Laminate Trimmer vs Regular Router: The Ultimate Difference!

Although both of them are used for woodworking in functionalities, you will find a lot of differences. While one is suitable for one work another may not be.

So, let’s know about them and see the differences.

Regular Router:

A router is mainly used for cutting, shaping the wood. It is relatively big. A cutting tool is taken as router bit and through this bit the operation run. A Regular router can be attached to a table or can be radial. Generally, for edging and trimming and shaping three different types of bits are used.


  • Powerful than others
  • The heavy task can be completed through this
  • Different size of the bit can be used
  • Suitable for professional use
  • Durability is high


  • Price is high
  • Not perfect for the smaller job   
  • Heavyweight
  • Finishing is not good 
  • Perfect work is not possible through this

Laminate Trimmer:

A laminate trimmer is a small handy tool. You can use this in your housework as well as in your workshop. If you have already used other type of trimmer then this may be the best one for you. It has several advantages and they are so much important for any person who deals with wood.

laminate trimmer is mainly the small version of a woodcutter or router. There is bearing attached to the cutter. And the cutter and the bearing has the same diameter. Anything passes through the cutter get cut.


  • It is a small handy tool
  • Made for running those operations where others can’t reach
  • Very accurate cutting 
  • Can run the operation only by one hand
  • Angle cut is possible
  • Ideal tool for trimming corner
  • Very lightweight
  • Price is very cheap
  • Easy for working outside


  • Not possible to perform on the big work piece
  • Not much powerful
  • Comparatively slow
  • Made for only small job piece
  • Motor is small
  • Perfect for the only small bit

Similarities Between Laminate Trimmer and Regular Router:

There are the main similarities between them are that both of them can perform trimming, shaping and edging. Both of them are made for the need basis and moreover, they can perform their job from their own perspective very well.

Both of them perform their operation by cutting tool and by following the same process.

Differences Between Laminate Trimmer and Regular Router:

The actual differences between these wood shapers are that the laminate trimmer is made for only handling the small job piece. And you can use laminate trimmer where you want the perfect edge.

Laminate trimmer can’t produce much power like the regular one but it can rotate its’ cutting tool faster than that regular one.

The laminate trimmer can make pin holes on the shelf easily and quickly.

It can work also at a narrow base, lightweight where the regular router can’t perform for its own huge size.

For decorating purpose you can use the laminate trimmer for making butterfly patch or some other decorating function on wood which will not be perfect if you do by the regular router.

At this point, if you seem to be confused of router types for woodworking, watch the following video.


So, there is one perfect laminate wood trimmer for small job piece. You can choose it for doing this for your small home decorative job or if you deal with the small wood piece.

Regular router for professional job work but as I have mentioned earlier that if you always deal with the small job, you can’t deny the acceptance of laminate trimmer.

So, it is your job to choose. I have finished my job here by explaining the advantages and disadvantages of helping you. Wish you a happy journey and give your wood piece the best shape.

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