How Much Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Cost?

Have some sewer pipe problems but don’t know what the cause could be? Well, that’s why sewer camera inspections exist.

A sewer inspection camera is a perfect product to diagnose problems with any sewer line at your home or business. If you think there’s a sewer pipe problem around – then this is the best method to know what this problem could be.

Not everyone knows about this, though. That’s why we want you to understand what it means and how you can get the most out of a sewer camera inspection if you need it.

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What is a Sewer Camera Inspection?

It refers to the process where a plumber inserts a waterproof camera inside the sewer system. It could be in a residential house, a building, or a commercial infrastructure.

The focus is to use the camera’s video to inspect the insides of the sewer line. For that, the cable needs to be several feet long, waterproof, and flexible enough to move inside.

This cable sends the video signal directly to a display. It could be a smartphone or computer, sometimes it is just a regular monitor.

The whole purpose of a sewer line inspection is to look for any problem inside the sewer system, lines, connections, etc. Once an issue is found, the camera uses a transmitter to mark where the problem is.

Once the problem is located, and the location marked, the plumber may start taking action.Want to get a sewer camera for your plumbing job? Read our guide on choosing a sewer camera even for beginners or professionals. 

What Is a Sewer System Camera Inspection Used For?

Is a sewer camera inspection only for finding problems? Yes, but it all depends on the specific purpose. Here are some of the most common uses for a sewer inspection camera:

Locates Blockages & Clogs

Debris, soap scum, hair, any other possible residue that people put on the drain can eventually get clogged or stuck inside. This creates blockages and prevents the sewer lines from functioning correctly.

Thanks to the waterproof capacity of sewer cameras, locating the blockage and getting rid of it is totally possible.

Tests Sewer Conditions

Sewer lines corrode over time. They also accumulate grease and debris. Sometimes, they may even start breaking and/or splitting. With a sewer camera inspection, it is possible to get inside the sewer and search for any potential damage occurring on the pipes.

This is an excellent preventive practice, ideal for identifying problems before they even happen.

Identifies Line Problems

When a sewer pipe collapses, contracts or expands, or simply breaks – it will cause leaking, odour around the home, and worse.  

This could be due to many different things, like tree roots, accidentally hitting pipes, blockages, and clogs, plus a lot more.

With a camera inspection, it is possible to determine where a problem is an act accordingly. Sometimes, it can be done before the issue gets worse – saving even more time and effort.

How Is a Sewer Camera Inspection Performed?

Sewer Camera Inspection Performed

Having a plumbing camera and inserting it in the sewer lines is not enough. In fact, there are a few steps to follow to make it possible.

This is how a plumber or professional will perform a camera inspection:

1.   The first step is to prepare and set up all the inspection equipment. From the display to the cable and the camera itself. Everything should be ready and operational.

2.   Then the plumber will push the cable with the camera down the drain. This could be done through toilets, sewer openings, and sometimes even through sinks. The camera will travel across the sewage system until the problem is located.

3.   Once the issue is found, the operator will mark the place using the transmitter. This will tell the plumber where the problem is located. Usually, the transmitter is a radio signal that the plumber determines with radar.

4.   At this point, the plumber and/or professional will decide how to act depending on the problem. Sometimes, it demands to remove floor, drywall, concrete, and so on.

5.   In case there are several problems in the sewer lines, then he will check several places accordingly. Once a problem is located, the plumber will try to fix it.

6.   If the professional doesn’t locate any problem when inspecting the lines with a camera, then it won’t be necessary to do any fixing.

Plumbing Camera Inspection Cost

It is essential to know what it is for and how it works. But how much does it cost?

Well, it actually depends. An inspection could have a cost ranging from $200 up to $1,000 and even more depending on the experience of the plumber, the equipment, and the overall quality of the process.

It is important to consider the hourly rate of plumbers. While the inspection itself can cost anything between $200 and $1,000 – you may also need to consider the hourly rate of the plumber depending on the problem to fix. If there are any pipes to change or repair, you’ll have to consider the possible extra expenses.

Lastly, it is critical to think about the difficulty of performing one of these sewer camera inspections. Remember, there are hundreds or even thousands of plumbing feet under the floor and within walls – so completing one of these can take several hours and even days.

If you want to do this by yourself, renting the equipment can cost anything from $200 to $500. A drain camera itself may cost between $50 and $3,000 depending on the quality of the product. Sturdier and larger models tend to be more resistant and durable, so they’re more expensive. Similarly, those with a larger cable tend to have a higher cost.

Popular Sewer Camera Brands

In case you decide to do the sewer inspection yourself, here are a few brand recommendations to consider:


A Ridgid sewer camera is the highest-quality brand you can pick. It is pretty expensive, but the cost boasts the clearest imagery, the longest cable, and the most durable construction overall. If you want to go the extra mile, go for a Ridgid camera.


It offers high-quality imagery and decently sized cameras. If you want to save some bucks by getting the equipment yourself, Teslong is the best option. Of course, it won’t have the longest cables or the most durable build – but it is well worth it for the price.


Want something between a Teslong and a Ridgid? Then go for an Eyoyo sewer camera. It offers everything a Ridgid delivers but at a way more affordable cost. What’s even better, this brand provides super practical equipment in every product.

Want a Sewer Camera Inspection?

We know a sewer inspection camera can be sort of expensive. That’s why doing it yourself can be an excellent idea to save some bucks and effort.

Consider our step-by-step guide and our brand recommendations if you want to do this yourself. Otherwise, hire a professional plumber, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

In the end, it all comes down to fixing your sewer problems. So whatever you do, make sure it’s done correctly.

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