to set up and even more straightforward to use.

Highlighted features

  • 400lb carrying capacity.
  • 3” plastic wheels.
  • Very low profile.
  • Customizable kit.
  • Foot locking lever.
  • Can use 3/4” and 1/2” plywood

5. SawStop Industrial Saw Mobile Base With Conversion Kit

Woodworkers with serious equipment need an equally serious mobile base for easy movement around the shop. That is why we recommend this industrial mobile base from SawStop.

If you have an industrial saw, the options we have mentioned so far will not do justice for your shop. You need a mobile base 1000lbs carrying capacity or more. This industrial mobile base can carry that weight and still smoothly roll around your shop with ease.

It is very easily adjustable and the piston allows for simple height increase and reduction to fit your preferences. The mobile base is made of premium materials and will not be breaking down on you so easily.

Instructions for installation are quite straightforward. Even a beginner can set up this industrial mobile base within one hour. It comes with a complete converter system compatible with use on SawStep saws.

There is also a fresh set of bolts included in the package. This is very convenient and saves you the cost of having to purchase replacement bolts for maintenance and customization jobs.

The benefits of having your very own industrial mobile base to match an industrial table saw are numerous.

If you have a small shop and only engage in minimal woodwork, you might not need this industrial mobile base. However, it is very easy to use and move around, you don’t need to put any muscle or extra effort into the process.

Highlighted features

  • 1000lbs carrying capacity.
  • Foot pedal.
  • 360 degrees casters
  • Full ball bearing casters.
  • Comes with a converter system.

6. Powermatic JMB 708118 Universal Mobile Base

Flexibility in the workshop has a name and this one is called JET 708118 mobile base. Your immovable table saw and other shop equipment can now be moved around by a single person with the help of this universal table saw.

You can clean up your cluttered shop, rearrange it to your taste, or prepare a clear space for a project with this machine.

If your table saw is 600lbs and under, this mobile base can be fully adjusted to its size and your equipment will be moved with ease. It has 2 swivel casters and 2 fixed casters that let you adjust the base for portability and comfort.

The mobile base is lightweight but can bear machine weights of up to 600lbs. It is made from sturdy material that guarantees you will get maximum use from your mobile base without disappointments.

This is the easiest mobile base to assemble on this list. Absolutely zero tools are required for assembly. It operates on spring technology and all parts simply snap into place when arranged. The JET brand is more expensive than many options on the market, but the price is worth every cent.

Highlighted features

  • 600lbs carrying capacity.
  • Two swivels and two fixed casters.
  • Lightweight but strong base.
  • 18” x 18” wide.
  • Can expand to 24” x 24”.
  • No tools required for assembly.

7. Delta 50-354 Mobile Base

You can maximize shop space with this mobile base from Delta. The 50-345 mobile base is a safe and simple way to move your table saw around and keep it securely stashed away when not in use. This mobile base can hold up to 300lbs of your table saw or other equipment.

All you need to do is add wood railings to the frame and you’re good to go. Because the platform is customizable, it will fit whatever size of table saw you have, you just have to be mindful of the weight limit of 300lbs.

Some customers, especially first time buyers, have some difficulty with setup. This is not due to equipment insufficiency but the lack of adequate instructions. Delta can do well to add some detailed installation instructions with images and ordered steps.

All you need is some strong plywood to complete the construction of your small mobile base. If you want more stability, you can opt for a metal tubing platform instead of wood.

If you work from your garage or have a small shop, you don't have to carry everything around manually. This simple mobile base was designed just for people like you.

You don't need a heavy-duty industrial table saw mobile base since your equipment will be minimal. This is the perfect option to give you ample mobility and stability while you work. Delta provides fast shipping for this product and the cost is very pocket friendly.

Highlighted features

  • 300lbs carrying capacity.
  • Foot control lever.
  • Made from durable steel.

8. Bora PM-3500Industrial Rolling Mobile Base

Calling all heavy-duty woodworkers with industrial-sized projects! At 1500lbs carrying capacity, this is the biggest mobile base with the highest carrying capacity on this list and it should be yours. Everything you need for simple assembly is included in the package and Bora delivers very fast.

This mobile base is on the expensive side of the spectrum but that is expected of a well-constructed heavy-duty base. The heavy construction is made with longevity and stability in mind. This is probably the most durable mobile wheel base that you will purchase.

It will never crack under the weight or pressure of heavy machinery. For a heavy-duty tool, this mobile base doesn't weight much. It is only 41lbs heavy and can easily be maneuvered by a single operator.

If you have recently upgraded your table saw or other shop equipment to bigger and heavier machinery, you also need to get a bigger and sturdier mobile base. This PM-3500 industrial mobile base from Bora is the best option for you. It is nicely molded and welded to be the perfect fit for a variety of industrial table saws and other shop machines.

Each side of the caster's axle is supported by a sealed ball bearing for extreme mobility and durability. Your large tools will be rolling around smoothly with the help of this industrial mobile base.

Highlighted features

  • 1500lbs carrying capacity.
  • Extremely low profile.
  • Compatible with PM-3050 extension kit.
  • Can be adjusted from 20” x 23” to 28” x 33”.

9. Shop Fox D4666 Heavy Duty Mobile Base

If you have heavy-duty equipment or a really big table saw, this is another great heavy duty mobile base option. Unlike the above product from Bora that can carry 1500lbs, this D4666 mobile base from Shop Fox can carry 1200lbs but is cheaper. Going bigger and industrial doesn't mean you have to pay very expensive costs to get your table saw mobile.

This pocket-friendly mobile base has the capacity and is still rigid enough to conveniently move your large table saw and other heavyweight equipment around the shop with no problems.

This is a complete package loaded with performance and durability in mind. This mobile base is made from durable cast iron with matching cast iron wheels. The ball bearings are sealed in heavy-duty rubber casters. This build-up ensures that your mobile base will remain sturdy, perform optimally and last for a very long time, even with heavy use.

The D4666 mobile base has a very low profile. There are two fixed and two swivel casters mounted on the outriggers. This construction offers incredible stability even for large table saws and other heavy equipment.

This mobile base is completely adjustable as the steel bars can be moved to different dimensions depending on the space you require. The top lifting levers are made with an easy float spring technology making it very effective and simple to use.

Highlighted features

  • 1200lbs carrying capacity.
  • Steel and rubber casters.
  • 2 swivel and 2 fixed casters.
  • Adjustable feet lever.
  • Size can be adjusted from 19” x 21” to 29.5” x 29.5”.

10. Kastforce KF2005 Heavy Duty Universal Mobile Base

This is one of the easiest mobile bases to assemble. The KF2005 from Kastforce is a fully adjustable and customizable mobile base for table saws and other heavy equipment. This mobile base can carry up to 500lbs of weight without giving way.

The locking lever makes it easy to move around and lock in place while working. The mobile base will glide effortlessly on its hard plastic wheels.

Because this package comes with 30mm and 40mm bolts, you can choose a variety of platforms in different thicknesses. You can go for 1/2" plywood or 3/4" plywood. Note that the size and stability of your base will be dependent on the material you choose and its thickness.

Say goodbye to the bad days of having difficulty in moving your table saw while working on a project. The Kastforce KF2005 mobile base will be the solution to your difficulties. The overall design is simple but beautiful and this base delivers on usability.

The very low profile of this tool will ensure machine height is not increased over 1”. It is the perfect mobility tool for your garage, workshop, or other areas where heavy-duty materials are moved around often.

Highlighted features

  • 500lbs carrying capacity.
  • Foot lever with lock.
  • 3” hard plastic wheels.
  • Weighs 14.32lbs.
  • Comes with 30mm and 40mm bolts.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Mobile Base For Table Saw

To get the best mobile base for your needs, you will have to sift through market noise as you search. Apart from the cost of the item, there are many other factors to consider as you choose a mobile base. Keep reading to note the things to look out for when shopping for a good mobile base for your table saw.


The foremost job of a mobile base is carrying a heavy load. The need for this piece of equipment to bear a lot of weight eliminates any room for weak materials. A good mobile base will be made from only the strongest and sturdiest of materials.

Some table saws weigh over 1000lbs. a cheaply constructed mobile base will crack under this weight and you would have wasted money buying a product you could never use.

Aluminum is a good material but not ideal for mobile bases. It is not as robust as the best materials for building a mobile base for the table saw. Go for products made from steel, Ispat, or iron.

If a brand doesn't specify the materials used in constructing its mobile base, we advise against purchasing such a product. You have to be confident in a product before making a purchase and any honest manufacturer using standard materials should disclose their material list to you.


In the world of table saws and mobile bases, not one size fits all. Not every mobile base is built equal. Some can carry 300lbs while others can bear up to 700lbs. Some heavy-duty mobile bases built for the toughest action can carry 1000lbs to 1500lbs.

Since you’re purchasing a mobile base for your table saw, you should match your choice to the carrying capacity that can accommodate the weight of your specific saw.

A heavy-duty mobile base will carry any kind of weight, but these options are usually expensive and only the most serious woodworkers invest in them. This industrial-style mobile base might also be too bulky for smaller jobs and everyday use.

If you have a small woodshop in your garage, a lower capacity mobile base will be perfect for you and also more cost-effective.


Every mobile base for a table saw comes with wheels. This is necessary to move equipment around easily. When you place your table saw, or other heavy equipment on the mobile base, the weight puts pressure on the wheels.

If the wheels of your mobile base are not designed to be strong and durable, you will have a hard time moving your heavy-duty equipment around and even risk the chance of damaging your precious table saw in an accident.

Table saw mobile bases have different types of wheels. The most popular and sought after material for this is hard plastic.

Go for hard plastic if you don’t want problems with your mobile base wheels. You should also look out for products with an excellent ball bearing system. With the right wheels, you will enjoy easy effortless gliding around your shop.


There are many options for table saw mobile bases in the market but not all of them can multitask. If you are a handy person, versatile equipment will be your friend and that includes a super versatile mobile base. Look out for a mobile base that can carry different types of machines and equipment so you can get the best use out of your product.

Your mobile base isn't doing you much good if it is sitting on a shelf for most of its life. Apart from table saws, there are many other heavy workshop equipment that needs moving around and you don't want to buy multiple types of equipment for a solution if you don't have to.

Instead of buying different mobile bases for different purposes, lookout for multipurpose options that will give you more value for your money.

Lock system

Apart from moving your heavy equipment around, a mobile base is also used to support your heavy equipment in one position. When you’re not carrying your table saw from one side of your shop to the other, you will be keeping it stable in one position as you work.

If you choose a mobile base with no lock system, it will be virtually impossible to keep your table saw steady.

This is very bad as it can result in a botchy saw job due to instability. By all means, get a mobile base with a lock system to help your position and keep your table saw in one spot so you can finish a good job.

How To use Your Mobile Base For Table Saw

A mobile base for the table saw is a useful tool to have in your workshop. Whether you're a beginner woodworker or have been in the game for years, you can use a mobile base with your table saw.

Placing the saw in the mobile base

  • For the best safety measures, you need at least four people to securely lift the table saw and place it into the mobile base. Each person should man one edge of the machine. If your table saw has an extension, tow people should man the edge of the extension to place it properly.
  • If a fifth person can help, they will help slide the mobile base under the table saw as it is raised by the four others.
  • Ensure the foot pedal of the mobile base is facing forward. Also, make sure the table source is centered to fit right into the mobile base.
  • A good mobile base is already designed to accommodate table saws with and without an extension. You don’t have to have your extension sticking out when mounting.

Using the mobile base

  • To move your mobile base with the table saw attached, you have to raise the machine off the floor. Step on the lever repeatedly to steadily raise your table saw off the ground to a good clearance level. Do not raise the table saw more than is required. Do not step on the lever again after the desired height is achieved.
  • Once the table saw is on the wheels of the mobile base, roll it to any location of your choice.
  • Step on the release lever and lower the table saw back to ground level. Lock the mobile saw to the ground so it stays put.

Adjusting your mobile base

A good mobile base for a table saw comes with a release lever for adjustments. Adjusting this lever will control how smoothly the table saw moves when adjusted. If your lever moves too fast, too slow or doesn't move at all, adjust it buy undergoing the following steps.

  • Use a hex key or screwdriver to loosen the bolts securing the lever. Don't take the screws off. Once they are loosened the lever can be moved in different free-flowing directions. To increase descent speed, rotate the lever clockwise. To reduce speed, rotate the lever anti-clockwise.
  • Once you have adequately rotated the lever to your desired settings, tighten the bolts, and test the new configuration. If you have perfectly adjusted the lever, you don't need to take any more steps. However, you can repeat all the steps to this point until you reach perfection.

If you have maxed out the adjustment limit for your lever but it still moves to fast or too slowly, you can continue advanced adjustments with the following steps.

  • Loosen the lever screws and remove them.
  • Slide the lever off its ledge or mount.
  • This will expose the lever release plate. Adjust this plate clockwise or anti-clockwise as desired.
  • Replace the lever and screw it tightly to secure it in place. Test the adjustments and repeat the steps if you haven't achieved perfect adjustment.


A mobile base might appear to be simple looking and straightforward but this small piece of shop equipment is mighty. It will be a mistake to walk into any store and purchase just any mobile base you come across. Because of its many uses and versatility, a mobile base is a critical piece to any workshop and should be selected with care.

We have researched and successfully filtered through the market noise to bring you the top mobile base for the table saw in 2020. From our list above, you will surely get a befitting product for your garage, or woodwork shop.

It doesn't matter if you use industrial equipment or simple woodworking machinery, there is a mobile base here to suit your specific requirements. Help out your fellow woodworking friend by sharing this useful information to make their life easier.

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