Best Woodworking Roller Stand: Reviews 2022

If you happen to be into working with woods, chances are you have often dealt with situations where you needed to cut long pieces of wood. A steady hand is a must in these cases. Only the best woodworking roller stand can provide you assistance like an extra pair of hands to aid you with your work.

You will need firm support from the sides to hold the wood so that it does not move away. We all know the importance of accuracy when it comes to woodwork.

A slight slip of the hand, and we may have to discard a good piece of lumbar, which could have been perfect for your next project. So, a roller stand is a must in these scenarios.

Need suggestions to pick one? Here you go:

Top 7 Best Woodworking Roller Stands

Keeping your needs in mind, after conducting extensive research , we have created this article where we will discuss the available options in 2020. We highly recommend you look into this before taking up that next project of yours.

1. Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand

Let us look into our first option which is this multifaceted adjustable stand from Rockwell. This easy to use woodworking stand can aid you with your work, whether you need to hold or clamp large pieces of wood without any trouble.

The clamp that comes along is capable of withholding surface up to 1.75 inches in width. Paired up with padded clamps and the low friction slides, this will help you hold onto various objects without leaving any scratches or bruises on the surface.

You can easily adjust the height between 25 to 43 inches, spin, or tilt it accurately up to a 90-degree angle, with the help of its built-in bubble indicator for correct leveling.

Rockwell’s extra-wide tripod legs with no-mar and no-slip feet provide excellent stability on any surface level, including uneven terrains, without causing single damage to the floor area. Even after putting a full load on this stand, you can adjust it up to 2 inches with impeccable accuracy.


  • Can be used as a multi-purpose stand
  • Height adjustment provides accuracy during work
  • Tilt adjustment from 0-90 degrees increases its versatility
  • Superior build quality prevents scratches
  • Comes completely assembled and ready to use right out of the box
  • Cons

  • Multi usability provides a steep learning curve
  • Maximum load capacity is 220 lbs only
  • 2. BORA Portamate PM-5093 Tri Function Pedestal Roller

    This multi-directional pivoting head roller stand will be excellent support for working in all kinds of environments. You will get three different types of support in this single device.

    The roller support, rigid stationery, and multi-directional ball support are perfect for any work that you plan to do. Its fully adjustable design makes it perfect for you to pair up with the other equipment in your arsenal for table saws, band saws, etc.

    With its sturdy construction, you can work with heavy materials up to 300 lbs. without worrying for a bit. Even after putting all this weight, the powder-coated finish and non-slip feet will keep it grounded so that you can seamlessly do precision works at impeccable accuracy.

    You can vertically adjust this roller stand from anywhere between 27 to 43.75 inches. This roller can be folded up nicely and put away after you finish working on it. It has a patented wedge lock system that can support up to 150 lbs.


  • Sturdy design makes it extremely durable
  • Lightweight design helps you carry it anywhere
  • Pivoting head gives you three different functionality
  • Foot adjustability for stability in uneven terrains
  • Non-slip rubber feet keep it anchored to the ground
  • Cons

  • May not always hit the high 43-inch mark
  • Accurate height adjustment can be difficult at times
  • 3. PROTOCOL Equipment 3 in 1 Material Support Roller Stand

    If you need a quality roller stand for your woodworks within a budget, let us introduce you to this Protocol Equipment 3 in 1 material support roller.

    Although it may have a weight capacity of 150 lbs, you can use it to efficiently support hefty wood pieces and maneuver them in multiple directions. Its multi-position head can help you as a single roller, multi-ball head, or material stop.

    You will get eight separate rollers attached at the top to move around your workpieces in any direction that you want. With height adjustability between 28 to 45 inches, you can work with its versatility alongside different materials.

    You can set the stands that come with it at a very wide range for increased stability. This functionality will immensely help you with your woodwork by preventing it from falling over.

    Furthermore, its capped feet are perfect for protecting your floor from getting scratched up. Its foldable design will make it easy for you to carry or store when you do not use it.


  • An unmatched high-quality entry-level roller stand
  • Capped and rubberized feet protect the floor from damage
  • Steel construction makes it durable
  • Adjustability range makes it versatile equipment
  • Easy to work with
  • Cons

  • Bolted components are not as sturdy
  • Low maximum weight capacity capped of 150 lbs
  • 4. WORKPRO Folding Roller Stand, W137006A

    Another budget-friendly option that we would suggest is from Workpro. This robust design will provide you with quality service for a long time. It has a superior finish that protects it from rust and provides you with years of quality service.

    This roller stand comes with an adjustable height between 27 inches to 43 inches. You can work with various table saws of variable height paired up with this roller stand. This helps because of the fact that most of the table saws happen to be within this height range,

    With a weight capacity of 250 lbs, this folding roller stand works well with miter saws, planers, and jointers, which is great for working with logs, timbers, firewood, and materials made of metals as well.

    This product will help you on uneven grounds by keeping it planted with the help of the eccentric feet that come with it. The edge guides placed beside the rollers help maneuver the workpieces and prevent them from rolling off and falling over.


  • Sturdy construction keeps away rusts
  • Can be easily adjusted both horizontally and vertically
  • Edge guides to keep materials from falling off
  • Better weight capacity than other budget stands
  • Foldable design to carry or shelf when not needed
  • Cons

  • Generic design
  • Quality of the handle is not up to the mark
  • 5. Vestil Stand-H Horizontal Deluxe Roller Stand 

    This one is a must-have in your workplace, especially if you happen to work with a wide range of woodworks. It is also ideal for working on long pieces of wood. The well-built roller stand is not only among one of the best construction available but is also one of the most durable ones too.

    Its maximum weight capacity of 1760 lbs. is extremely impressive and will enable you to work with almost every size and weight of the lumbar that you may fancy. You can adjust its height accurately anywhere between 23 to 38.5 inches.

    Moreover, this height range is perfect to work with most machines as they usually fall within this range of height. This roller stand is pretty lightweight, considering the weight it can work with. And because of this, you can carry it almost anywhere, depending on your needs.

    The base of this stand is made of cast steel, which is why it can provide you with a well-built base so that you can work safely. You can achieve the right alignment at your desired height with the friction lock screw that comes along with it.


  • Impressive height adjusting functionality
  • Top-notch quality with a solid build
  • Extremely heavy-duty stand
  • Stays perfectly planted during usage
  • Light enough compared to its capacity to withstand
  • Cons

  • At 30 lbs., it is not the lightest roller stand in the market
  • No foldable design
  • 6. HTC HSS- 18 Super Duty Adjustable Tall Pedestal Roller Stand

    Another heavy-duty constructed adjustable and tall roller stand comes from HTC. This one is capable of working with longer pieces of wood at a significantly heavier weight limit of 500 lbs. without breaking a sweat.

    If you happen to work on big-sized projects, you may just have found your ideal equipment. You can work with such weight capacity with an exceptional amount of stability and accuracy.

    Feel free to adjust its height anywhere from between 28 to 45 inches. This variable range makes it compatible with almost any saws you have in your woodshop or any other types of equipment or tables that you may have plans to purchase in the future.

    The superior quality wedge lock will enable you to properly lock it at any range as well. And with its sturdy build, the last thing you have to worry about is it falling off from any locked height position even at its maximum weight capacity.

    This unit comes with fully adjustable leveling feet that can work well in the most uneven terrains. The 4-point non-skid feet provide superior stability while using.


  • Solid build weighing at 22.4 lbs
  • Works well even on unfavorable surfaces
  • Lightweight enough for mobility
  • Very high weight limit compared to most roller stands
  • Customizable leveling feet
  • Cons

  • May not always withhold loads of 500 lbs.
  • Comparatively more expensive
  • 7. ToughBuilt – Roller Stand/Support Stand (TB-S200) 

    You can consider this heavy-duty equipment as unparalleled for working with long wood pieces with utmost steadiness and perfectly leveled angles. Its box tube frame stand will provide you with enough strength and stability to handle heavy equipment pieces.

    It comes with a sleek looking chrome roller on top, which will help you slide the materials you are working with very smoothly and efficiently. Afterward, you can fold its legs flat and put it away without worrying much about storage space requirements.

    You can store this at almost any place, given its compact form. A lever provided near the center helps you lock it at any height range, which you may need for your next project. You can position it anywhere between 27.5 to 43 inches, depending on your needs.

    If you have a small workshop, you can consider using this, given its compact form and functionality. You can mount it on a wall afterward.


  • Box tube frame provides extreme stability and structure
  • Heavy-duty steel construction supports weighty materials
  • Lightweight construction at 9.88 lbs
  • Compact and flat-folding options help with storage
  • Galvanized steel roller helps with smooth maneuverability
  • Cons

  • Fixed height for the legs
  • No leveling adjustments available in the legs
  • What to Look for While Buying Woodworking Roller Stand

    There is no doubt that every skilled woodworker should have top quality roller stands amidst their set of tools. So, when it comes to buying a roller stand for woodworking for your workshop, you should consider several facts, which we will discuss below.

    • Build Quality

    Roller stands are made to withstand a lot of weight. It is important that you check whether the stand can safely withhold the maximum weight limit, which has been advertised. Even a slight imbalance can result in an unexpected outcome.

    Thoroughly checking your products for any defect is a must before spending your money. So it is crucial to check the build material and its quality as well.

    • Height Adjustment

    To pair it up with other tools such as table saws, you should be able to adjust its height correctly. Make sure the product you are purchasing is stable and well-planted to the ground at its maximum height level even after putting a hefty amount of weight.

    So it is essential to know the range of the stand’s height adjustment features and the ability to stay firmly at the level where you need your work to be done.

    • Design 

    Various roller stands with countless designs are available in the market. Many of these designs can be deemed redundant. So make sure you know the type of work you do and whether the tools you choose will help you or not.

    • Stand

    It will be within your best interest if you consider the terrain of your workplace. If your roller stand is fully adjustable, you can work with it anywhere you need to.

    It is crucial to check whether the feet are made of rubber or other paddings to support you when putting huge loads on it. The work quality may severely be affected if the roller slips even the slightest bit.

    Woodworking demands that you have a high level of precision during your work. So, you need to make sure that you can achieve that beforehand. If you fail to do that, then the tools will be deemed redundant, and your money wasted.

    Frequently Asked Question

    1. What is the purpose of a roller stand?

    Primary purpose of a roller stand is to support a long piece of wood as the table on which you place it may not be able to hold the full length of it. The roller also allows you to smoothly move the wood piece in any direction that you may need.

    2. What is the best woodworking roller stand?

    There is no one correct answer to this question. Even at a flexible budget, you have to decide based on your needs before choosing, as they all have their unique features and for different purposes.

    3. How much weight can a roller hold?

    A roller can withstand weights anywhere between 150 to 1800 lbs. without much trouble based on various models.

    4. Is it possible to use roller stands with a drill press?

    It is perfectly safe and possible to use them with a drill press alongside other machines. But you do have to keep in mind the maximum weight and pressure that it can take.

    5. Is it a must to own a roller stand?

    Roller stands work as an extra pair of hands for you at your workshop. It is not always possible to have a couple of helping hands. Most times, we may need to work solo. In situations like this, a roller stand can assist you.

    Final Words

    If you are reading this, then you probably have gone through the whole article that we prepared for you. After conducting extensive research, we gathered enough information regarding the best woodworking roller stand available in the market in 2020.

    We hope that we were able to guide you through what you have been searching for. Thank you for sticking with us till the end.

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