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Pipe Clamp Types: Explained Briefly

These are also known as gluing clamps. It got its name from circular shape in all its varieties.Due to necessity, pipe clamps have been customized in many ways to accommodate different diameter sizes, different lengths, and attachments to utilize the clamping technique in woodworking, piping, and such other works.The capacity of a pipe clamp is […]

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How To Use A Hand Truck: Beginner Guide

What’s the most suitable way to move a heavy, enormous or awkward item? Well, a hand truck is one of the best ways to help you avoid muscle strains or sprains. Using this tool improves productivity and reduces the risk of dropping and damaging goods. Though hand trucks seem relatively simple to use, users should pay attention […]

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Gas Can Safety: Tips You Can Follow!

Fires have been seen to suddenly ignite as people fill their gas cans at the back of their trucks that have plastic liners, or in cars that have carpeted interiors. These fires are as a result of the static electric charge produced by the gasoline flowing from the nozzle of the gas dispenser into the gas […]

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What Is a Lathe Machine? A Brief Reading!

A lathe is one of the oldest machine tools primarily used for shaping metal or wood. It functions by rotating the workpiece on an axis of rotation of the stationary cutting tool. The lathe machine performs operations like sanding, knurling, cutting,  drilling, turning, deformation, and facing. It removes the unwanted parts of an article leaving behind […]

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Best Beginner Wood Lathe: Recommended for 2021

There are tons of wood lathe machines available on the market. Which one would you select? There are wood lathes in different sizes, features, specifications, and brands. This varied option makes it confusing for people to choose the right product, especially if they are a beginner. When you have just started out your woodturning journey, you […]

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