How To Use A Hand Truck: Beginner Guide

What’s the most suitable way to move a heavy, enormous or awkward item?

Well, a hand truck is one of the best ways to help you avoid muscle strains or sprains. Using this tool improves productivity and reduces the risk of dropping and damaging goods.

Though hand trucks seem relatively simple to use, users should pay attention to some important basics.

Choosing the Most Suitable Hand Truck

The hand truck you decide to utilize should be appropriate for the work and the merchandise being carried. Here are few things you may contemplate when choosing the sort of truck to purchase or rent.

  1. Don't go for an inferior quality product. Get a well-made steel hand truck that can withstand the weight you will put on it.
  2. Have the perfect wheels. Solid wheels work well for rolling objects on flat, reasonably sturdy surfaces.
  3. On the other hand, inflatable wheels are the best for transporting merchandise up and down the stairs, curbs and other obstacles.
  4. Get a hand truck which has a strap you can easily wrap around large loads like a refrigerator.
  5. You shouldn't strap press board objects to your truck. This is because they are not manufactured to withstand that kind of pressure and may splinter very quickly.

How to Move Boxes on a Hand Truck

After you load the hand truck, roll it gently down every stair to prevent the merchandise from bouncing off it and onto you.

  1. Always roll straight over on the stairs. Rolling at an angle will cause your truck and cargo to tip over.
  2. Do not tilt the hand truck too much on the rearward position as you go down the staircase. Too much tilting may make the wheels to pass over the following step and lead to unwanted momentum.

Additionally, keep the hand truck out of the way when you are not using it and in the event that your load is unstable, hold the top with one hand while still steering the truck with the remaining hand.  

When you utilize your hand truck in the right way, it will do the work, and you will lessen the risks of getting muscle strains. Just allow the truck to do the job for you!

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