Dust Collector vs Shop Vac: What Makes The Difference?

Nowadays air pollution is the most concern topic around the worldwide. You also should pay attention to this topic. And you should also pay attention to the cleaning process also. For cleaning, you must adopt cleaning machine.

To know about the machine, you must know the basic difference between the cleaner. So here I have made the comparison between dust collector and the shop vacuum. Let’s see them properly and know about the main difference.

What is a Dust Collector? 

The dust collector is the product by which you will be able to collect dust from the environment. Mainly in the industrial environment, this machine is used to collect the dust from the air. A huge amount of dust gets stuck when air passes through it.

There are two types of dust collector system available regarding the size.

Small Dust Collector System

In the small dust collector system, there is one phage system. In this stage air suction and filtration happens parallelly. There is a big bag or barrel where the dust is drawn. 

Large Dust Collector System

In this larger system there are two stages and through these two stages, the air suction and filtration happen.

In many industries, the dust collector system can be used. Because it not only takes the dust from the air but also it will provide fresh air. So let’s see what types of advantages you can get by using the dust collector system in your industry.


Mass cleaning

It provides a clean and safe environment to the workers as well as to the people who live near the industry. So it is helpful both to the workers and the environment.

Fresh Air:

It provides the fresh air to the outlet. It supposed to only remove the dust but it doesn’t only do this. It takes the air and let the air out to the environment safely. So it assures that the air is breathable.

Clean Air:

It assures that no extra ingredient is not present in the air which makes the air contaminated. If there is any chance of contaminating the air again then the machine will lose its’ need.

High efficiency:

Its efficiency is high. It purifies the air by collecting the dust. Because of high powered motor and advance system the efficiency becomes high. With this high efficiency, the machine will collect the dust automatically.


The whole system doesn’t create much noise and this helps to gain a peaceful environment. Your neighbor won’t get bothered by the sound of the machine. And also the people inside the industry can do the work perfectly.


As this is a lightweight system you can easily use this machine around the whole area. So an easy portable is established in the system.


The disposal system is very easy to remove the dust quickly. So it provides a very easy and quick cleaning process. So you can save time by using this machine.


There are also some disadvantages of this dust collector system and I have included them in the below.

  1. •    You have to use different types of bag for different types of gases.
  2. •    You have to take the cooling measurement into the high-temperature environment.
  3. •    Pressure loss is minimum 1000 to 1500 pa because of resistance.
  4. •    You may need several numbers of collecting bags for replacement.
  5. •    Sometimes you may have to measure the humidity of the gas because of the high humidity gas.

What is Shop Vac?

The shop vac is a very much powerful and useful tool which is used for cleaning. This makes your shop dust free.

In the construction and woodworking shop, this machine is used to make the shop clean. A high powered motor is used to make the shop free from dirt.

A big hose is placed in the machine and also it has a big canister for holding purpose. This shop vac is best for cleaning the very dirty place. It looks like a bucket and for this reason, many people call it by bucket vacuums.

It has also wheel features so that you can use it around the whole place easily. It may look like the regular household cleaning device but the shop vacuum is used for cleaning huge amount of dust.

So let’s see some advantages for using this machine.



The price of a shop vacuum is comparatively less than other vacuum cleaners. Because regular cleaner has to be quiet and they contain several other functions. So, for that reason, the price becomes higher for the regular vacuum.

Easy to clean messy area

You can use this cleaner for messy types of waste. Like you need to clean such wastes which are not dry. So, for a regular cleaner, you may have to wait for getting dry those wastes. But the fact is for this shop vacuum you should not have to wait.

Can remove large objects

If you have used a regular vacuum, you may know that for larger types of waste you can’t use the cleaner. Because those larger objects can reduce the power of the machine as well as can make the disturbance to the suction process.

But the shop vacuum is much powerful and you can easily remove the larger objects in your wood shop. In many shops, there are so many big objects that can be removed by this shop vacuum.

Pump using

You can use it sometimes as a pump. Because the pipe doesn’t only suck the air it can also blow air.

So you can blow the air from the hosepipe and regarding this issue, you can use it for like blowing the mattresses up. I am giving the light example because you may not be able to do the high-pressure job.


Let’s discuss some disadvantages of this vacuum shop too. I have included them below.

Filtering air

They are not perfect for filtering the air because they are made for cleaning your shop not for making the air of your shop breathable.


Most of the Vacuum cleaners are heavy and bulky. So it becomes so much hard to move this heavy machine around the whole shop. Maybe you can’t go down and up to the stairs.

Electricity Bill

As the shop vacuum cleaner is large and obviously it contains much weight, so it is wiser to take in mind that the electricity bill won’t let you live peacefully. As much as the watt will be high the electricity bill will rise.

The main difference between the shop vac and dust collector

If you are clever than you may be already have found that the difference is not depending on the main process. Means the cleaning is the main purpose of both of the machine. Cleaning is their main target.

But the uses and their cleaning ways is not same. A dust collector is used in the industry and big manufacturing house for cleaning the air. So the main purpose of the dust collector is to clean the air. It makes the air breathable and makes the environment free form any contamination.

But in the shop vacuum, you can’t use them for air cleaning. You have to use the shop vacuum for cleaning the shop like woodshop or other types of shop.

You can clean the whole house by using this shop vacuum. But you can’t use it for cleaning the air. And it might not be the concern of the shop owner to clean the air.

So the difference is in the uses. There is also a difference regarding the machine. The machine is not same for shop vacuum and for the dust cleaner. And also the process of cleaning is not same either.

In the dust cleaner, the air passes through the filter and can get out. So you can enjoy the fresh air. But the shop vacuum can’t let the air go. It only let the waste passes through the nozzle.


So in the last few words, I can say that the two cleaner can be used for you need basis. You can’t use them where they don’t suit. They have been made for the different particular job. And you have to choose them according to their workplace.

Like if you have an industry and you want to give your worker fresh air and you want to keep the environment free from pollution, you should use the dust cleaner.

But if you have a wood shop and every day you need to clean your shop you should use the shop vacuum.

So, learn the differences and grab the perfect cleaning machine.

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