Different Types of Slip-on Shoes in Details

When it comes to shoes, formality is the last thing that comes to mind when thinking about slip-on shoes. This shoe is specifically preferred by people who don’t want to feel the rigidity of formal shoes but also do not want to ruin their outfit by opting for boots or sandals.

Slip-on shoes are easy to wear and eliminates the fear of having untied laces. It’s a perfect choice for people who tend to get dressed up at the very last moment. They are very aesthetically pleasing as well.

There are various types of slip-on shoes to choose from, each with unique designs and color combinations. Read on to know more about them.

Different Types of Slip-on Shoes

Here is a list of the different kinds of slip-on shoes to help you determine which one would be the best for you.


Moccasins originated in the United States of America. Worn by native Americans since the colonial era, the moccasin has made its way to mainstream fashion over time. Its unique design and the comfort that can be felt from wearing make it an ideal casual wear option.

These were made initially from deerskin; however, they are now available in faux leather and many more animal-friendly options. The sole of the shoe is comfy and flexible, while the upper part has beads or embroidery as decorations.

It is perfectly suitable for wearing inside even though the Native Americans wore it outside. This versatility makes it the perfect option for either a picnic or a house party.

Nowadays, moccasins are made for specific purposes as well. Some moccasins have rubber soles fitted to them to help in driving vehicles.

This feature provides added grip and increases the moccasins' longevity while maintaining their snugness and flexibility. There are also work-boot versions of moccasins these days.


Loafers are the hybrid version of slip-on shoes. It follows the frame of a moccasin and got upgraded over time.

Similar to the moccasin, loafers also gained popularity in American culture. It later gained popularity in the United Kingdom as well when Wildsmith Shoes brought forth their very own version of loafers there.

With the passage of time, loafers have become so popular that they are even worn alongside business suits. It’s the only type of slip-on shoe that is acceptable as formal wear.

The colorful version of a loafer is called Aurlandsken. Designed in Norway, these loafers are perfect for parties and outings.

These shoes have the most varieties in colors and designs among loafers. Sometimes, tassels and metal pieces are attached to the loafers as a means of decorating them.

Loafers even have a version that can be worn as a dress shoe. This model replicated the Oxford shoes without including the laces. It uses elastic for comfortable wear but also maintains perfect snugness.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are the seaworthy brothers of slip-on shoes. These shoes use leather as their build material and have a siping pattern to receive an added grip on the leather deck.

Being the most durable among the slip-in shoe family, these can repel both water and oil with ease. Plus, these shoes do not require any socks to be worn.

The first boating shoe was designed in 1935. Ever since then, it has gained massive popularity among sailors and fishermen alike. They are worn casually in various countries of the world too. The construction of these slip-on shoes is very similar to the moc-toe of the moccasins.

These shoes are treated as a status symbol in many countries too, and imply that the owner of these shoes owns a boat with a big deck. Recently, boat shoes are becoming part of the uniforms of various schools and colleges too.

Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are the most recent edition of slip-on shoes. This is by far the most popular version in present times. These are considered as party shoes and are the favorite pick of people who are accustomed to rushing.

Popular shoe brands are making various versions of slip-on sneakers with tons of color combinations and designs every year, and these shoes enjoy constant popularity among millennials.

These shoes are perfect for any occasion. Be it, classes, casual visits, outside wears, or even house parties, these shoes will fit right in.

Its versatility and durability make it the ideal shoe for teenagers. These shoes are factory made and are sold commercially. The build material is usually cloth or faux leather.


There you have it! All the types of slip-on shoes that are currently available are described in detail. Pick out the version that is suitable to your age, profession, or the occasion you’re headed out to and amaze everyone with your unique footwear!

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