10 Best Work Boots for Concrete: Reviews in 2021

Concrete, the hard and strong medium that it is, is not forgiving on your feet. Because the surface is so sturdy and inelastic, there is no give on the surface.

Walking on concrete all day or even for a few hours straight can give you unimaginable foot pain. To tackle this you can get a massage after work, take frequent breaks, or try out the most practical option; getting the best work boots for concrete that you can find.

With the help of an accessory that is designed to work in such an environment, you can reduce after-work foot pain by a significant amount. To help find the right work boots, we have provided you a few options that we trust down below.

Top 10 Best Work Boots for Concrete 

To help you out with finding the perfect working boots for concrete, we’ve selected and reviewed some of the boots that we know work well. Let’s get to know them.

1. Caterpillar Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Men's work boots are just the boots you need if you have to work in construction sites or any work environment that is a bit risky. No matter what happens these boots will keep your feet safe at all costs.

Widely known for being one of the most durable work boots for concrete, this footwear will not disappoint you.

Made with leather that is modified to work in wet and humid conditions, you get boots that look good but don’t go bad. Besides that, Caterpillar also has your comfort in mind.

So, the insoles are contoured to adjust to the shape of your feet. With these comfy insoles in your boots, you can now forget about leg and foot pain at the end of your shift.

Unlike most other work boots these feature a synthetic sole. This is chunky enough to keep you from feeling the hard concrete floor and they also last a lot longer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Work safe and heavy-duty boots that are great for construction site workers
  • Has a leather body that looks great with any outfit and also makes the boots durable
  • Synthetic soles protect you from the concrete floor and are more durable too
  • Insoles contoured to match the shape of your feet for extra comfort

2. Wolverine Men's Raider 6" Work Boot

Boots that are better at keeping you pain-free on concrete don't necessarily have to be stiff or uncomfortable.

If you need to stay physically quite active when working, these Wolverine Men’s Raiders will be the best choice for you. They are thick and strong enough to absorb all the shock from the hard surface but flexible at the same time.

So, you won’t feel any restriction when moving around. This flexibility also improves your stability.

The shaft of these boots is 5.5 inches when measured from the arch. A larger and spacious design makes this one of the best pairs of work boots for wide feet. A heel of 1.25 inches is more than enough to keep you comfy and save you from foot pain.

All parts of the interior of the boot are removable so you can air them out and clean them thoroughly after a long day's work.

You can never go wrong with an all leather and rubber sole combination!

Highlighted Features:

  • Very flexible, allow you to move around freely
  • 5.5-inch long shaft and spacious design makes these friendly for wider feet
  • 1.25-inch heel to absorb shock and improve your posture
  • All parts are removable for better cleaning

3. Ariat Men's Groundbreaker Pull-On Work Boot

These cowboy-style boots are just what you need if you want to make a statement at work. The all-leather long shaft design makes this unique and eye-catching.

With no laces involved and a design that fits most feet width, these are the best pull-on work boots for concrete. An almost universal design saves you from having to worry about the boot's fitting.

The insoles are removable so that you can clean it better. As the calf size varies, the opening of the boot is 14 inches around so that they can fit many people.

One inch rubber sole gives you just the right amount of bounce to keep your feet pain-free but give you stability as well.

Leather construction makes these boots long-lasting. Designed to work under any kind of work environment, you will be able to use them on any conditions ranging from a farm to a construction site. The flexible design also gives you the opportunity to wear them on different occasions as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy slip-on boots that have no laces
  • Made to be compatible with feet of any width and calves of any size
  • Flexible and unique cowboy design lets you wear these to both work and functions
  • Removable insoles for better cleaning

4. Irish Setter Men's 83606 6" Aluminum Toe Work Boot

If you're looking for boots that are both stylish and functional, these Irish setter men's work boots are the ones for you.

Made with a high-quality leather body, these boots will surely turn some heads. The leather is polished, glazed, and made to work great in construction sites. Water won’t do much harm to these bad boys so you can wear them without a worry.

Rubber soles that are squishy but sturdy provide a good amount of space between your feet and the solid concrete. Soles that are made with rubber have a greater capacity to absorb shock, so you'll be more comfortable throughout the day.

Outsoles on these boots are made to be resistant to heat. We know that concrete can get quite hot on a summer day. The last thing you want is your rubber sole to melt and stick to the ground.

A wedge designed construction helps elevate these boots from the ground which reduces the shock you feel while walking on concrete. These also make walking, in general, more comfortable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thicker wedge-style design for better arch and support
  • Stylish leather construction that works well on wet surfaces as well
  • Heat resistant, can handle up to 475 F
  • Nylon lining inside that meets electrical safety standards and is also softer on the feet

5. Timberland PRO Men's 52562 Endurance 6" PR Work Boot

Boots that you need to break down before you can actually start using for daily work can be quite annoying sometimes. If you don’t like a long break down period, we suggest you get this model. The well-structured and flexible design on this boot allows you to use this pair straight out of the box.

These will provide protection against hard surfaces and keep you comfortable as well, but what’s different about them is the extra features you get.

If you have sensitive feet, these boots come with an anti-microbial lining. This is a special mesh design that keeps fatigue away. As breathability is also increased because of the mesh, your feet don't sweat as much as stay fresh for longer.

You also get other safety features such as steel toes and puncture-resistant plates. These features are what make this the best set of shoes for working on concrete all day.

Highlighted Features:

  • Special mesh design keeps your feet fresh and dry all day long
  • Anti-microbial lining for feet that get fatigued easily
  • Steel toes and puncture-resistant plates to protect your feet
  • Do not need long break downtime

6. Caterpillar Men's Threshold Waterproof Industrial Boot

When looking for boots for work, getting ones that are safe to use on wet surfaces is a must. You don’t want to slip and fall near an area that has wet concrete.

This Caterpillar Men’s Threshold Boot is a must-have for people who work near or on wet surfaces quite often. Known for having the best grip, these boots have an anti-slip technology that gives you stability and control like no other. This technology is a great thing to have even if you don’t work on wet surfaces.

Other than slippery floors, this boot will also protect you from electric hazards. Special padding is provided in the toe region for better protection from any object that falls on your feet.

Made with waterproof leather that is also steam lined, these boots will last you a long time.

Remove the footbed from the boots to clean and air out every corner. This part can also be replaced if you feel like it has worn out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Anti-slip technology gives better control and grip on wet surfaces
  • Great toe protection and electric hazard protection
  • Steam-lined and waterproof leather construction that will last you ages
  • Has a removable and replaceable footbed

7. Skechers for Work Men's Soft Stride Canopy Slip Resistant Work Boot

High shaft boots might not be everyone's cup of tea. We get that. That is why we've included this very casual sketcher that looks cool and also keeps your feet protected from concrete floors.

The all-black construction gives it a work casual vibe. So, you can put on these shoes for both work and hangouts with your friends.

You get a heel that is 1.5 inches high and quite rugged looking. This combined with the rubber sole gives you great posture and structure. Your feet don't feel the harsh concrete surface, your back stays straight and you even walk with better stature!

There is also a layer of memory foam on the insoles which might feel a bit weird on the heels at first but provide extreme comfort in the long term.

You don’t have to worry about the heels on these shoes wearing out because they can withstand quite a lot of weight.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sketcher type shoe that goes with any outfit and a lot of occasions
  • A layer of memory foam is added for better comfort in the long run
  • Can withstand a lot of weight, heels won’t wear out anytime soon
  • Can be worn in any climate

8. ROCKROOSTER Work Boots for Men

Another great option for people who love pull-on boots! This boot from Rockrooster has a special elastic band that makes slipping your foot in easier. If you have wide feet, you are going to love this one!

The heavy-duty design makes these boots perfect for wearing to work without any worries. These will protect you from any object that falls on your feet, hard and rough concrete floors, open electric wires, and toxic chemicals as well.

A waterproof exterior does not let even a single drop of liquid get through to your feet. Built with a special grip design, you get great control on slippery or wet surfaces as well.

Automatically contoured footbed adjusts to the shape of your feet and gives you maximum comfort. With that thick memory foam also added to the insole, this pair relieves stress and reduces fatigue.

Highlighted Features:

  • Slip-on boots with an elastic band for a better fit
  • Waxed leather exterior that is waterproof, chemical and toxin resistant, oil resistant and also keeps you safe from electricity
  • Thick memory foam added to reduce fatigue
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy design
  • Synthetic sole that is soft and thick but has more structural integrity

9. Georgia Men's G6152 Mid Calf Boot

The thicker the wedge the better the boots perform. However, a lot of people are not comfortable with the height thick wedges provide. If you think you can pull it off, these wedge boots are a delight on the feet.

As these rubber wedges come in contact with the concrete floor first, they take in a lot of the trauma themselves. With wedges this thick you won’t even feel the concrete floor beneath you.

With more height now, you get a better posture and balance. So, not only are you keeping your feet protected but you’re also helping your back.

The body of the boot is made with SPR leather. No toxins or chemicals can do any harm to the boot nor can they seep inside. The shaft is 6 inches high, so it keeps your ankles protected as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • The thick wedge-like form gives you more comfort
  • High 6 inch shaft protects your ankles as well
  • More height gives you better posture and balance which is great for your back as well as your feet
  • The body of the boot is made with SPR leather
  • Resistant to chemicals and toxins, does not let them seep through

10. Carhartt Men's CMF6371 

At first glance, these boots look quite chunky and rugged giving you the idea that these will be quite durable and also keep your feet safe. It might also look like they are tough to walk in, but we can assure you that they are not!

Featuring a composite safety toe, these boots keep you safe from any impact that you might receive from falling objects. You also get protection during contact with electrical wires. As the toes are not made of steel you get better flexibility and are able to move freely.

Although the boots are made with leather, they are waterproof and breathable. No liquid can get through these boots or cause any harm to the exterior. Because there is airflow inside, you can wear the boots all day long without having to worry about sweat or smelly feet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil-tanned leather exterior; looks great and is waterproof as well
  • Soft insoles that feel like pillows on your feet
  • The breathable structure makes these perfect for wearing for long hours
  • A rugged and durable structure that keeps your feet safe from impact
  • Composite safety toe protects you from electricity and adds more flexibility to your movements

What to Look for While Buying Work Boots for Concrete? 

When looking for the perfect boots for concrete, there are a few vital features that you need to look out for. Keeping a special eye on these characteristics will ensure that you choose the best one fitted to your needs.

A Good Heel Size

Boots that have a small to medium heel are a must-have if you don’t like the impact of hard concrete on your feet. If you’re not comfortable with higher heels, an option as small as an inch will also do.

As the heels hit the ground first when you’re walking, your feet feel less shock. Most of the impact is absorbed by the heel. They can also help to keep your feet in a good and comfortable position throughout the day.

Comfortable Sole

A boot without a dense and comfortable sole will do no good on concrete. Soles that are thick and a bit squishy will provide a barrier between you and the hardened surface. Bigger soles will also absorb almost all of the shock and prevent it from spreading.

A boot with a good sole is equal to a durable boot. As this is the most common part that needs replacement, a good quality boot with great sole will help you save up some bucks in repairs.

The Perfect Fit

Although it may seem trivial, the fit of your shoe can affect comfort. If you have wide feet or flat feet you may want to consider getting boots that are designed especially for feet like that. We've included the best work boots for flat feet on concrete as well if you need any.

Getting a boot which really tight will make your feet sore while walking in boots that are too loose might make your trip and result in foot scabs. Boots with a snug fit are the best option to go for.


It is very important to have boots that have a good grip or a good anti-slip system for work purposes. Fresh concrete can be quite slick and slippery when wet. Get boots that work well in slippery situations by preventing water collection beneath the sole or redirecting water from key pressure points.


If you work with water quite often you should avoid getting boots that are made of leather. Although they look great, they won't last that long if kept in constant contact with water.

A good rule is to get boots that are made with waterproof and durable material so that they last long and also don’t let any water seep through.

Why Should You Buy Work Boots for Concrete?

Walking on concrete has quite an effect on your feet. They can cause serious cramps and foot aches. Wearing boots that are designed for walking on concrete will prevent that painstaking foot ache that you get when you go back home after a long day of work.

If you have to walk on concrete on a regular basis a boot for this is a must. Without it, your feet will hurt, and you will be in constant pain. This agony is bad enough to distract you from work and if it gets worse, you might also have to take a few days of leave.

When this pain is not taken care of or when this becomes a part of your daily life the bruises and aches might cause permanent damage. Some people also face back problems and even face limping if measures to stop the pain is not taken.

Why Does Standing on Concrete Hurt?

The solid and dense structure of concrete is what makes it so strong. This is also what makes concrete so inflexible. As the hard surface has no flexibility your feet can face difficulty when walking on concrete for long hours.

When walking on wood or grass there is a bit of elasticity that works when you step on the surface. As this is not present when walking on concrete, your feet have to work more.

This causes extreme discomfort and sometimes severe foot cramps. Concrete is also often not smooth and filled with hard edges that make the walk even worse.

Some people even get swollen feet from walking on concrete all day.

What Are the Popular Brands for Work Boots?

Buying a work boot from a brand that is well known and reputed guarantees better performance and durability. Some of the brands that we trust are as follows

  • Caterpillar

We’ve included two work boots for concrete from Caterpillar on our list. This is because the brand is known for making boost that last ages.

  • Wolverine

Wolverine is what most construction site workers choose as their work boot brand. This is because the products have excellent toe protection and also keep you safe from exposed electric wires.

  • Irish Setter

If your work area is wet, a boot from Irish Setter will be a lifesaver. These don't allow a drop of water inside.

  • Timberland 

Although they might not be the most affordable options on the market, they last ages. So, in the end, you get your money's worth. The brand also comes up with new and cool designs that everyone enjoys.

  • Georgia Men’s

This is the brand to go for if you want boots made of SPR leather. Their boots are also oil-resistant.

  • Carhartt

They make boots that look rugged and are quite chunky. This design is guaranteed to give you protection against anything that comes at your feet. You also get a comfortable give from these boots for better movement.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Having a few more queries when buying your working boot for concrete is more than normal. That is why we’re here to answer some of these questions for you.

1. Is leather a bad choice for work boots for concrete? 

Leather that has been treated for work purposes is a good choice. They can protect you while adding a lot of style to your outfit as well. But leather that is not resistant to water will fade and get ruined very quickly.

2. How much weight can concrete boots withstand? 

Boots that are safety type can withstand up to 25000 lbs. So, the amount of weight does not matter when buying these shoes for work.

3. Are boots for concrete waterproof? 

Almost all the boots for concrete are made waterproof because you never know when you might come in contact with water when working. But there are options that are not waterproof if that is what you prefer.

4. How long do boots used during working on concrete last?

With regular use, a boot for concrete will last you about 6 months to a year. This depends on how well you use the boots and also how much you take care of it.

5. How to get cement off boots? 

It is better to let the cement dry completely and then scrape it off gently rather than trying to scrape off wet cement.

Final Words

These boots are a must-have if you have to walk on concrete for long hours regularly. Not only do they keep your feet pain-free, but they also help improve your walking and standing position which helps with any existing back and joint pain.

Get yourself the best work boots for concrete from out list and enjoy your work without having to worry about foot pain!

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