Best Water Ionizer: Reviews in 2022

Worried that your tap water contains thousands of contaminants that could cause disease? Feeling like tap water is making you sick? Don’t want to drink unpurified water anymore?

The answer is the best water ionizer. Do you want to know what it does?

Simple, it takes all the impurities like phenols, chlorine, sediment, odor, organic waste, taste, and bacteria out.

Then, the machine uses platinum plates to start the process of electrolysis, which separates the alkaline properties from the acidic ones.

The alkaline properties make the alkaline water – which is the purified version that water ionizers produce.

But of course, you will need to pick the right ionizer if you want to get these benefits. Otherwise, you may end up with the same tap water as always.

For that, we decided to review some of the best models out there and bring them to you. And we also found a buying guide so you could pick the right model accordingly.

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Why Should You Get A Water Ionizer?

Getting a water ionizer will change the way you use tap water. And this happens due to a few main benefits such as:

Less Digestive Problems

Once the water has gone through the purifying process, it is cleaner & healthier. This prevents most digestive issues that some bacteria and other impurities from tap water may cause.

Restores pH Balance

When your body gets too acidic due to the properties of tap water and most of the food you eat – then your pH balance changes. This causes all kinds of conditions from constant diseases, bad body odor, joint pain, and more. With alkaline water, you can restore your pH balance and prevent all that.

Extra Hydration

Water comes in clusters of molecules. These clusters are what the body absorbs. Also, the more particles a cluster contains, the harder it is to absorb the water.

That’s why tap water does not hydrate as well as it should, as every water cluster contains about 15 molecules.

In contrast, ionized water clusters contain up to 8 molecules. That makes it way easier to absorb, which helps with hydration.

More Antioxidants

Alkaline water contains more antioxidants than regular tap water filled with acidic properties. This helps to boost your metabolism and make your skin look better over time.

Better Taste

It is pretty common for people drinking alkaline water to experience a better taste. After taking most of the impurities & acidic properties out, the water gets a purer taste.

Our Top 10 Best Water Ionizers Reviews

So, do you think water ionizers are worth having at home? If so – then come and look at the best models available out there:

1. Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer

The first one in our list is the Bawell Platinum alkaline water ionizer machine. It offers all the benefits you could expect from an ionizer – from cleaning the water with its high-quality filter to leaving a perfect pH and ORP range.

The first thing you’ll notice is the countertop design, though. This makes the whole machine way easier to use, and add a touch of convenience for those with small kitchens and no under-tap space.

But the real advantage comes from its practical design. You can manage the ionizer directly from its LCD screen and buttons, making it way more convenient for most users to operate.

One thing that it does amazingly well is cleaning water. Boasting two filters, it offers the chance to clean about 5000 liters or 1320 gallons of water per filter. That’s enough to work for several months or even a year without problems – delivering super-clean water every day.

This pairs up well with the 6 platinum plates. You can get highly acidic with 2.0 of total pH to 12.0 pH. This makes the water much more alkaline. Then, you can enjoy its ORP-lowering capacity, bringing highly oxidized water with +600 ORP to as low as -800 to make it healthier.

Apart from that, the machine comes with 2 electrolysis modes that help you clean the water accordingly. You can pick the one you prefer to improve your water pH and ORP ranges.

Lastly, you can enjoy a super-straightforward installation. Being a countertop model, you only need 10 minutes to make it work – that’s how amazing it is.

Highlighted Features:

  • An outstanding set of two filters for extra purification
  • Offers exceptional pH range from 2.0 to 12.0
  • Gets highly oxidized water from +600 to -800 effortlessly
  • Provides a practical LCD display with buttons for easy use
  • Comes with a simple countertop design for easy installation

2.  Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Pro

Getting water to be cleaner is not too hard when you have a capable machine like the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 Pro.

It offers the chance to set up the level of alkalinity you want in 7 different settings. You can also add antioxidants if needed, so you can get even healthier water.

This works effectively for waters at pH 3.0 to bring them up to 11.5 pH. You can also make highly oxidized water at about +600 to be as low as -860mV of ORP. That’s enough to get your water cleaner & healthier than regular tap water.

And this system works excellently well, providing up to 4000 liters or 1056 gallons of water without any problem. Once you surpass this level, then you can replace the filter and get more cleaning capacity.

What makes all this possible is not the filter, though, but the 9 energy-efficient platinum plates that produce the electrolysis. You can get several years of use out of this machine, even if you like to drink tons of water every day.

And what’s even better, it comes with a countertop design. It lets you install the machine in a convenient place over the kitchen top so you can transform your tap water into ionized one in a breeze.

Overall, this ionizer contains every single feature you want this machine to have. That’s enough to enjoy all of its benefits without complaints.

Highlighted Features:

  • Practical countertop design makes use & set up easy
  • Processes up to 4000 liters of water per filter
  • Brings pH level from 3.0 to 11.5 with ease
  • Transforms oxidized water to -860mV for safety
  • Offers 7 different settings for alkalinity & antioxidants

3. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0

Now we meet another water ionizer machine from Aqua Pro – this time the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0.

It is also an excellent model like its newer cousin, but this one comes with a slightly smaller countertop design that makes installation even easier.

You get 7 platinum-coated titanium plates that do the entire job. It offers the chance to transform water with 4.5 of pH to be up to 11 pH without problems. And with its ability to bring the ORP range from +600 to -750mV, it becomes even more helpful.

All of this is done through the 7 water options availability. You can change the alkalinity, purification, and acidic levels. And sure enough, it’s all operated from a handy backlit LCD using your fingers.

Apart from that, the machine comes with a hi-tech filter that can purify up to 6037 liters or 1585 gallons of total water until it wears off. And with the chance to replace it – you’ll enjoy one of the most convenient ionizers out there.

Finally, you can add the self-cleaning system. It will clean the plates of the washing to get rid of the acidity and impurities every 10.5 gallons processed. That makes the whole machine way healthier than most.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune in a water ionizer and still get exceptional purifying results, this is the model to go for.

Highlighted Features:

  • Boasts 7 water options for all kinds of outcomes
  • Improves acidity & oxidation extremely well
  • Handy countertop design with backlit LCD system
  • Super-practical self-cleaning system for healthier results
  • The hi-tech filter can handle up to 1585 gallons of water

4. Cosan/USA Pure Hydration Next Generation

If you’re looking for a purifier that lets you drink water directly from the machine – then you won’t find any better choice than the Cosan/USA Pure Hydration machine.

This ionizer offers the chance to bring the pH levels from 9 to 9.5 in a breeze. It also brings the oxidation of the water from high levels to as low as -450 ORP. That’s enough to enjoy a way healthier water than usual, so you can get all of its benefits.

But the machine comes with more features to enjoy, such as an LED system with Blue and Red lights that tell you when it is working well or when it needs a filter change after several days. Also, it comes with an audible alert when this happens.

Then you get a dual-side entry. This makes the whole filter-replacement process a piece of cake. And with its countertop design, then it gets even more practical. Yet, you can also install it under-sink if needed, so you won’t have any problem with this machine.

Lastly, you can consider its infrared sensor that prevents you from even touching the machine. If you want to keep it as clean as possible, so your water is always in pristine condition – then this system will let you do so.

For those who want the cleanest water out there without breaking the bank – the Pure Hydration system will be a perfect choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatile design goes well on countertops & under-sink
  • Excellent LED system alerts when the filter needs change
  • Brings water down to healthy ORP levels
  • Improves water acidity levels up to 9,5 pH easily
  • The infrared sensor keeps the machine clean for years

5. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 5.0

Coming back to Aqua Pro models, we now meet the Ionizer Deluxe 5.0. This is a smaller version than its cousins, but still, a highly practical model to have.

What makes this one so useful at first is the portability. You can bring this model around with ease, so you can set it up on your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor tap, and more.

Still, it works well to reduce acidity from 4.5 pH and brings it up to 11 pH with ease. Then, you can enjoy its -600mV ORP range, ideal for reducing oxidation.

You can choose different water options as well. From the 4 alkaline levels to the 1 non-ionized mode and even the 2 ionized ones. This all happens with effectiveness thanks to the Electroplate Technology Platinum plates.

As for cleaning the water, you get a hi-tech filter than can handle 4000 filters of water per charge. That’s around 1056 gallons, which makes it perfect for an entire year of tap water use in your kitchen.

Still, the machine comes with a self-cleaning feature. This makes it more practical & easier to handle, so you won’t have to clean it manually.

And sure enough, it is a piece of cake to use with the straightforward button system and backlit LCD. If you want to enjoy an easy-to-use ionizer – this is the machine to go for.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly portable design despite effective performance
  • Offers ideal pH and ORP levels for its cost
  • Filters up to 4000 liters per filter charge
  • Easy-to-use design with backlit LCD
  • Works in 7 different modes for versatility

6. AquaGreen Alkaline Water Ionizer

Cleansing your water has never been as enjoyable and easy. The AquaGreen alkaline ionizer makes it all possible.

You will get an advanced electroplated technology, using 5 titanium & platinum plates that use an ionic membrane. This construction increases the electrolysis efficiency, which makes it work for longer and provide your water with better alkalization.

The machine is still one of the most practical with its 7 levels of water. You can pick 4 levels of alkalinity depending on what you’re looking, and 2 levels of acidity. And sure enough, it also offers the chance to get purified water if needed.

This happens thanks to a highly effective filtration system that gets rid of most impurities while providing maximum health benefits. You won’t have to worry about drinking harmful tap water anymore.

Then, you can bring the pH levels from 3.5 to 10.5 without problems. This offers excellent levels of alkalinity for any outcome.

And with the ability to bring +600mV down to -500mV in acidic levels, then you can enjoy excellent ORP levels without any effort.

Along with the LCD display and the easy-to-use touch button – using this machine will be a total pleasure. Purifying and ionizing your water will never be the same after using this machine.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-end electroplates offer efficient electrolysis
  • Provides 7 levels of water states for better results
  • Increases pH levels & decreases ORP with total ease
  • Hugely effective filtration system gets rid of most impurities
  • Totally easy to use with LCD screen & touch buttons

7. Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Alkaline Ionizer

When ionizing water doesn’t feel like it’s enough, then you can always revitalize it. That’s what the Vitalizer Plus will let you do.

This is a portable alkaline water ionizer that offers the chance to energize your water anywhere you go. With a 16-inches design, you can make it work in any place at any time – you just need a 110v connection and a water source.

This one works a little different than the others, as it makes the water pass through vortexes, magnetic fields, and blending systems. Together, they get rid of most water impurities while making sure you get oxygen-filled water with more alkalinity.

You can make it work in two temperatures as well, so you can cool or warm the water depending on what you want.

And to make it even better, it works with a pulse. That means you need to push the machine down a little for it to start working and revitalize the water. That’s how easy it is to use.

Another exciting part is the pre-programmed function system. It offers the chance to revitalize the water in two different ways – offering deep alkalization or excellent oxygenation to the water. And both are done directly through the pulse function, making it extra easy to use.

Sure enough, it also comes with a filter, so you can purify your water in the process. That’s how amazing this model is.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent two-program system for different results
  • Oxygenates & alkalinizes your water with ease
  • Pulse-function system makes it a piece of cake to use
  • Unique vortex process for extra purity
  • Comes with effective filter for cleaner water

8. aQuasafe Home Water Ionizer

After going through a purifier, we come back to countertop ionizers. This time, we meet the aQuasafe Home Water model – a highly effective machine to get your tap water purified.

This is one of the most useful machines you will find, capable of processing up to 8000 liters or 2113 gallons of water per filter. That’s enough for an entire year's worth of kitchen sink water, so you can clean & drink when needed without holding back.

The process is highly effective, consisting of a carbon filter that gets rid of most impurities. However, it is the electrolysis system that truly stands out. It boasts 11 titanium electroplates with a platinum coating that increases the alkalinity of your water.

This pairs up well with the ability to bring the pH level from 2.8 to 11 – making it one of the best of its kind. And with the ORP level, you can bring it quickly from +600 to -800 with ease – that’s how effective it is.

There’s another excellent feature to enjoy, the LCD screen at 3.8-inches. It is enough to manage everything the machine does with its 5-button system. You can produce drinking water, H2 water, for cooking, cleaning, and more.

And sure enough, it still manages to come with a self-cleaning system. It will get rid of any impurities on the plates as well as the excess in the filter. This delivers the perfect convenience, so the machine stays in perfect condition for long to provide excellent purifying results.

Highlighted Features:

  • The quality system processes 2113 gallons of water per filter
  • Brings pH & ORP levels to the right measurements
  • Comes with 11 electroplates for effective purification
  • Offers 5 levels of water-cleansing for convenience
  • Easy-to-use interface with LCD screen & touch buttons

9. IonTech IT-750 Compact Under Sink Ionizer

For those who want maximum convenience, the IonTech IT-750 will come like the perfect choice.

This is a small under-sink model that comes with a faucet. Yes, you get the practicality of an under-sink with the convenience of the faucet – so you can manage it directly from the spout and still enjoy the excellent purification system.

It offers the chance to work with 6 different levels of purification. You can change 4 alkaline levels, 1 acidic level, and 1 pure filtered level. This offers the chance to enjoy the exact type of water you prefer.

Still, it comes with an effective filtering system that purifies water from all kinds of impurities such as chlorine, pesticides, debris, dirt, and more. This system uses a carbon filter that can handle 12,000 liters of water with ease – more than an entire year of a kitchen faucet use.

This pairs up well with the 10-second electrolysis chamber. It provides the alkalinity to the water so you can enjoy maximum health benefits after processing the stream. And then, it cleans the water in 2 minutes, so you get super-clean results.

Overall, the ionizer can bring 4.5pH water to 11.5pH with ease. And for ORP levels, you can bring it from +600 down to -800 as well.

So you get not only a hugely convenient system but a very effective one. Using this machine will make your water cleaner but also provide a super easy-to-use system.

Highlighted Features:

  • Practical faucet system makes it easy to use
  • Under-sink design hides the machine from sight
  • Adequate alkalinity & acidic cleansing system
  • Excellent water purification in a 2-minute process
  • Delivers 6 purification programs for any demand

10. Webetop Water Alkaline Ionizer

For the last model in the list, we needed to bring an affordable yet highly effective model – the Webetop Water Alkaline Ionizer.

This model can purify about 1585 gallons of water or about 6000 liters per filter. That’s enough for an entire year or more of total water consumption. And it is all thanks to a hi-tech filter that gets rid of chlorine, odor, taste, debris, and other impurities in the water.

The machine still self-cleans, which makes sure you get the cleanest water possible every time. Every 7.9 gallons of water, the machine cleans itself to keep offering purified water to the max.

Yet, it is the excellent set of platinum-coated titanium plates that are so effective, bringing your water pH levels from 3.5 to 10.5 as well as bringing the ORP levels from +600 to -500mV with ease.

And you can pick how well you want the machine to work per water load. With 7 different functions, you can make the water super alkaline or acidic, depending on what you prefer. That will make it a highly practical model overall.

Still, the machine is a piece of cake to use with a 3.8-inches LCD screen plus a straightforward array of buttons for the functions. When it comes to choosing the right purification level, this machine makes it all a piece of cake.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstanding filter processes 1585 gallons with ease
  • Offers 7 functions so you can achieve ideal purification
  • Gets pH levels up to 10.5 and ORP levels to -500mV
  • Straightforward operation with LCD screen & touch buttons
  • Self-cleaning mode keeps it safe every 7.9 gallons

Best Water Ionizer Machine Buying Guide: Things to Consider!

If you’re looking for the best alkaline water machine possible, then you’ll need to consider the right factors. Here are some of them:

pH Range

First and foremost – consider the pH range of the machine.

This will tell you how well the ionizer can bring the alkaline levels of the water to healthy levels. But what you’re looking for is not a specific number – but two.

That means you want a machine that can work with the broadest range of pH possible. If it can handle pH levels as low as 1 pH and can bring it at about 10 pH or so – then that’s an excellent machine.

But if it can bring the pH levels even higher than 10 – then that’s an exceptional machine.

For example, pH levels at about 14 mean the water is super clean & alkaline. That brings a unique level of purity that you can enjoy to the max, giving the extra antioxidants and preventing the water from causing any acidic-related issue.

For us, the perfect pH range would be 3 pH to 12 or 13 pH. If you can get a machine with that kind of pH range, then you’ll have an excellent ionizer.

ORP Range

Similarly, to pH, you want an ionizer that can solve the ORP or oxidation level from the water.

Here, you’re not looking precisely for a range, but for the lowest level of oxidation possible.

The ORP is measured in mV. High mV levels such as +600 or around mean the water is highly oxidized and may contain tons of free radicals that damage your body. In contrast, low mV levels at about -600 mV will get rid of the free radicals and make the water cleaner & less oxidized.

That’s why you should always look for ionizers that can bring the oxidation level as low as -600 or even less if possible. And if it can handle highly oxidized water at about +600 or +700 – then that would be even better.

The whole focus should be on looking for the lowest ORP value possible. But make sure to consider the high range as well, it will often tell you how well the machine can fix the water.

Number of Plates

All ionizers come with platinum or titanium plates. These plates are the ones that produce the electrolysis, or the process that gets rid of acidity on the water.

The number of plates makes a huge factor because this will tell you how capable the machine can be. And this happens because the more plates it has, the better it will work – presumably.

For us, it’s all about the right numbers. You won’t need more than 10 plates in an ionizer to make it work correctly. In fact, the most effective models offer between 6, 7, or 8 plates in total. So you won’t need more than that if you want proper ionizing.

Still, make sure the machine has at least 5 plates. That will be enough to get your water ionized without problems.

Water Filter

Another super important feature that many people tend to overlook is the filter.

This is super necessary because a natural water ionizer does not only reduce acidity and oxidation levels, it also cleans the water from impurities like chlorine, germs, bacteria, sediment, and more.

That’s why we recommend getting the best water filter possible, something that can handle as many gallons or filters of water per charge.

Usually, filters can handle between 1000 and 1500 gallons of water (or about 4000 to 6000 liters). That’s enough to handle an entire year of water flow in a kitchen sink, for example.

Once the filter has processed enough water, then it needs to be replaced. That’s why we recommend getting as many liters/gallons of capacity as possible.

For best results, stay away from ionizers with filters that can’t handle at least 1000 gallons. Any filter with less capacity than that will need to be changed every 3 to 6 months. And that can be pretty annoying.

Ease of Use

Using an ionizer shouldn’t be much of a problem. Sadly, not all manufacturers understand that.

That’s why we often advise users to go for the most practical models possible. That means getting the easiest-to-use designs out there, often with backlit LCD, if possible.

Buttons are also necessary. Most features from these machines are activated through these buttons, so we recommend getting models with as many modes and/or functions as possible.

And lastly, make sure you don’t need to do much more than pushing a button, and that’s it. Some models may require extra steps which can be super annoying – so stay away from them.


Similarly to the operation of a water ionizer, you also want to have a more enjoyable time doing so.

That’s why it is ultra-helpful to go only for models that you can install in a breeze. For that, get portable models if possible, especially those with a countertop design.

These models allow you to install the machine in just a few minutes, even on your kitchen faucet.

But sure enough, this is a little more difficult to get right than other features. What we recommend is considering the design above anything else – that should tell you everything you need to know about the ionizer setup.

Types of Water Ionizer: Which One to Choose?

Now that you’ve gone over all the different factors to consider before buying, we need to show you all the types of ionizers you can pick.

This will help you choose the best alkaline machine for your needs, depending on what works better for you.

Here are the three types of ionizers you’ll find:

Ionizer Pitcher

This type of machine works independently. That means it is not connected to any water source like most ionizers are.

To make it work, you will have to fill the machine with the water and start the purifying process. Often, these pitchers offer the chance to increment the alkaline levels as well as reduce acidity and increase oxygenation.

You will have the chance to enjoy alkaline-rich water as well as a highly oxygenized one that makes it even healthier & beneficial.

These systems often come with just a few buttons and/or functions. You just need to add the water and press any of these buttons for the machine to do its job.

The best of all is that you won’t need to install them. Often, they work like blenders, so you will only have to connect them to an outlet, pour some water in, and that’s it. They will do the job.

Countertop Water Ionizer

A countertop alkaline water machine offers a pretty different operation than a pitcher.

This one is indeed connected to a water source, often a faucet. The water will pass through the machine and then deliver the water directly through the faucet or through a hose attached to the machine.

What makes countertop ionizers effective is that they work directly on the countertop, so users can change their functions accordingly, depending on their needs. For example, if you need highly alkaline water, you can change it with the touch of a button from the countertop.

These machines often have pH and ORP levels to choose from. And they contain filters that purify the water as well as adding alkaline levels or reducing the acidity.

Overall, they’re pretty effective and are worth having. Still, installation can be complicated, especially if you have other things on the countertop with minimum space.

Under-Sink Water Ionizer

If a countertop model doesn’t work for you, and a pitcher ionizer feels like too much work – then you can always go for an under-sink model.

This one goes directly below the sink and offers the chance to save some space as well as work conveniently without much handling.

Some under-sink models come with their own faucets that allow easy use. This prevents users from having to get under the sink to change water modes every time they’re processing water.

That also means they come with their pH and acidic levels to change when needed. You won’t have to stick to a pre-set level of purification or ionizing – you can pick the right one.

Overall, these are practical and useful – but can be a little hard to install if you don’t have much under-sink space. Apart from that, these are more permanent solutions, so the installation usually requires a lot of work.


As you can see, there are so many different options to choose from that you won’t have it easy.

Picking the next water purifier may take you a few hours or even days. But make sure to follow our advice & recommendations to reduce the time and effort.

For us, picking the Bawell Platinum Alkaline Water Ionizer will be the wisest choice. Despite being the most expensive model in the list – it is the best water ionizer without a doubt. It comes with every single feature you need on a countertop ionizer, and it lasts a lifetime.

But all other models in the list are also worth considering, so don’t overlook them. You will get the right model as long as you follow this article. So don’t hesitate and pick one now!

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