Best Pipe Clamps: Review and Buying Guide for 2021

The pipe clamp is a must-have thing for every metalworking, woodworking, and piping project. It’s a tool that every cabinet shop owner should have in his/her tool kit. Pipe clamps are small, but they make every project easy and organized.

For instance, if you want to join different boards to form a wider surface, you’ll need this tool to apply pressure that’ll hold them together.

Pipe clamps also help you glue the edges of a cabinet together and assemble all the sides of a box. Whenever you need to keep materials in a steady position before sawing, cutting, gluing, drilling, or polishing, this tool will make it possible.

So, if you don't have it yet, it's time to get it. However, choosing the best one is not so easy. Many brands have pipe clamps in the market, and all may look the same, but they're not equal in performance.

But don’t worry, we have all the information you need to buy the best pipe clamp.

Need a quick choice? Check our top 3 recommendations!

Top 9 Best Pipe Clamps for the Money

1. Bessey BPC-H34 3/4 –Inch H Style Pipe Clamp

If you're looking for a stable pipe clamp that won’t damage your projects, this product is right for you. The H-shaped foot is amazing for keeping the clamp steady and firm on the work surface.  According to the manufacturer, this feature provides “dual-axis stability” for the user. So, you can use it with confidence.

Another high point is the jaw caps of the clamp. The caps are very soft to prevent damages to the materials you're using them on. So, no matter the pressure, your project will come out fine. With the pipe clamp's long legs, you can tighten the screws quickly since your project won’t be resting on the work surface.

You’ll also love the large crank handle because it enables you to apply enough pressure to clamp your objects. The clamping surface is also worth mentioning because it allows the pipe clamp to grip your project firmly. With the high base, you can have adequate room to complete your projects on the available work surface.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 jaw caps to prevent marring
  • The H-style extra-high base ensures stability
  • Crank handle and cast jaws offer durability
  • 3/4 –inch size for multiple applications
  • The elevated base provides a wider work surface

2. Pony 50 Pipe Clamp, Fixture for 3/4 –Inch Black Pipe

Here is one pipe clamp that lasts very long. It is very popular from a renowned brand and serves for many projects. If you're aiming to use it for frame assembly, woodworking, or metalworking, it will serve you very well. The Pony pipe clamp is versatile and also efficient and study. So, you don't have anything to worry about while using it.

One important thing is that a set of these clamps can accommodate any length of pipe you want to attach to it. Even the manufacturers recommend that you use heavy-duty pipe for this clamp because it can hold it. As for assembly, you don't need any tools at all, and you can even use different pipe lengths for different projects with that one set you bought.

Another thing we love is the design of the Pony pipe clamp. It comes with a multiple-disc-clutch that prevents slipping or pipe crushing. You can hold the pipes easily and release the clamps easily with the extended clutch discs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Offers 1-3/4 square clamping faces
  • Accommodates multiple pipe lengths
  •  It comes with a multiple-disc-clutch for a secure hold.
  • Secure hold and quick release with extended clutch discs
  • Grips projects without slipping or loosening

3. Summer-781170 Pipe Clamp, Ultra Clamp

This is one pipe clamp that you can trust from a respectable brand. Their clamping tools are second to none in quality, and this particular clamp is a good example. This pipe clamp is very tough in handling different projects. All the features you need for optimal performance is here.

You can choose the size you want as Summer offers them in 5-25” 2-6” and 1-2-1/2”. So, it’s left for you to pick the appropriate one for your project.

When you look at the pipe clamp, you’ll find many adjustment points. These points equip you with the options to handle many project dimensions. Any point you choose will be a perfect fit for whatever project you’re working on with the pipe clamp. Also, no matter the pressure you apply, this clamp is sturdy to withstand them all.

We also love the working mechanism of this pipe clamp. It tightens smoothly and also holds your projects tightly. With the operating handle and the adjusting screws, you can be sure of an optimal clamping experience. Also, Summer designed this pipe clamp to fit into any workspace. So, if you don’t have much space, you can still use this particular tool efficiently.

Highlighted features:

  • Sleek design to fit all workspaces
  • It comes with adjustment screws.
  • Durable and versatile for multiple projects
  • Efficient clamping mechanism for quick grip
  • Stainless steel contact and secure operating handle


If you’re searching for an innovative pipe clamp entirely different from others, here’s your perfect choice. While other pipe clamps come with the threaded pipe, but this particular one is very different. It comes with a unique clutch system that eliminates the need for threaded pipes.

Another aspect we love is the design of this IRWIN clamp. It has large feet that keep your projects stable in the workspace. Also, the space between the work surface and handle of the clamp makes it suitable for many kinds of projects.

If you're someone who works with pipe clamps for many hours a day, you'll love this brand. The handle is good for you because it's comfortable, and you can hold it without fatigue. Also, it comes with a large clutch that ensures quick release, and the mechanism is easy and smooth while in operation.

So, no matter the type of project you’re working on, this particular brand will be suitable for you. It is versatile, efficient, and comfortable.

Highlighted features:

  • It comes with a clutch system instead of a threaded end.
  • Handles 1/3 inches pipe for different projects
  • The handle ensures an easy clamping experience.
  • Features large feet for stability
  • Provides a clearer space between the worktop and handle

5. Yaetek Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp Set

 Are you searching for the best woodworking pipe clamp that’ll not disappoint you? This particular one is great for you? It will hold your wooden boxes and cabinets steady and firmly for your gluing process. If you’re also aiming to use it during wood drilling, you’re free because it ensures a strong and firm hold on different projects.

This pipe clamp can accommodate multiple pipe lengths for different projects. All you need to do is slide your pipe through the clamp and enjoy the ¾ inches capacity. It comes with four plate clutches that ensures quick release and adequate pressure.

So, no matter the pressure you need to apply to your present project, this clamp is sturdy to accommodate it. It is made with cast iron to ensure durability and strength.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with four plate clutches.
  • Made with cast iron for durability
  • Accommodate multiple pipe length
  • The overall size is ¾ inches.
  • Suitable for heavy-duty woodworking projects

6. Yost Tools Pipe Clamp ½ inch cast Iron

Here is an affordable yet effective pipe clamp for your woodworking projects. It has the features you need to keep your projects steady and firm while applying pressure. The brand is known to manufacture clamping tools that meet the requirements of woodworking projects. So, no matter the project you have, this small buddy here will help you achieve them.

One thing we love is that Yost is not limiting you to a particular pipe length with this clamp. You can use any length you need for your projects. Moreover, you can utilize any level of pressure you need because the tool is designed to provide adequate power for different assembling works.  

Yost pipe clamps come with screws measuring 2-1/8" and jaws that are up to 1-1/2". With these features, you can firmly grip your projects and utilize the clamping mechanism that makes it a great tool.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with a 2-1/8-inch screw
  • 1-1/2-inch jaws ensure a firm grip on projects
  • Features a multi-disc clutch
  • Versatile for multiple projects
  • Produces adequate pressure for multiple projects

7. Pony Tools Adjustable Clamp Fixture

If you’re searching for a pipe clamp that can handle your DIY projects and industrial-grade projects, here is the one. This pipe clamp is so versatile that anyone can use it, including amateur and professional woodworkers or metalworkers. The truth is that you can use it to complete every size and level of the project, even frame assembly.

This Pony clamp can also accommodate different length bar clamps and heavy-duty pipe. So, if you want to make bar clamps, you use these fixtures on any length of pipe you want. When it comes to assembly, anyone can do it because you don’t need special tools for it. Once you screw its head assembly on the pipe threads, you’re set to go.

We also love that you can interchange the pipe lengths to suit different projects. You're not limited to what you can grip with this clamp, and therefore, it's a handy tool to own in your workshop. 

Highlighted features:

  • It's versatile for both DIY and Professional-grade projects.
  • Assembly doesn't require special tools.
  • It comes with a coil-spring stop to keep the tail-stop in place always.
  • It accommodates different pipe lengths.
  • Suitable for woodworking, metalworking, and frame assembly

8. Yaekoo ½ inches Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp for Heavy Duty Woodworking

This is another best pipe clam that needs to be in your tool kit if you’re a serious woodworker. The design is efficient, and it outperforms many brands in the market. You’ll love the handle because we also did. With the T-handle design, you can easily apply adequate pressure on your projects without discomfort.

The material of the pipe clamp is commendable. It is made with malleable steel and chrome-plated for durability. We also love the red enamel finishing that improved its aesthetic appeal. But the most important is the spring lever mechanism that ensures a fast jaw lock and quick release.

So, for all your wood gluing projects, you only need this Yaekoo ½ inch pipe clamp.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for woodworking
  • Features a T-handle design
  • Chrome-plated for longevity
  • Spring lever control for fast jaw lock and quick release

9. FLK Tech ¾ Inch Wood Gluing Pipe Clamp

This is ¾ inch pipe clamp that serves multiple purposes. It makes your wood project easy and efficient. FLK pipe clamp provides adequate pressure to ensure that you achieve great results after every gluing process. You can use it to make any length of pipe clamp you need for your projects.

This clamp lasts very long as well. It is made with cast iron to ensure that it stays in your workshop for years. It also features a spring lever control that locks the jaws at every location on your project.

The handle is also designed to be efficient and comfortable for users, especially during drilling. So, if you often work on cabinets, wooden boxes, or other woodworking projects, use this set of pipe clamps from FLK Tech.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with cast iron material
  • Suitable for ¾ inch pipes
  • Comes with spring lever control mechanism for quick jaw lock
  • Features a heavy-duty lead screw
  • Suitable for all woodworking projects

Factors to Care About While Buying Best Pipe Clamps?

There’re many brands offering pipe clamps in the market. If you’re not careful, you may think that they’re all high performers. So, to avoid choosing the wrong pipe clamp, always check the following things:

  • Type of Clamp

There’re different types of clamps in the market. So, before choosing a particular one, first, determine if it's the best type for your project. If you're using the clamp for metalwork, you shouldn't pick a clamp for plumbing installation and vice versa.

There're clamps that hold materials better than applying pressure during a gluing process. Also, if you’re going to repair a gas pipe that is laid out vertically, you must use a pipe clamp that is designed like that as well. So, always choose your clamp based on suitability to your projects.

  • Size of the pipe clamp

Before picking any pipe clamp, check the outside diameter to know if it can serve the purpose you have in mind. Clamps are normally measured by their diameter. So if the object you need to clamp s very wide, you need to find the clamp that can hold it together. Don’t pick any size you see and regret later when it doesn’t hold anything together.  

  • Clamp material

When picking a pipe clamp, go for a durable material. If you’re always going to use the pipe clamp for underground plumbing pipes, you can’t use an inferior clamp. You’ll need to get a brand that can last very long and also withstand pressure without breaking down.

Another tip to choosing the material is to check the environment where you’re using the pipe to work. This is most important for underground pipe support. But generally, it’s not advisable to use a metal clamp for projects involving plastic pipes. If you do, the clamps will help to crack the pipes.

  • Clamping force

If you need more pressure for your project, get a pipe clamp that can serve the purpose. Most claps can only hold pieces of diverse parts together but may not be powerful enough to apply pressure. If you want to get enough power from your pipe clamp, go for the larger sizes.

Some of those brands also allow the users to adjust the machine to the power level they need for their job. Also, check the capacity of the clamp jaw. If the jaws are deeper, you can be sure of a tighter grip as well.

  • User-friendly Features

Every pipe clamp comes with lots of necessary features to deliver as expected. But when it comes to user-friendly features that promote users' comfort, you may have to check them. For instance, you'll need to look for clamps that have a quick-release mechanism, sufficient clearance so you can turn the crank handle smoothly.

Also, make sure that your choice pipe clamp has a non-slide lock and an ergonomic design. When you have all these user-friendly features in your pipe clamp, you can work in comfort all day.

How to Use Pipe Clamps for Different Purposes?

 Pipe clamps mostly serve as a tool for clamping different objects together, especially when you need to glue them together. Most clamps out there come in fixed maximum sizes of items they can clamp together. But pipe clamps are different. With the pipe clamp, you have the room to adjust the length to suit the size of the pipe you're using.

Clamps come in different sizes, but the market's common ones are the ½ inches and ¾ inches clamps. These clamps usually come with feet to keep your project steady when you clamp it.

How to assemble and use a pipe clamp?

  • Get a set of clamps and the right diameter pipe having one threaded end. You can buy steel pipes of ½" & ¾ inches to match the clamps in size, but it's best to buy 10' piece and ask the store to cut & thread it according to the length you need.
  • The clamps come in 2 parts; the back part and the front part. Put the front end of the clamp on the pipe and screw it one. Then insert the back end of the clamp onto the other end of the pipe. This end doesn’t have screws like the front end. It slides freely on the pipe to allow you to slide it and also adjust it to the width of whatever project you want to clamp together.
  • After setting the pipe clamp, you can use it to clamp your projects of 6 feet to 8 feet. But it all depends on the length of your pipe.
  • Sometimes, you can set the pipe clamps on your work surface and put the target object on them, clamp the back ends of the clamps onto the object and then, screw the clamps from the front end to tighten the project on the clamps.
  • Don’t forget to mind the pressure you apply on the projects as you screw to ensure that the project is still resting flatly on the pipes. So from time to toe, during the clamping, check the project to see if it's still on the pipe.
  • If you want to achieve better results, you can also remove the middle pipe clamp and place it on top of the project while the other two remain under the project.
  • After completing your project, simply unscrew the front ends of the clamps and lift your project. If your project was gluing different woods to form a wide surface, allow the wood to sit on the clamps for 24 hours to enable the glue to hold them firm before losing the screws.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to use a pipe clamp?

Pipe clamps enable you to work faster and efficiently. It helps you join and hold materials such as wood together before cutting, gluing, polishing, etc. With a pipe clamp, you can use your hand as freely as you require to complete your tasks faster.

Also, pipe clamps reduce the risks of injuries when handling different materials.

  • What is the difference between pipe clamps and bar clamps?

There're few differences between a pipe clamp and a bar clamp. The tools usually serve the same purposes. While the former holds pipes, the latter works on the bar. Also, pipe clamps don't come in a fixed size, you can always adjust the length to suit you, but bar clamps’ size is fixed.

It is also safe to say that pipe clamps are more versatile in application than bar clamps.

  • Are pipe clamps suitable for woodworking?

Pipe clamps are good for woodworking as they're affordable and adjustable. Normally, if you're working on a large job like a cabinet door or tabletop, you will always need the bar clamp, but this tool is very expensive. So, instead of spending extra on it, you can use the pipe clamp as an alternative.

  • How can I maintain my pipe clamp?

Pipe clamp maintenance is simple. Make sure that you clean it out after every operation. If you allow dirt on it, you'll produce stained workpieces. Also, make sure you store the clamp in a dry and always apply oil to its moving parts. That way, you can avoid rust on your pipe clamp.


There are many pipe clamps in the market, but not all perform very well. This is our reason for providing everything you need to choose the best. We took our time to pick nine of the best brands in the market presently. So, you can start your shopping from these special brands before checking others.

But don’t forget, there’re some factors you must consider before choosing any brand out there. Once you get these factors right, you’ll go home smiling with your choice. As for whether you need a pipe clamp in your tool kit, the answer is yes.

Pipe clamps make woodworking and metalworking projects easy and safer too. So, don't hesitate to invest in the best pipe clamp after today.

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