Tile Saw vs Tile Cutter: Know The Actual Difference

A large verity of tile cutting tool is available in the market. But availability doesn’t mean that each one will give the same performance.

So for helping you to gain the concept of tile saw and tile cutter I have explained briefly here below. Let’s learn about them.

Tile cutter:

A tile cutter is mainly the concept of the basic idea of cutting tiles by manually. It is the most manual way if cutting the tools. To cut the tiles you have to put a scratch on the required line.

The process of cutting is that after putting scratch fully by a hard metal you have to apply pressure on that line. Then the tiles will break into two.


  • Can use easily
  • Weight is not much
  • Afford easily
  • Best for porcelain tiles
  • Clean cut
  • Cut through the materials of a wide range
  • Durability is high


  • Not perfect for hard or dense materials
  • Designed for the in-house matter
  • Not possible to cut marble
  • Not much powerful

Tile saw:

A tile saw is that type of cutter in which you will be able to cut the tiles by using the water to control the heat. There is also a diamond coated cutting tool. These two things are the main concept of a tile saw. You can use it for outside work or project.


  • More powerful
  • Professional work
  • Perfect for the big job
  • The table can be removed for different operation
  • Not Risky
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Angle cut is possible
  • No teeth adjusted
  • Can provide special cut
  • Water makes the job more perfect


  • Too much friction is created
  • Price may be high
  • Have to provide water manually and daily need basis
  • Not useful for all types of materials

Similarities between Tiles saw and Tile cutter:

There are similarities between these two kinds of tile cutter. Both of them cut the tiles perfectly. You have to use them by using your hand for running the cutting tool on the tile. You have to use both of them securely and consciously.

Difference between Tile saw and Tile cutter:

There is much difference between the tile saw and tile cutter. First main difference between them is that tile cutter’s cutting tool is run by manually but tile saw’s cutting tool run automatically by a motor.

For your home, you can use tile cutter but you can’t use for outside work means big project whether you can use tile saw for outside work. Again you can use tile saw for large tiles.

If the tiles are marble, granite, and other highly dense material then you have to use a tile saw not tile cutter because it is not possible for tile cutter to cut hard material.

In tile saw, there is a use of water because when you will cut tiles with highly dense material there will produce so much heat or friction. So to minimize this there is the use of water. But in the tile cutter, there is no need to use water because you can’t cut highly dense material by this.

In tile saw you just run the cutting tool through the object but in tile cutter, you first put a scratch line on the tile and then put pressure to cut. So the process is different.

You can’t set the table angle in tile cutter whether you can do it in tile saw. So angle cut is possible in tile saw but in tile cutter, this is not possible.


I have properly explained the difference between the tile saw and tile cutter. And the most important thing is that I have said that in which case and for what purpose which cutter is best.

If it is a matter of dealing with large and dense tiles than you should choose tile saw. But if you don’t want use professionally and only want to use in your home than tile cutter is perfect for you.

So it depends on which need you want the tile breaking tool. So after dealing with advantages, disadvantages, and differences, you will be able to make yourself assure that you have known already what you have needed to know.

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