Top 7 Best Starter Table Saw: Review and Buying Guide 2022

Table saw will simplify the process of woodcutting and also fastens the time you spend doing it. Of course, there are many saws in the market, but you need the right one for beginners. That way, you'll not be confused or stressed while trying to cut a piece of wood.

Many brands of table saws exist in the market, but not all have the basic features which you can master as a beginner. There are essential features that must be in your table saw to help you start with a bang. So, let’s help you make the best choice through this best starter table saw reviews.

The best part!

We also have the factors you must consider before selecting a table saw and a quick guide on how to use one when you find it.

Top 7 Best Table Starter Saws

1. DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

One of the first things you’ll notice about this table saw is the stands. This feature makes sturdy, portable, and a great buy. It's easy to take the table saw everywhere you're working and also transport it back.

The wheels and folding legs provide such relief to users that they can't help but recommend it for beginners. With such sturdy legs, you can cut your woods on a stable surface without issues.

Another thing we love about DEWALT 7491RS is the dust port. This feature is one of the safety-promoting parts on the table saw. It enables you to work inside without fears of inhaling dust.

No matter the number of woods you cut, you're sure that the dust collection system got your back. At least, at the end of your work, you can say goodbye to hours of cleaning.

Many users commend the 15-amperage motor on the DEWALT 7491. It makes woodcutting very easy, no matter the type of cut you're targeting. Also, it offers 32-1/2 inches rip capacity to ensure that any piece of hardwood or large wood you have on the table will take the shape you want.

So, even for those rip cuts that are too narrow for other table saws, this model from DEWALT will help you to do it with ease.

Highlighted Features 

  • 15 amperage motor for cutting strength
  • Offers miter gauge for accurate cuts
  • Facilitate rips cuts via the flip-over fence
  • Dust collection port of 2-1/2 inches capacity
  • Features a rolling stand for stability
  • Retracting telescoping fence ensures portability

2. Bosch 10 Inches Jobsite Table Saw

One of the aspects of a table saw that’ll ensure a good experience for a beginner is portability. The big guys are okay, but when you consider how cumbersome it'll be to lug it from one site to another, you may lose your enthusiasm.

So, we encourage you to get a table saw as portable as this model from Bosch. It’s not just easy-carry, it’s also mobile. It comes with a one-handed handle which enables users to carry it easily. The design is compact, but the performance is top-notch.

Another commendable feature of this table saw is the base. It's made with steel material, which ensures durability. You can work with this tool for many years amid the hardest site abuse, and it'll not fail. No matter how heavy a wood's impact is on the saw, you're sure of using this saw for a long time.

Both DIYers and professional woodworkers commend the carbide saw blade. It is very versatile and ensures more cutting options for users. With a length of 10 inches and 24 teeth, you can make as many cuts as you need on-site. The 5000rpm motor plus its rip capacity also ensures optimum performance in your trade.

We also love other features such as tool storage, smart guard, rip fence, and wrenches. Also, the miter gauge is present for crosscuts, and the dust chute at the back protects users.

Highlighted Features 

  • Carry handle ensures mobility
  • Steel base enhances durability and optimum performance
  • The rip fence ensures cutting precision
  • The smart guard features anti-kickback pawls
  • Riving knife mechanism ensures control
  • 24 tooth carbide blade makes cuts easy and simple
  • Miter gauge facilitates cross cuts
  • A tool-free dust chute protects users from hazards.

3. DEWALT DWE7480 Inches Table Saw

If you love to work efficiently and smartly, especially in fence adjustment, you need to grab this brand. It comes with a system that ensures a fast and accurate adjustment while using your saw. Also, this model from the well-known and respected brand enables users to make different types of cuts. You can trim different types of materials, and the 24 inches rip makes your work easier.

One other commendable feature is the roll cage made with sturdy metal. It enables you to work under the harshest conditions and still perform optimally. The table saw can withstand the tough usages of any job site and still remain strong. The carbide blade has 24 teeth, and you can adjust it when you need it for bevel cuts.

This particular DEWALT DWE7480 comes with onboard storage. It provides a place where you can keep every necessary component to your work and also store the push stick anytime you're not working. You can't fail to appreciate the 15 amperage motor. It provides enough power for the saw to rip through any hardwood with ease.

Moreover, you can use the table saw inside the shop or outside. It features a dust port that collects the dust and protects you from cancer.

Highlighted Features 

  • Rack & Pinion fence rails allow for smooth and fast adjustments
  • 24 ½ inches rip capacity ensures variety cuts
  • 24-tooth blade promotes quality cuts
  • 0-45degrees blade adjustability for bevel cuts
  • Features onboard storage for ease of use
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it moveable
  • A miter gauge enables users to make crosscuts
  • Blade guard and push stick to ensure user safety.

4. SKIL 3410-02 10 Inches Table Saw

If you're all for affordability plus excellent features, this model from SKIL is a go for you. Since you're starting your journey into woodworking, it'll be great to look for a budget-friendly table saw with proofs of optimum performance. That's why this brand is making it a reality through this model. You’ll spend less but gain more.

This particular table saw comes with a folding stand that ensures stability and ease of use. It also offers an extendable table, a cut capacity of 3.5 inches, and a bevel capability of 47 degrees. So, if your workpiece is longer, you're sure that the table can accommodate it.

It also comes with a rip fence that helps users to measure their cuts accurately. No matter how large your project is, you can use this saw to complete it. With the rip fence, you can be sure of accurate cuts. The table provides all the support it needs to give you the sturdiness necessary to achieve your cutting targets.

Moreover, you have many options when it comes to woodcutting. You can make cross cuts, bevel or miter plus ripping longboards to necessary sizes. The miter gauge is also present to ensure accuracy and precision when making crosscuts.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a 20-26 inches table for optimum support
  • A rip fence self-aligns to ensure accurate cuts
  • Quick-Mount system ensures fast setup
  • One miter gauge enables cross cuts
  • Folding stand with heavy-duty steel
  • Carbide-tooth blade promotes durability
  • Versatile for many cut options.

5. Hitachi C10RJ 10 Inches Table Saw

Here is one of the brands you can trust in this industry. They've been a top player in producing power tools. So, starting your woodwork experience with this table saw is also the right decision. Its rip capacity is up to 35 inches, and there is also a stand that you can fold to move the table saw to any job site. Since the stand has wheels, you can be sure of easy transportation no matter the distance.

Users commend the powerful 15 amperage motor that powers the tool for an amazing performance. While using this saw, you're going to experience effortless wood cutting. The table saw work with 4500 rpm from the motor, and this ensures that you complete projects fast and without stress.

Another good reason to use this table saw is that it allows users to make more than one cut. You can make bevel ranging from 0 to 45 degrees and also make cuts ranging from 31/8 inches to 21/4 inches. Moreover, the table is commendable, and there is an electric brake that protects users from the blade.

Highlighted Features

  • 15 amps motor offers 4500 rpm
  • Table extension supports 25 inches and 35inches ripping capacity
  • Provides a power switch that users can control with their knee
  • Comes with a fold and roll stand that ensures easy transport
  • Features an electric brake to control the blade rotation
  • 40-tooth carbide blade ensures an optimum cutting capacity.

6. SKILSAW SPT70W-01 Portable Table Saw

One of the best points of this table saw is the power it produces while ripping woods apart. If you’re looking for a saw that can work for many hours without breaking down, this brand is a great buy. Many woodworkers commend the worm-drive gearing that offers torque & power to cut every kind of material.

Moreover, the 15 amperage motor is also amazing. It keeps the tool cool while undergoing continuous usage. We also love the 25 inches rip capacity of this saw. You can rip as many plywood sheets as you need without experiencing a time out.

The rip fence aligns by itself and enables users to cut accurately without missing their marks. There is also the bevel, which you can adjust from 1inch to 46 inches depending on the application.

You can't fault the 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade that rips woods apart. Also, you'll get to work with other important components such as the miter gauge that allows for crosscuts. There is the insert plate, the anti-kickback device, and the push stick that protects the user from injury.

Highlighted Features 

  • 15 amps motor produces 5300rpm
  • 25 inches rip capacity
  • Miter gauge ensures cross cuts
  • Insert plate, push stick and anti-kickback device protects users
  • Rip fence aligns to ensure accurate cuts
  • Adjustable bevel from 1 to 46inches.

7. Rockwell RK72415 Table Saw

If you've not mastered the art of cutting with table saws, this particular brand is an excellent solution to it. It comes with a laser indicator that shows where your saw blade will cut. This technology can help a starter to work like a pro from day one. It doesn’t stop there. Anytime you prepare the blade to make bevel cuts, this laser line indicator also adjusts automatically to suit the new arrangement.

The rip capacity of this table saw is amongst the best even though the saw is portable. Unlike other tools in its level, it cuts 4 by 4 lumber in one swoop and also divides 4 by 8 plywood without strain. With the 15 amps motor producing up to 4 800 RPM, you can complete large projects effortlessly and speedily.

Many beginners love the idea of transporting their tools to job sites without stress. That's why this brand made our list of the best starter table saw in the market. It features a trolley stand that enables easy transportation. The stand is fixed with wheels and an extended leg which you can grip to move your table saw.

The manufacturers also ensured that every necessary accessory that facilitates optimum performance is present too. There is the miter gauge that enables users to make cross cuts. You’ll also find safety accessories such as the push stick, push stick, and riving knife. Also, there is the rip fence for accuracy, the dust bag for dust collection, and the blade wrenches.

As for the assembly, you have nothing to worry about since it comes fully assembled from the manufacturers. Everything about this saw is portability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Highlighted Features 

  • 30 inches folding fence enables wider cuts
  • Stand with built-in wheels facilitates transportation
  • Laser indicator light ensures precision during cuts
  • Miter gauge and rip fence ensures accuracy
  • Dust bag, push stick, riving knife blade wrenches for safety
  • 15 amps motors provide 4800 rpm for optimum performance

Best Table Saw Buying Guide

No matter how much you need a table saw, don't be in haste to buy one without a thorough search. Also, it's better to take your time and get it right the first time than spending twice on it. So, check out the following essential factors before buying a table saw for your work.

The blades of the Table Saw

The blade is an integral part of a saw that ensures optimum performance. As such, you can’t buy a saw without checking the suitability of the blades. According to woodwork professionals, some of the metrics with which you'll consider the blade are, arbor size, the total number of blade teeth, kerf size, diameter of the blade, and the table saw the material.

To emphasize more on the importance of the blade teeth, you must understand that few teeth result in a rougher and coarser finish. On the other hand, if the saw's blade features a greater number of teeth, you can be sure of smother cuts.

Another aspect to check is whether the blades can tilt easily to the left or right, depending on what you need. Saw blades with such functionality simplify beveled cuts for users. So, don't forget that aspect too.

Table Saw Motor

There are different levels and capacities of table saws, and that's how the motor differs. Some simpler and portable brands use a small 2hp motor that operates efficiently on 120 volts. These types of table saws are suitable for cutting thin wood materials.

The power is not much, so; the output is not too strong either. But when you have some hard and thick woods to cut, you'll need big bucks that use a 3-5hp motor using up to 240 volts to operate. These are the types you'll see on job sites saw, or cabinet saw.

Table Saw Fence

Before going home with any brand of table saw, check the fence because it's essential in your saw. It makes your work finer as it ensures precise cuts whenever you use it on wood. Also, if you will be making some rip cuts, your table saw must feature a fence with good design too.

If you want to reduce uneven cuts, and ensure that your saw doesn't deviate from the target, get the brand with the best-shaped fence. Right now, the T-square fence is commendable due to its wonderful design and the high level of accuracy it offers. So, check the table saws thoroughly and go home with the best.

Dust Ports

Do you know that sawdust can cause cancer if you're always exposed to it? Now that you're starting as a woodworker, you must prioritize your health. Apart from protecting yourself, you need to protect the motor of your table saw.

Exposure to excess sawdust can cause it to pack-up. Moreover, sawdust in your workshop is not a good sight and also not good for your lungs. So, no matter what you do, invest in a table saw with dust ports to ensure the safety of everyone.

Some good brands out there feature some internal systems that collect dust efficiently. It can be a bag for dust collection or a port ranging from 21/2 to 4 inches in diameter. Search for a suitable system that works for you and invest in the table saw.

Miter Gauge

This is another important factor to consider when shopping for a table saw. The miter gauge is very important to a woodworker who makes angled cuts or crosscut. You can't do either cut without this gauge because it'll guide the saw blade to give you the accuracy you need in such cuts.

It enables you to select the angle you want to cut from say 45degrees to 90 degrees depending on your project. Apart from the crosscut, you can use a miter gauge for a bevel cut, square cut, and others. So, make sure you invest in a brand that features a miter gauge.

Safety Features

No matter how invested you are in this line of work; your safety must be paramount. Since you'll be using the table, saw a lot, make sure it has all the features that ensure the safety of the users. You don't want to have one accident or the other and stop your projects half-way.

So, check safety features such as splitters, anti-kickback pawls, magnetic switch, push stick, and riving knife. The splitters keep the kerf open; the pawls ensure that the wood is firm, the switch puts the table saw off when there is no power, and also prevents overloading in the motor.

The riving knife works better than a saw splitter because it moves with the blade while the stick helps to move the wood. So, all these features protect the woodworker one way or the other. Make sure you consider them before selecting any brand, no matter how popular, affordable, or available.

How to use the table saw step by step?

This guide is applicable for most table saws and can solve some common problems associated with using a table saw in DIY projects. Before we begin, you should know that table saws are somewhat dangerous equipment.

Therefore always handle it with caution and also use the right PPE. This is because you can be injured if you get careless with table saws. However, cautiousness and proper use of PPE can greatly mitigate injury. No matter what you do, do not lose concentration. Put on your safety glasses, but you should be confident while using it to avoid errors.

Understanding your table saw

Table or stand - A table saw does not necessarily mean it must be used on a table; any comfortable stand can also serve in place of a table. However, you should ensure that you have an adequate workspace, whether you're making use of a table or other kinds of stands.

Fence - A fence is used to keep your work some distance away from the blade while you are ripping a cut. It must be long and parallel to the saw blade

Fence Dog – This is a moving part that is used for adjusting the fence lift or for locking the fence lift in place. You would have to lift it to move the fence while you should firmly press it down to lock it

Saw Blade – This is meant for cutting, and it comes in different types.

Blade Insert – This is an insert that is meant to fill the hole while swapping blades. It comes in different sizes and standards

Power Button: This button is used to turn the machine on or off. The machine would be turned on when you pull the power button out while you would have to push the power button towards the table saw to put it off

Blade Height adjustment Wheel: It has a wheel used to adjust the height of the blade

Angle adjustment Lever – This is a blade angle adjustment liver, and it has a wheel that is used to change the angle of the blade with respect to the table. It has an indicator which is at the front of the table saw, usually placed behind the height adjustment wheel.

Tilt Wheels and Elevation – This would enable you to control the depth of your cut, and it lets you easily control the height of the blade

Miter Gauge – The meter gauge can allow you to make a square cross-cut by allowing you to set it to various angles

The cuts you can make with a table saw

Dado Cut – This type of cut is applicable in joinery. It's a wide or trench cut, and you can achieve this by using a meter gauge or a fence. However, there are special blades that can help you easily achieve this type of cut

Ripping cut – The ripping cut can be achieved while using a fence as a guide to the width you want to achieve for your project. This type of cut usually goes down the workpiece.

Crosscut - Cuts that go down the length of your workpiece is known as the cross-cut, and you can achieve this by using a sled or a miter gauge.

Setting the Blade Height

There are two distinct ways on how to set the height of the blade. The first method is setting your blade a little bit higher than 1 / 8 inch than the top of the material you want to cut. However, this type of blade set up can cause slightly more tear on the bottom of your board.

While the second method is to set your blade height well above the top of the material you want to cut. This would certainly reduce tear-out on the bottom of your board, but it is more dangerous and should be used only if you are experienced enough

How to adjust the Fence

You can use the fence to correctly cut pieces of materials based on the length of your material. You can also control the fence by the lever of a dog at its front. When you lift the lever, the fence will slide side to side, and you can make an adjustment to the width of your cut by doing that. However, in other to measure it you have to raise the blade of the saw slightly

Preparing your Table saw for cutting

Use a pencil and a ruler to measure and mark your cut while adjusting your protractor. Set the guide to zero if your goal is to achieve a straight cut. But for the angled cut, you should set the guide to your desired angle.

Next is to properly align your workpiece along the front edge of the sled/meter gauge. Never use the fence and miter gauge at the same time because it can create a dangerous binding. Turn your device on and wait until the blade accelerates to a full cutting speed before cutting.

Making a Cut

Firmly hold the workpiece against the miter gauge fence and pull the miter gauge handle that is placed at your right-hand side. Gently push the workspace through the blade of the table saw using your right hand or your left hand if you are left-handed while keeping a firm hold on the workpiece with your other hand. Push or move forward, the miter gauge.

If you want to crosscut, you would not have to use a push stick. Put off your table saw after your work is completed and clean your work area.


If you want to make a cross-cut, you should measure your material and mark your workpiece. As mentioned earlier, you should not use the miter gauge and fence at the same time because it can cause binding, which can be dangerous.

Set your blade height after measuring/marking and line it up to your marking before turning on the saw. Gently but firmly move your workpiece through your table saw blade while holding the board firmly. Turn off your machine after cutting and wait until the blade stops revolving before clearing up the area.

Ripping cut

To achieve this, you should adjust the blade height and the fence before turning on your table saw machine. Ensure that your workpiece is kept against the fence without force because it could make you cut inaccurately. Gently move the board through the saw and turn off the machine after the cut.

Making Angled cuts

With a table saw, you can easily achieve two angled cuts. The first is achieved by setting up the miter gauge, and it is relative to the plane of the blade. To achieve this type of cut, you should set your desired angle on the miter gauge and then begin your cut.

While the second angle cut can be accomplished by tilting the blade over and the angle must be relative to the plane of the table. There is a wheel at the side of your table saw, which can enable you to change the angle of your blade whenever you want.


There are many table saws out there, but we took our time to select these brands for you. As a woodwork newbie, you need all the ease, safety, and support you can get to motivate you. All the brands in this best starter table saw review would offer versatility, portability, and durability. Also, they're equipped with all the safety features to protect you, such as a dust collection system, push stick, etc.

Moreover, you can achieve precise cuts with features such as the rip fence and the miter gauge. The best part is that they are budget-friendly. Yes, we know that there are the big bucks that occupy the headlights, but we have selected the suitable ones to kick start your journey.

So, no matter your challenges as a beginner, you can find a suitable table saw amongst the ones in this review. But don’t forget to follow our guide on how to choose a saw table. It will lead you to the most suitable product for you.

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