Best Pipe Clamps: Reviews in 2022 (Recommended!)

Pipe clamps bring ease to your work. Just like any other clamps, it keeps your workpieces together and allows you to screw or glue them. It makes your life easy. Moreover, it has an advantage over other clamps. The length between the jaws is adjustable to any length. You can change the pipe or rod when needed. 

Different types of pipe clamps can fulfill your various needs. Yes, these are similar to bar clamps but at a much lower price. 

The best pipe clamps are strong enough to withstand pressure for long term use. These are most appropriate for edge clamping wood, plastic, or metal objects. With more stability than any other clamps, you can simply leave your job pieces on its hand. 

Need a short list? Check our top 3 choices below-

Top 10 Best Pipe Clamps Reviews

There are lots of options to choose from, and they are almost similar to each other. To make your decision making easier, we went and picked 10 of the best ones in the market. In this article, we reviewed them for you.

1. Bessey BPC-H34 3/4-Inch H Style Pipe Clamp

The first in our list is the metal clamp from Bessey. It has got an H-shaped foot assembly that proved to be good at stabilization. This H-shaped base is high and the clamp’s jaw is made out of cast iron. 

On the jaws, you’ll see two soft pads attached to them. The clutch used in it is zinc plated, and the spindle is coated with black oxide. We appreciated the crank handle with enough clearance from the work surface.

Now, what are the benefits? First of all, the H-shaped base balances your workpieces’ weight, and the height gives you enough clearance from the work surface. If you want to paint something, this clearance comes in handy as you can reach the entire surface.

The cast-iron jaw gives it durability, and the soft jaw pads attached to it prevents any damage to your job piece. Zinc plated clutch is free from corrosion, and the black oxide helps the threaded spindle to keep intact. The crank handle is another good addition.

Highlighted Features:

  • The H-shaped base for good stabilization
  • Good clearance from the work surface
  • The crank handle has clearance for easy opening and closing
  • Soft jaw pads to prevent damage to materials
  • Durable cast iron jaw

2. PONY 50 Pipe Clamp, Fixture for 3/4-Inch Black Pipe

This pipe clamp is made for black pipes measured ¾ inch in diameter of any length. PONY 50 pipe clamps have been used by woodworkers, piping system workers for some time now. And it performs well with a compact size.

It’s made of ductile or malleable iron with an orange or red plastic coating on the surface. The crank handle is strong. We recommend it for use in metalworking, woodworking, and frame assembly. This Pony clamp features the Multiple-disk-clutch design that prevents slipping, pipe crushing.

The smoothly cut out acme threads are sturdy and don’t break down easily. You’ll find that the steel is hardened, so the sliding head prevents wearing the screw.

It comes in a pack of 4 and one coil spring that prevents the tail-stop from sliding off. No other tools are required to do the clamping. The clearance from the working surface should’ve been a bit more.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for ¾ inch black pipes
  • Good for the metalworking, woodworking, frame assembly
  • Acme thread cutting is durable
  • Multiple-disk-clutch protects the pipe
  • Hardened steel prevents wearing
  • Comes with a coil spring

3. Sumner Manufacturing 781170 Ultra Clamp, 5” to 12”, Steel/Stainless Steel

This product is a bit different than the clamps you’ve seen until now. Sumner Manufacturing from Houston, Texas, made this clamp that works differently as it doesn’t have slots for pipes. It’s a standalone clamp that works with objects with a thickness of 5 inches to 12 inches.

It’s black and made of good quality stainless steel. With a weight of 17 lbs. you can guess how sturdy this is. The crank repositions itself when you want to do any close work.

You can use it to clamp pipes to the pipe stand during any frame assembly; the rugged frame isn’t going to give up on you any time soon. The clamping action is smooth that allows positive gripping. For any quick fit-up work, this can be your first choice.

One great thing about this clamp is that it can cover different pipe sizes that otherwise wouldn’t be possible by another single clamp. The body is a double-wall build with a steel plate which will last a long time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Rugged frame
  • Positive gripping due to smooth roller clamping action
  • Strong build with a double-wall design
  • Operating handle adjusts itself to allow close work
  • Good for quick fit-up work

4. Yaetek (4 Pack) 3/4” Wood Gluing Heavy Duty Woodworking Cast Iron Clamps

At number 4, we have the Yaetek cast iron pipe clamps. It’s a conventional pipe clamp that is suited to jobs like metalworking, woodworking, and assembly work. The price is a bit higher than its competitors, but it comes in a pack of 4, which works out well.

These are some heavy-duty clamps. Pipes of any length with a diameter of ¾ inch can fit in the pipe hole. There’s no limit to the length as long as you can provide. The material is malleable steel or cast iron, and the red enamel finish gives it a good look. You’ve got carbon steel in the screws, which are chrome plated.

The malleable steel is a good one because it doesn’t negatively affect the pipe, and the carbon steel screw is resistant to wear, and it can take the pressure. You’ll appreciate the spring lever action that can lock the jaw at any point you want.

In the package, you’ll get 4 of them, which make good value per dollar ratio. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t leave any marks on your pipes. For this price, there are not many better choices out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Usable with standard ¾ inch diameter black pipes
  • The crank handle is ergonomic to remove any discomfort
  • Cast iron construction which is good for handling pressure situations
  • Affordable price point
  • The screw is made of carbon; highly wear-resistant

5. IRWIN QUICK-GRIP Pipe Clamp, 3/4-Inch (224134)

We loved reviewing this pipe clamp from IRWIN. It has all the necessary features with customer’s satisfaction backing its performance. User experience improves when the ergonomics goes well for handling, and this one has a pretty nifty handle. We didn’t experience any discomfort or fatigue.

For better stability, it’s equipped with a large and wide stand. It won’t tip over easily. And the clamping point is high enough to allow a good amount of clearance from the working surface. Time to time, this helps when you want to paint the entire surface.

One thing every good clamp should have is the clutch system; it eradicates the need to have threaded pipes for easy installing and replacing. The limit of pipe diameter is the usual ¾ inch, and the throat depth is 1-7/8 inch.

The clamp is made from cast iron, which is malleable steel, and it works well with pipes. Your pipes won’t get damaged when in use. We found the clamp mechanism to be smooth, and the price is in the affordable range.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large clutch plates on both parts
  • Clutch system means no need for thread pipes
  • No discomfort in frequent uses — thanks to the ergonomic handle
  • Usable with black pipes of ¾ inch diameter
  • Large stand and good clearance from the working surface

6. Yost Tools YPCY34 3/4” Pipe Clamp

We recommend this Yost pipe clamp, to anyone looking for normal and regular use. It’s not the best, but this pipe clamp got everything you need for the metalworking, woodworking, or frame fixtures. It’s got the clutch system that removes the need of having threaded pipes. We all prefer less hassle.

In terms of construction, it’s made of cast iron. It’s durable and dependable; we can vouch for it. The malleable steel is good for using in pressure situations as this doesn’t damage the pipes installed in it.

The clamping jaws are 2-1/2 inch high from the working surface that should get you enough clearance for flexibility. You can mount it on any ¾ inch black pipe, and then you’ve got the acme screw design that’s known for enabling a smooth operation.

It’s very lightweight but doesn’t think that it isn’t stable on the surface. The built-in clamp stand is enough for that purpose, and the long 2 -1/8 inch screw helps too. And the blue-black enamel finish will resist corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  • Malleable cast iron keeps your workpieces safe
  • Usable with standard ¾ inch diameter black pipes
  • Long screw
  • Good clearance from the work surface
  • Wide clamping stand
  • Acme screw design provides smooth operation

7. Pony Tools 52 6 Pack 1/2in. Adjustable Clamp Fixture for Black Pipe

Another Pony Tools product at number 7 and it’s a 52 model. With almost the same design and price range, this comes in a pack of 6. So per clamp, you’re not spending much compared to clamps of similar quality. It’s a clamp for any ½ inch black pipe, so it’s a bit smaller in diameter than most in this list.

In terms of usefulness, it’s the same with this model 52. You can use this in metalworking, woodworking, and other jobs. DIY projects and industrial operations both use these clamps.

You can mount it on any black pipe of ½ inch diameter with both ends threaded. The clutch helps even if there’s no thread on the pipe. One pair of Pony Tool pipe clamps is enough to hold the usual sizes of wood and metal; the length depends on the length of the pipe you provide.

The material is the same as model 50, which is cast iron. Cast iron’s malleability is good for holding pipes for a long time as it’s soft on the pipe surface. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Made for ½ inch black pipes
  • Suitable for woodworking, metalworking, frame assembly jobs
  • Acme screw design is durable
  • Multiple-disk-clutch prevents damage to the pipe
  • Hardened steel resists wearing
  • Comes with a coil spring

8. Strong Hand, Pipe Pliers with Large V-Pads, 11-Inch - PG114V

This is another unique product we were excited about. Strong Hand Tools’ pipe clamps are made with the design of pliers. Meaning it uses a spring system to open and close the jaw. No screw is there, and that makes clamping much quicker. 

If you’re thinking about the durability, then we can tell you that it’s quite durable due to the stainless steel construction, and the joints are quite sturdy. The crank handle is quite ergonomic, and it handles pressure well.

You’ll find two large V-pads as clamping surfaces, and they perform better than simple flat jaw pads. With the V-pads, these clamps can grab on to two different surfaces simultaneously, such as a round surface on one side and the other side, a flat surface.

The pipe pliers/clamps can hold on to pipes with a diameter of 2-1/2 inches with its wide jaws. You’ll find the springs to be quite strong. We found the top spindle to be useful for angled clamping.

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique plier design
  • The wide jaw can hold a pipe diameter of 2-1/2 inches
  • Ergonomic crank handle
  • Quick closing and opening allows quick clamping
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Angled clamping is easy to do
  • Large V-pads for stable clamping

9. FLK Tech 4 Pack 3/4” Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp Set Heavy Duty

FLK Tech’s product is the same as the usual and of high quality. This pipe clamp is made for the black pipes of ¾ inch diameter. It’s quite trustworthy in terms of durability and longevity. The design isn’t new, it’s the old but old is gold!

The construction material is cast iron, and its malleability works very well in pressure handling situations such as clamping. It doesn’t put a strain on the pipes or the objects it holds. This is especially good for jobs where you have to clamp in hours-long sessions.

It’s equipped with a lead screw, and as we know, lead is highly corrosion-resistant material. So the thread is quite safe from getting damaged in damp conditions, and it’s easy to clean too.

With a clutch system, this clamp makes sure that the pipe doesn’t feel shaky. This package includes 4 of them so the price comes down to under $7 or even less. You won’t find any better pipe clamp at this affordable range. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Cast iron construction is soft on the pipes
  • Works with ¾ inch diameter black pipes
  • The lead screw doesn’t corrode easily
  • Price is in a highly affordable range
  • Spring lever provides quick release and clamping at any point

10.  Wood Gluing Heavy Duty Woodworking Cast Iron Clamps by YaeKoo

As the last product on our list, we have the pipe clamps by YaeKoo. It’s a branch of the American company YaeMart. This pipe clamp can be used with black pipes of ½ inch diameter.

It has a spring lever system that enables quick clamping, and you can lock the jaw at any point you want. This makes life much easier as in metalworking, woodworking, and frame assembly, you have to change positions frequently.

The build material is cast iron, which is malleable. It goes softly on the pipe surface so your pipe will be free from damage in normal situations. You’ll have to keep the clamp dry enough so that the red enamel skin doesn’t deteriorate and come off.

We appreciated the idea of putting carbon steel screw in it as carbon steel is highly resistant to wear due to corrosion. And the protection is enhanced through chrome plating. At its price, it doesn’t have that many competitors of its quality.

Highlighted Features:

  • Malleable cast iron steel
  • The crank handle is very ergonomic
  • Spring level provides quick clamping
  • It’s made for ½ inch black pipes
  • The screw is chrome-plated and made of carbon steel

What Consider While Buying a Pipe Clamp?

Pipe clamps are one of the most important tools for woodworkers, metalworkers, and people who do piping systems in houses. To make the work process smooth, a pipe clamp needs to have some basic features at the very least. Take a look at the points below.

Maximum Load

Your pipe clamp can only work within the load limit. If you don’t know the load requirements of your job, such as the weight of your job pieces or pipes, then how will you choose the right pipe clamp? Miscalculating or not considering load factors can make your life hard.

Pipe Clamp Material

The material used in the construction of the pipe clamp is important as this determines its durability and dependability. Cast iron and Stainless steel are two of the safest options you can bet on when it comes to clamps. These don’t easily break down or corrode. Cast iron, especially, is good for the safety of the pipes as it goes softly on them.

Spring Lever

Having Spring Lever on the handle or crank is a lifesaver. Spring lever allows you to have control over where you want to clamp and how much pressure you want to exert on the job surface. It’s also quick in opening and closing the jaws, so changing clamping positions is much quicker.


This factor is important in any of the tools you might use in your life. Ergonomics saves you from discomfort from long hours of usage. It feels good in your hand, and that comfort goes a long way when you have to handle it frequently. 

Surface Clearance

In woodworking or metalworking, this feature is important. The more surface clearance you have, the more you can be flexible while working. With enough surface clearance, you can reach the whole surface in one go which helps especially during painting.


This is included in many clamps nowadays. Dampeners are soft pads on the jaws that receive shock and vibration from the working surface and reduce noise. This comes handy when you have to work in a busy area.

Dampener helps to control the vibrations created from using tools and stabilizes the job pieces when you use tools on the job piece.

Clutch Based System

Multiple disk-based clutch systems are a new addition to the technique of pipe clamps. This system removes the idea of having a thread cut on pipes to secure them in place. Clutches take care of that by creating pressure based on the spring system.

The Outside Temperature

The temperature outside is vital as it affects the material. Damp weather is bad for metals such as cast iron, and if the protective plastic enamel layer comes off, then the metal will corrode. The plastic enamel layer can come off due to high temperatures.

Extremely high or low temperatures will shrink or expand the pipe slots, which will make working with it quite tough.

How Does a Pipe Clamp Work?

A pipe clamp is a simple piece of tool used in many places. The working principle of it is simple. In most cases, pipe clamps work by fixing around a pipe or any object. 

Depending on the variety, pipe clamps can either stay suspended from a rail system or stand on a surface. Due to the variety of pipe clamps, there are different working principles in action. Below are some of them,

Standard Pipe Clamps

The working principle of these pipe clamps is like this: secure the two screws in place with one on each side of the clamp. You’ll find the latest designs that come with a single screw system for quicker installation

Moreover, the washers are attached to the newer designs. And the length of the pipe clamp will be the length of the pipe you provide.

Plier Pipe Clamps

A Plier Pipe clamp utilizes the same design of a simple plier. You’ll need to just press on the crank lever to open the jaw and place it on the job piece you want and release the lever. These pipe clamps don’t have dedicated slots for pipes to be used.

U-Bolt Pipe Clamps

In the case of U-bolt clamps, the only thing to do is insert the pipe or any other job piece and tighten the screw. There can be one or two screws depending on the design. U-bolt clamps look like locks when closed.

Saddle Pipe Clamps

These pipe clamps work by wrapping over the top half of the pipe, and the other half of the pipe sits on a flat surface. This is much like the standard pipe clamps.


The clamps mentioned above in the review list are all fine in their respective uses. Choose the best pipe clamp that suits your work.

We liked the design and performances of three clamps that we’d like to mention, Bessey BPC-H34 3/4-Inch H Style Pipe Clamp, Strong Hand Pipe Pliers with Large V-Pads, and Woodworking Cast Iron Clamps by YaeKoo.

And a bit of reminder to you before you leave us: the pipe clamps made of stainless steel don’t need much maintenance, but the ones made of cast iron will corrode if not taken care of and will damage your job pieces.

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