Best Pipe Cutter: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

Previously, whenever plumbers needed to cut pipes and adjust their length, they would use hacksaws or other sharp tools. This was a common practice that required a lot of extra effort. But with the introduction of the pipe cutter, this process was made as easy as cutting paper with scissors.

These super handy tools have become a must for plumbers or anyone who has to engage in household work. Having a pipe cutter in your toolbox will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

With so many different brands offering various features, choosing the best pipe cutter has to be a well-thought-out decision. Fear not, because we have taken the liberty of picking out some of the top products to help you pick the one that suits you best.

Top 10 Best Pipe Cutter Reviews

After putting in hours into extensive research and analysis, we have put together a list of our top picks to aid your decision-making process.

1. Ridgid 32975 Model 103 Close Quarters Tube Cutter

The first product on the list is the 32975 tube cutter by Ridgid. This small diameter tube cutter takes precision to the next level. The brand has been around since 1923, and that is just proof of their excellence in providing quality products.

Furthermore, the high-quality tube cutter features a metal wheel that is designed to cut through almost any material. Whether you're cutting a tube made of copper, aluminum, or even brass, this pipe cutter will let you slice through them with ease.

Since the device itself is pretty portable and compact, it will enable you to cut pipes in the tightest of spaces. You must also know that the Ridgid 32975 has a cutting capacity of ⅛-inch to ⅝-inch or 3 millimeters to 16 millimeters, which is optimum for precise cuts on your pipe.

Durability is a major concern when it comes to pipe cutters, especially because of the blade's exposure to friction — the Ridgid 32975 features a high-quality blade with full metal construction.

The metal body gives the whole device a sturdy feeling and makes it strong. What's more, the metal body was designed to be lightweight as well — Allowing you to maneuver it around your pipe effortlessly.

Ridgid's brand image says a lot about the products they make. This tool has definitely earned its place in the list of the best tube cutters, thanks to its close to flare cutting wheel and durable body.

The manufacturers will also provide you with a lifetime warranty, in case you find a defective product out the box.

Key Features

  • Metal construction adds durability and lets you maneuver easily around the pipe
  • High-quality blade cuts through soft copper, brass, and aluminum easily
  • Compact form factor enables you to use the tool in tight spaces
  • Feed screw style knob gives you more control of the cutting pressure for more precision

2. Zantle Pipe and Tube Cutter

Up next on the list, we have a ratcheting pipe cutter by Zantle. This cutter is just an example of how easy it is to use these tools. With its ergonomic design and easy to use functionality, you'll be cutting pipes faster than you know.

Right off the bat, we need to talk about the design aspect of this handy tool. Zantle has really hit the ball out of the park with this tube cutter, featuring a ratchet drive technology to ease the load of your arms.

The handles have been designed to magnify the strength you use to squeeze them together. Furthermore, they have a non-slip texture, enhancing your grip as you begin to cut the pipes.

Constructed with manganese steel, the strength and toughness of this are unimaginable. The performance of its high quality imported blade might even bring it closer to being the best tube cutter out there.

The combination of the durable body and the Japanese blade will give you some of the smoothest cutting experiences ever. Also, having a rust-free coating on the blade just means that it will last you for a lifetime!

What good is a pipe cutter if it's not easy to operate right? The ratcheting mechanics design of the cutter enables quick positioning on the pipe and smooth cuts.

The addition of the spring-loaded system makes the cutter jump back to position after each cut, reducing the time taken when adjusting the length of multiple pipes in one go.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and requires less strength
  • Manganese steel body aids durability and longevity
  • Safe lock feature allows the cutter to be stored in tight spaces
  • Spring-loaded technology lets you cut multiple pipes in one go


3. Ridgid 31642 Model 152 Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter

This next cutter by Ridgid is yet another example of the company's experience in providing high-quality products. This adjustable tube cutter will seamlessly cut through any pipe within a matter of seconds.

Since tube cutters do not have large handles like ratcheting pipe cutters, they usually require a bit more strength.

This tool, however, minimizes that problem by using a larger X-CEL knob. The increased surface area on the knob lets you turn the cutter quickly and chop your pipes with minimal effort.

In addition, this cutter features an X-CEL ball wheel pin that will let you switch the cutter wheel effortlessly; you won't even need your toolbox!

This is a great option to have since cutter wheels are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, and so, installing a new wheel will make the tool as good as new.

With a cutting capacity of ¼-inch to 2-⅝ -inch, this tube cutter will cut anything from plastic pipe to copper tubes. The versatility of the 31642 tubing cutter will give even the best metal pipe cutter a run of its money.

If you've used Ridgid Tools before, then it's no surprise that these tools are of the highest quality and built to last you ages. The metallic body of this tube cutter features an I-beam construction, which adds to the sturdiness of the cutter and gives a smooth rotating motion.

Key Features

  • X-CEL knob is larger than most cutters giving you a better grip and easier rotating motion
  • Cutting wheel can be changed easily due to the X-CEL wheel pin
  • Metal body with I-Beam construction enhances sturdiness
  • High-quality wheel can cut through plastic and metal tubing

4. Firstry Ratcheting PVC Cutter

If you're someone who really has an issue with the amount of strength required to cut pipes, then this PVC cutter is the right choice for you. Unlike the regular pipe cutters, this one by Firstry is specialized to magnify the output force by a larger margin.

This pipe cutter adopts a ratchet drive system, which is combined with an ergonomic arch angle design.

Together, they let you get more output force when cutting your PVC pipes without much strength from your end. The arch design houses the blade in a certain way so that you can get precise and smooth cuts.

The first time you get a hold of this cutter, the weight will tell you just about enough regarding the build quality; larger than the average blade on this tool is a 4.0 manganese steel blade with a thickness of 2.8 millimeters.

Moreover, the thickness of the steel gives the cutter better contact with the pipe to ensure a cleaner cut. Longevity should not be an issue as the blade will survive even the harshest of conditions, whether it be corrosion or oxidation.

Packing such a thick blade could easily mean that the overall weight of the tool would be an issue.

But the people at Firstry have done an amazing job with the body of the cutter. Featuring an aluminum body, this cutter manages to minimize its overall weight as much as possible.

Key Features

  • Thick 4.0 manganese steel blade will cut pipes with a thickness of up to 10 millimeters
  • Ratchet drive technology and ergonomic design reduces the amount of strength required
  • Cutting blade is oxidation and corrosion resistant, aiding durability
  • Features a 1/2- inch extensions on the bottom of the ratchet handle, giving you a faster pipe measuring scale

5. Professional Tube Cutter Klein Tools 88904

This tube cutter from Klein tools is one that is straight out of a professional's toolbox and has a combination of some of the best features a tool can offer.

Let's talk about the innovation Klein tools have put into this beauty of a pipe cutter. When cutting metal pipes, it is crucial to hold the pipe in place to get a clean finish.

This cutter features a 4-roller tracking system on the cavity where the pipe is placed, which keeps the pipe in place and avoids spiraling. With it's cutting capacity of ⅛ -inch to 1-⅜ -inch, you will be able to cut most copper tubing or even plastic tubes with ease.

In addition, the handle of the cutter was deliberately made a bit larger to give you a better grip when rotating. This adds more comfort and provides you with a fluid rotating motion.

People at Klein tools have been always thinking about their customers since they started back in 1857. Just like most of their cutters, this tube cutter comes with an extra cutting wheel, which increases the tool's service time by a long margin.

Furthermore, installing or replacing the wheel is also very simple! Just use a screwdriver to open the handle to access the wheel and replace it, then screw the components back.

Key Features

  • Large handle gives a comfortable grip, allowing you to use more strength when rotating
  • Extra wheel is given, in case, the existing one is damaged
  • 4-roller tracking system holds the pipe in place firmly to avoid spiraling
  • Easy to use mechanics makes it friendly for beginners

6. Dewill Ratchet-type Pipe and PVC Cutter

Thene next cutter from Dewill is yet another PVC cutter that puts up a tough fight against some of the best in the market. With its high-quality steel body, the amount of sturdiness within this tool is truly outstanding.

For any home toolbox or professional plumber, this pipe cutter is an essential tool. Having a maximum opening of 42 millimeters, this cutter possesses a cutting capacity of 1-5/8 - inches, which is just about enough to cut any household pipe.

With a thick blade that measures around 2.5 millimeters, you will be able to chop your way through most multilayered plastic pipes.

What's more, this PVC cutter features an automatic locking mechanism that does the opposite of a spring-loaded system.

When you cut through a pipe, this mechanism will lock the cutter in that position, so that it doesn't abruptly spring back. This is useful for one-handed operation of the cutter.

Dewill really made this cutter to last, constructing it with manganese steel, which adds more strength and sturdiness to the tool as well. Also, the blades of this pipe cutter went through rigorous testing and heat treatment to make it highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

The body construction of the tool measures up to HRC52 in terms of hardness. This just proves how well thought out the whole product is.

Key Features

  • Manganese steel body with high hardness boosts longevity
  • Rubber textured handle improves the grip and aids one-handed operation
  • High-quality Japanese Teflon blade has a high service life
  • Thick blade measures 2.5 millimeters in thickness which gives more precise cuts

7. Wostore Tubing Cutter

If you're a simple person with some really simple household pipe cutting needs, then this next cutter is definitely one you will fancy. The full polished metallic finish gives it a clean look.

When we begin to look at the blade of the cutter, we will notice the adjustable depth mechanism. This lets you change the settings to fit different pipe measurements. With a cutting capacity of ¼ -inch to 2-⅝-inch or 6 to 67 millimeter, which, if you ask us, is a pretty high range of pipe measurements.

Also, we have to point out how well the tiny cutting blade works in terms of precision and cutting speed. The sharpness of the blade is not to be meddled with, as it will effortlessly cut through copper, stainless steel, PVC, and even brass pipes.

We don't want to seem too hopeful, but this one might just put up a challenge against even the best copper pipe cutter in the market.

In addition, if the blade has gone bad or weak and isn't performing well, you have nothing to worry about.

Wostore packs a spare blade comfortably into the handle! This design aspect is super handy as you don't have to store the spare blade separately, wherever the tool goes, the spare blade goes with it.

What's more, the cutter was designed to give you a satisfactory level of comfort when cutting your pipes. The corrugated design gives you a more comfortable grip while also being stable enough to hold the pipe in place.

Key Features

  • Versatile blade will cut through copper brass, steel and PVC with ease
  • Spare blade is included and fitted within the handle
  • Depth of the cutter is adjustable, giving you a wide range of pipe measurements when cutting
  • Includes a user manual for the beginners


8. Master Plumber 745122 Large Pipe Tube Cutter

For those of you who require a large-sized cutter to adjust the length of big pipes and tubes, this might be what you're looking for. With its black colored finish and all-metal body, this cutter will stay for the long haul.

The 745122 model tube cutter is one that Master Plumber takes pride in, and rightfully so. Just by holding it in your hand, the heavily constructed body will give you a taste of quality.

For larger pipes, the construction of the cutter needs to be extra strong and durable; otherwise, the cutting would not come out as smooth.

Packing a cutting capacity of ⅝ -inches to 2-⅛ inches, this tube cutter from Master Plumber will easily cut through soft metals like copper, aluminum, and even the tougher ones like stainless steel. If you plan to cut PVC or plastic tubes, then this will be just perfect for you.

Instead of being like all the other tube cutters in the market, this one added a different sort of handle. The handle has a horizontal bar attached at the end, which makes the turning motion much easier.

You can easily turn the handle and tighten the pipe in place for the best cutting experience. The horizontal bar also gives you a better grip, aiding the smooth rotating motion when you begin to cut the pipe.

Key Features

  • High-quality build makes it durable and aids service years
  • Cuts larger tubings with a cutting capacity of ⅝ inches to 2-⅛ inches
  • Innovative handle design makes it easier to tighten
  • Can cut through copper, steel, aluminum and PVC easily

9. Wostore Tubing Cutter with Reamer

We have yet another entry from Wostore, which says a lot about their experience and excellence in this market. This next tube cutter is perfect for beginners who need to adjust household pipe lengths like bike handlebars, coffee holders, and more!

Featuring an alloy steel blade, this tool will go through pipes like a knife through butter. With a cutting capacity of ⅛ inches to 1-⅜ inches or 3 to 35 millimeters, this is ideal for any household setting and even professional work too.

The sharpness, as well as the versatility of the blade is put to test when it allows you to cut through all sorts of materials like brass, soft copper, aluminum.

In addition, with all those heavy-duty pipe materials listed above, you can imagine just how well this cutter would do with plastic or PVC tubes.

Even the best pipe cutter for PVC pipes, whether it be a ratchet system or tubing, would have a tough fight against this one.

Interesting fact, this tube cutter also comes with a deburrer which can be folded away to conceal it. This is a nice touch by the manufacturers as a reamer is quite necessary to polish the pipe after cutting and get a better finish.

Also, this model has a built-in spare blade that is tucked away nicely into the handle. The design of tucking the spare blade away is genius, as the blade can be easy to lose.

Lastly, we must pay attention to how well Wostore worked on the knob design. The X-CEL knob will give you a firm grip and make it ridiculously easy to cut pipes.

Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy construction makes the cutter lightweight
  • Features alloy steel blades which are highly durable and sharp
  • Can cut through a wide range of materials
  • Spare blade is included
  • Fold-away deburrer which can be tucked away after use within the body

10. Ezarc 2-Piece Tubing Cutter set

If you think you have seen all sorts of pipe cutters ranging from ratcheting ones to the 1-piece tube cutters get ready for this next one. The 2 piece tubing cutter set from Ezarc comes with a regular heavy-duty tube cutter as well as a mini cutter to get into all those tight spaces.

The blades on the cutter are insanely sharp and long-lasting. Pairing these high-quality blades with its large cutting capacity of ¼ inches to 2 inches makes this product a real heavyweight in the world of pipe cutters.

Furthermore, the mini cutter has a cutting capacity of ⅛ inches to ⅞ inches with a maximum thickness of 1/10 inches, so you shouldn't underestimate the mini just because of its size.

Next, we bring your attention to the carefully housed 6 bearing setting within the body of the cutter. The extra number of bearings give you a fluid rotating motion while holding the pipe firmly in place.

The cutting speed is also increased as the bearing allows the pipe to rotate with ease. You will be cutting through large pipes made of copper, aluminum, and PVC with ease.

Let's not forget the compact form factor of the mini cutter. Packed with a heat-treated alloy steel blade, it will reach those tight spots and cut through the soft metal pipes effortlessly.

The large cutter also features the same alloy steel blade, but in a much larger size, in order to really work into the metal pipes you will be cutting with it.

Key Features

  • Features two cutters for different sizes of pipes
  • 6 bearings allow for a more precise and speedy cutting process
  • Alloy steel cutting blade will cut through soft metals and PVC pipes easily
  • Offers both a large and average cutting capacity with 2 different cutters for each setting
  • Comes with a user manual to guide you through your cutting experience

What to Look for While Buying a Pipe Cutter?

When you actually go to the market to buy a pipe cutter, you're going to be bombarded with several other questions that you haven't even considered. Thus, making the overall process more complex and perplexing.

But if you know what to look out for, you can easily categorize your preferences and get the most bang for your buck. Below, we have made a list of a few pointers, increasing your chances of picking out the right cutter suited to your needs.


Before you go on to actually spending money on a new pipe cutter, you must know what material you're looking to cut. The construction of the pipe will determine which cutter you should be buying.

The most common cutter you will find is the one used to adjust the length of PVC pipes. However, if you want to adjust/cut a copper pipe, you would need a different kind of cutter.

Similarly, if you're going to cut plastic tubes, there are specific tube cutters for that too! So, you must know the type of cutter you need beforehand.

Build Quality

Since the pipe cutter is an investment in the long run, you should always opt for the ones built with quality materials.

When it comes to copper pipes, you will need a cutter with highly durable blades to cut through hard surfaces. The best copper pipe cutter would pack a blade that is resistant to corrosion and rust.

The blades on a PVC pipe cutter do not need to be as strong as a copper pipe cutter. However, when shopping for PVC pipe cutters, look out for cutters with DuraBlade 2 in their specifications. These blades are certified to give you good service over the longest period of time.

Other than the blade, the body of the cutter is also important. The material used on the body of the cutter will have an effect on the cutter in the long run. Quality cutters use lightweight materials such as aluminum that help reduce the overall weight of the cutter.


For some, a pipe cutter might seem like an expensive investment, if that's the case then it must last you a lifetime. Durability is a crucial factor for pipe cutters since the tool will be exposed to water and air, which leads to rusting.

Not only does the blade have to be rust-free, but you must also make sure all the other components are made of quality materials that will survive wear and tear the best. A good tip to follow is to buy a pipe cutter with a high-quality blade since that is the most important component.

Other than that, you should opt for cutters with rust-free construction; usually, the most available material is aluminum. This material makes the body of the cutter rust free while also reducing the weight significantly.

The inner springs of a pipe cutter are responsible for the fluid pressing motion when shortening the pipe.

When the springs start rusting, cutting pipes begin to require more force, making the whole experience troublesome. For the longest service times, you should look out for cutters that feature rust-free springs.


Versatility is an optional choice, but a good one to consider nonetheless. If you're going to be cutting pipes that have different circumferences, then you should choose a cutter that can cut through a range of pipe sizes.

This saves the extra cost of purchasing multiple cutters for differing pipe circumferences.

How Does a Pipe Cutter Work?

The whole mechanism of the pipe cutter is fairly simple; you simply have to align the blade or cutting wheel to your desired length and shorten the pipe.

With PVC pipe cutters, the cutter works similar to a scissor. However, with pipe cutters used for copper pipes or plastic tubes, you will need to use the designated cutter.

These cutters look different and also work differently from the PVC cutter models. While the PVC cutter looks like a scissor, the copper cutters are more like semi-circles with an opening to fit the pipe.

And these tools have a sharp cutting wheel, which you will turn around the pipe in order to cut through it. You simply align the cutter to the pipe and turn the screw to adjust the cutting wheel to the circumference of the pipe.

Please note that the screw needs to be turned after every few rotations to make sure the wheel cuts through the pipe instead of scoring it.

Once you notice the cutting wheel come in contact with the pipe body, you begin to rotate the cutter. With each rotation, you will notice the wheel grinding itself deep into the pipe.

Cutting through metal pipes is not the same as PVC variants because they require more force and patience. Soft metals like copper and aluminum will be easy to cut through but require a couple of rotations.

Harder metals such as steel will require you to make a few more rotations than the copper pipes because of the density of the metal.

How to Use a PVC Pipe Cutter?

PVC cutters are some of the most common tools you will find in the hardware store. Using a PVC pipe cutter isn't rocket science, in fact, we can bet that you'd be able to figure it out even without us explaining the process to you. It's just that simple!

Determine the Length

Firstly, you need to determine how much length you want to take off from the pipe and mark that region.

Align the Blade and Squeeze

Align the cutting blade with your marked length line and simply squeeze both the handles like you would when using pliers.

Release Slowly

Once the blade sinks into the pipe, release the handle slowly to move the handle to their original position due to the built-in release springs. These nifty additions are super useful as they get you ready for the next cuts instantly, in case you're cutting a few pipes in one go.

Be sure to grab the pipe as firmly as possible; this will avoid movement when the blade cuts through it, giving a more perfect finish. Any sort of movement might cause the cut to be slanted or require more force on your end.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use a tube cutter to cut Acrylic tubing?

Most tube cutters will cut through rigid acrylic tubing seamlessly. However, you must be very gentle with the rotation movement as it might crack the tubing. For a better finish, you might opt for a chop saw instead.

2. Do the PVC cutters require a good amount of strength?

It does not require a good amount of strength. When it comes to PVC pipes, the ratcheting mechanism will let you cut through the pipe quickly and with minimal effort.

3. Can I turn the cutter wheel in any direction?

Yes, it doesn't matter which direction you rotate the cutter in.

4. Are the cutting blades of all-tube cutters of the same size? Can they all be replaced?

No. Each cutting blade differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is best to get one which comes with a replaceable blade.

5. Is the Ratcheting system better than the tube cutter design in terms of PVC pipes?

While it's true that the tube cutter is more versatile when it comes to material that it can cut, the ratcheting system is a fast way to cut through PVC pipes.

Final Words

It goes without saying that investing in a pipe cutter is all about the versatility of the cutter and how comfortable you are with it. With all that in mind, the above points should help you get a better idea of which one to choose from our pipe cutter reviews.

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