Wood Vs Metal Workbench: Which One to Go For?

A great workbench can take your home garage to the next level of awesomeness. Apart from being a very versatile tool, they are perfect for heavy-duty works. They provide a solid base for your woodworks and other intricate jobs requiring customizable workspace and organization.

There are various types of workbenches out there in the market, but the major difference is only one; construction material. On the basis of that, a workbench is either made of wood or metal.

In this article, we’ll measure the benefits of both and see between wood vs metal workbench, which one can be preferred over the other.

Characteristics of a Good Workbench

Workbench is a sturdy table to do manual labor on. It holds many workpieces while heavy projects can be done on it simultaneously. A workbench design ranges from a simple flat surface to a very complex design, but almost all of them are rectangular in shape.

There are many styles and designs for building a workbench, but most benches have two features in common. Firstly, they are rigid enough to withstand and keep still while heavy work is done.

And secondly, there is some method of holding the work in place at the required height and comfortable position so that the worker becomes free to use both hands.

Apart from these two, some other characteristics that the best workbench must have are heavy weight-bearing capacity, storage system, integrated lighting system, mobility, and ergonomic design to minimize strain and stress on the body.

Wood vs Metal Workbench 

Both wooden and metal workbenches have their pros and cons. Woodworkers along with others who need a workbench to work on, prefer one above the other depending on their own profession, usability, and personal choices.

In order to judge which of these types is actually better than the other from an unbiased point of view, we have to measure their advantages. None of these types have any major disadvantage, that is why such a section is not discussed.

Advantages of a Metal Workbench

Metal workbenches have many unique benefits some of which wooden ones lack. They are as follows.


In terms of versatility, metal workbenches take the number one spot. Its supportive structure, as well as the compact design makes it more versatile than wooden ones.


Metal workbenches don’t need to be bulky, so they are lightweight. Besides, they can also be folded and unfolded upon necessity when you need to move to any other project or job site.


Metal workbenches made of stainless steel are usually capable of withstanding a lot of stress and hold up good even under extreme pressure.

You might be working on a project involving materials weighing hundreds of pounds. Workbenches made of other than metal will break under that pressure.


A workbench is a major investment in your part, and it is natural to want it to last for a long period of time. So, you should get a workbench that you believe will last as long as you need, and a metal workbench will provide you that durability.


One great thing about a metal workbench is that you can adjust its height according to your needs.

Normally workbenches are fixed in their height and sizes, and so people too tall or short have a hard time getting suited to that fixated height.

Extra Storage

A commercially produced metal or stainless-steel workbench provides you with great storage space underneath the tabletop.

It helps you keep almost all the tools of your woodworking in that space. As a result, your garage space remains much more organized.

Advantages of a Wooden Workbench

The benefits of wood workbenches are necessarily the advantages of any workbench in general.

That is why too much explanation of it is unnecessary. Nevertheless, some of the major benefits of a wooden workbench need to be stressed in order to decide if it is better than a metal one.

Easy to Build

If you are a DIY person and want to make your own customized workbench, then there is no other option than going for wood. You cannot make a metal workbench in your garage yourself without having the industrial strength.

That is why, you’ll find numerous DIY projects, articles, and guides on the internet about building your own wooden workbench.


A wooden workbench is way more-safer than a metal one in terms of conduction of heat and electricity. Working on a workbench means you’ll need to work with electricity as well as heating equipment a lot.

Since wood is a very bad conductor of both, you’ll have fewer concerns about getting short-circuited or burnt with the heat on the bench. These make a wood workbench safer to work with.


Metal workbenches make a lot of noise when you pound something on it. A workbench entirely made of wood doesn’t hurt your eardrums that much. This way you’ll have fewer complaints from your neighbor on making too much noise.


Wooden workbenches can also be lightweight. Although they require much more material than their metal counterparts, wood is sufficiently lighter than metal.

Final Words

Both wood vs metal workbench has its own abilities and unique benefits in addition to having the common characteristics of a good workbench.

In the end, it comes down to the type of project being done on them and the personal preference of an individual.

From the unique advantages mentioned in this article, one can easily look out for the ones that are more important to them and prefer one over the other.

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